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Label: RMG Records - 1031-4,ToCo International - 931•899-4 • Format: Cassette Album • Country: Russia • Genre: Electronic, Pop • Style: Eurodance, Europop

We're gonna do an album. We're gonna do an album of Nelson Riddle arrangements in grime form. It's gonna be called 'Griddle'.

Bradley Walsh. Me Album Gonna Form. I'm a regular at a hospital in Pennsylvania. The Riddle Hospital in Media, The Riddle - Waldo - The Riddle (Cassette, Pennsylvania. Bam Margera. Hospital Media Pennsylvania Regular. Gravity Falls' is a riddle wrapped in an enigma tucked in a mystery deep-fried in a conundrum slathered in hickory-smoked puzzle sauce.

Alex Hirsch. Mystery Puzzle Gravity Enigma. I think The Riddle - Waldo - The Riddle (Cassette action as a dance. It's a riddle; it should have emotion in it. Wong Kar-wai.

Action Dance Think Emotion. That's why I like the indies: because I like being who I am. I get to be who I am in the ring, on the microphone, everywhere. It's great. I never have to get out of character because I am Matthew Riddle. Matt Riddle. Character Great I Am Never. Coaching 'The Ultimate Fighter' in my weight class, I couldn't do it. I'd basically be coaching people to beat me. I'm going to give you my riddle?

Demetrious Johnson. Me You People Fighter. The required cheerfulness that characterizes many of our churches produces a suffocating environment of pat, religious answers to the painful, complex questions that riddle the lives of hurting people. Tullian Tchividjian. People Questions Environment Complex. Cause and effect, the riddle of all history, is a particular devil in financial history; and never more so than today, where entire classes of security are collapsing not on public exchanges and stock-tickers but because there are no markets to establish prices this side of nothing.

James Buchan. History Today Devil Never. All great characters, great icons, in literature are a bit of a riddle, and that's the reason we go back to them over and over. David Lagercrantz. Great Back Go Literature.

Of course, China is a key to the North Korea if we're going to solve that riddle, but they could also Album) helpful on Iraq, which is why it's important that we maintain a constructive dialogue with China. Frank Carlucci. Important Key Why Going. I was raised in a family where no one had a serious bone in their body and every answer was a riddle, a joke, or a prank.

James Brolin. Family Body Serious Joke. Mysteries always have the potential for interesting connections between the elements. I'm also most interested in the relationship between the characters. As in 'Masterpiece,' I'm trying to create characters who not only are solving a mystery but are solving the riddle of their own personal relationships. Elise Broach. Relationship Mystery Always Who. Explore Topics Motivational Quotes.

Positive Quotes. Inspirational Quotes. Life Quotes. The answers to the riddles are not Album) they include "my knees hasten, my feet do not rest, a shepherd without pity drives me to pasture" a river?

A rowboat? It is clear that we have here riddles from oral tradition that a teacher has put into a schoolbook. It is thought that the world's earliest surviving poetic riddles survive in the Sanskrit Rigveda.

Who makes a noise on seeing a thief? Who is the enemy of lotuses? Who is the climax of fury? Early narrative literature also sometimes includes riddles, prominently the Mahabharatawhich for example contains the Yaksha Prashnaa series of riddles posed by a nature-spirit yaksha to Yudhishthira.

As of the s, folklorists had not undertaken extensive collecting of riddles in India, but riddling was known to be thriving as a form of folk-literature, sometimes in verse. While riddles are not numerous in the Bible, they are present, most famously in Samson's riddle in Judges xiv. In the medieval period, however, verse riddles, alongside other puzzles and conundra, became a significant literary form in the Arabic-speaking world, [47] and accordingly in Islamic Persian culture [48] and in Hebrew — particularly in Al-Andalus.

Meanwhile, in Hebrew, Dunash ben Labrat —credited with transposing Arabic metres into Hebrew, composed a number of riddles, mostly apparently inspired by folk-riddles. In both Arabic and Persian, riddles seem to have become increasingly scholarly in style over time, increasingly emphasising riddles and puzzles in which the interpreter has resolve clues to letters and numbers to put together the word which is the riddle's solution.

Riddles have been collected by modern scholars throughout the Arabic-speaking world. Riddles are known to have been popular in Greece in Hellenistic times, and possibly before; they were prominent among the entertainments and challenges presented at symposia.

Literary riddles were also composed in Byzantiumfrom perhaps the tenth century with the work of John Geometresinto the fifteenth century, along with a neo-Byzantine revival in around the early eighteenth century. There was a particular peak around the long twelfth century. Two Latin riddles are preserved as graffiti in the Basilica at Pompeii. The Bern Riddlesa collection of Latin riddles clearly modelled on Symphosius, were composed in the early seventh century by an unknown author, perhaps in northern Italy.

Symphosius's collection also inspired a number of Anglo-Saxon riddlers who wrote in Latin. The perhaps eighth- or ninth-century Veronese Riddle is a key witness to the linguistic transition from Latin to Romance, but riddles are otherwise rare in medieval romance languages. However, in the early modern period, printed riddle collections were published in French, including the Adevineaux amoureux printed in Bruges by Colard Mansion around ; and Demandes joyeuses en maniere de quolibetsthe basis for Wynkyn de Worde 's Demaundes Joyous.

Riddles survive only fragmentarily in Old High German : three, very short, possible examples exist in manuscripts from the Monastery of St Gallenbut, while certainly cryptic, [63] they are not necessarily riddles in a strict sense.

By contrast, verse riddles were prominent among Anglo-Saxonsmade a prominent literary form by the Anglo-Saxon Aldhelm c. He was followed by a number of other Anglo-Saxons writing riddles in Latin. This prestigious literary heritage contextualises the survival of nearly one hundred riddles in the tenth-century Exeter Bookone of the main surviving collections of Old English verse.

The riddles in this book vary in subject matter from ribald innuendo to theological sophistication. Unlike the pithy three-line riddles of Symphosius, the Old English riddles tend to be discursive, often musing on complex processes of manufacture when describing artefacts such as mead Exeter Book Riddle 27 or a reed-pen or -pipe Exeter Book Riddle They are noted for providing perspectives on the world which give voice to actors which tend not to appear in Old English poetry, ranging from female slaves to animals and plants, and they often subvert the conventions of Old English heroic and religious poetry.

While medieval records of Germanic-language riddles are patchy, with the advent of print in the West, collections of riddles and similar kinds of questions began to be published. A large number of riddle collections were printed in the German-speaking world and, partly under German influence, in Scandinavia. There came a bird featherless sat on the trees leafless There came a maiden speechless And ate the bird featherless From off the tree leafless.

That is, "the snow featherless bird lies on a bare tree in winter leafless treeand the sun speechless maiden causes the snow to melt ate the featherless bird ". Likewise, early modern English-speakers published printed riddle collections, such as the Riddles of Heraclitus and Democrituswhich includes for example the following riddle:. First I was small, and round like a pearl; Then long and slender, as brave as an earl; Since, like an hermit, I lived in a cell, And now, like a rogue, in the wide world I dwell.

After the early Middle Ages, the riddle was seldom used as a literary form in English. Tellingly, while Jonathan Swift composed at least eight verse riddles on these such as a pen, gold, and the privy, this was seen as a lapse in taste by many of his contemporaries. Rilkeand Henrikas Radauskas. Riddles continued to flourish until recently as an oral form of entertainment, however; the seminal collection of Anglophone riddles from the early modern period through to the twentieth century is Archer Taylor 's.

This plays on the fact that the French words for four and five are pronounced similarly to the English words "Cat" and "Sank", hence the pun being the cat sank while also counting to five in French.

Few riddles are attested in medieval Celtic languages, though this depends on how narrowly a riddle is defined; some early medieval Welsh and Irish juridical texts have been read as being riddles. However, this record is supplemented by Latin material, apparently from a Brittonic cultural background in North Britain, about Lailoken : in a twelfth-century text, Lailoken poses three riddles to his captor King Meldred.

The earliest riddles attested in Irish are generally held to be found in a short collection from the fifteenth-century Book of Fermoy. Even research on the post-medieval Celtic-speaking world has yielded a "comparatively meagre corpus". The corpus of traditional riddles from the Finnic-speaking world including the modern Finland, Estonia, and parts of Western Russia is fairly unitary, though eastern Finnish-speaking regions show particular influence of Russian Orthodox Christianity and Slavonic riddle culture.

The Finnish for "riddle" is arvoitus pl. Finnic riddles are noteworthy in relation to the rest of the world's oral riddle canon for its original imagery, their abundance of sexual riddles, and the interesting collision of influences from east and west; [85] along with the attestation in some regions of an elaborate riddle-game. Literary riddles in China first begin to be attested in significant numbers around the second century CE.

The Chinese riddle-tradition makes much use of visual puns on Chinese characters. The posing and solving of riddles has long been an important part of the Chinese Lantern Festival. In this tradition, the answer to the riddle is to be established through years of meditation, informed by Zen thought, as part of a process of seeking enlightenment.

In the twentieth century, thousands of riddles and similar enigmas have been collected, capitalising on the large number of homophones in Chinese. Examples of folk-riddles include:.

Quite similar to its English counterpart, the riddle in the Philippines is called Bugtong. One peculiarity of the Filipino version is the way they start with the phrase Bugtong-bugtong before saying the riddle, usually it is common to create riddles that rhyme.

This is an example of a Tagalog Bugtong :. Bugtong-bugtong, Hindi hari, hindi pari ang suot ay sari-sari. Further south, in SulawesiIndonesia, among the Pendauriddles are also used at funeral gatherings. Anthropological research in Africa has produced extensive collections of riddles over the last century or so.

Someone will say, "What I desire and what I am seeking is that which bears a lake within itself;" and by this is intended a pumpkin or calabash.

Another will say, "What I ask for is seen in my eyes—it will be marked with various colors"; and because the same Huron word that signifies "eye" also signifies "glass bead", this is a clue to divine what he desires—namely, some kind of beads of this material, and of different colors.

Accordingly, during the twentieth century, progressively more substantial collections of Native American riddles were made, including from the Alaskan Athabaskans Ten'a people in British Columbia ; [] [] Amuzgo people in Central America; [] and Quechua people in South America. One form of riddle features in payada de contrapunto "counterpoint payada"a Rioplatense musical genre in which guitar players compete in a symbolic duel. This is performed through several successive rounds of witty exchanges which may include banter and even insults—typically with a humorous intent.

The Riddle Game is a formalized guessing gamea contest of wit and skill in which players take turns asking riddles. The player that cannot answer loses.

Riddle games occur frequently in mythology and folklore as well as in popular literature. It is important to understand that in many cultures or contexts, people are not actually expected to guess the answers to riddles: they may be told by the riddler, or learn riddles and their answers together as they grow up.

The unsolvable riddle with which literary characters often win a riddle-contest is sometimes referred to as neck-riddle. It seems that in ancient Greeceriddle-competitions were popular as an intellectual entertainment at symposia. Elaborate and unusual riddle-games took place in the culture of eighteenth- and nineteenth-century Finnish-language riddles.

It took place without teams, but was a kind of a contest: a member of the group would be sent out of the room, the others agreed on the riddle to be posed; for three failures to divine the answer, the riddlee would have to drop out of the game, to step aside, and to "buy" with a token the right to participate again.

In older texts, riddle-contests frequently provide the frame stories whereby riddles have been preserved for posterity. Such contests are a subset of wisdom contests more generally. They tend to fall into two groups: testing the wisdom of a king or other aristocrat; and testing the suitability of a suitor. From Wikipedia, the Album) encyclopedia. Redirected from Riddles. For other uses, see Riddle disambiguation. Impossible puzzles Maze video games Nikoli puzzle types Puzzle video games Puzzle topics.

Main article: Riddles South Asia. See also: Riddles Greek. See also: Anglo-Saxon riddles and Riddles Scandinavian.


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  1. "The Riddle" is a song by the English singer-songwriter Nik Kershaw. It was released in as the lead single from the album of the same fogecardeduro.sterolasesalplatpabesignpoommysqvo.cow described the lyrical content as being nondescript to fill as a "guide vocal" for the 7", 12", Cassette Single.
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  5. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Cassette release of The Riddle on Discogs. Label: MCA Records - MCC • Format: Cassette Album • Country: Singapore • 5/5(1).
  6. The Riddle · Waldo The Riddle ℗ Oy Bluebird Music Ab Released on: Composer, Lyricist: James Black Composer, Lyricist, Producer: A. Lehtonen Composer, Lyricist, Producer: J. Vasconcelo Arranger: Unknown Auto-generated by YouTube.
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