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Download Side B - Pyromantic a.k.a. B.D. Foxmoor* - Darkest Light Epitome (Vinyl, LP, Album)
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Devs tend to add game breaking glitches in pirated games to force pirates to buy the actual games. If you are not hollow, then don't bother with this flame. It is weaker than the original if you are not hollow. Would revise location to "after first dog" in first false floor trap. Then jump to ledge with torch wielding hollow, then jump to ledge with several jars. Seems pointless. Sign In Help Sign Out. Toggle navigation. Search Results. Join the page discussion Tired of anon posting? Submit Submit Close.

Load more. Magic Bonus. Counter Strength. Fire Bonus. Poise Damage. Lighting Bonus. Cast Speed. Such attacks deal an extra 2d6 points of fire damage. This bonus lasts until the beginning of the pyromancer's next turn. Fiery Conjuring Su Starting at 4th level, as a standard action, a pyromancer can launch a bolt of supernaturally manifested fire at any target in line of sight within 45 feet. This effect is treated as a ranged touch attack and deals 1d6 points of fire damage for every two levels of pyromancer the character has.

At 6th level and every 3 levels hereafter, a pyromancer gains the ability to make alterations to their fiery conjuring. Each alteration has a specific penalty to the dice pool of the pyromancer's fiery conjuring. The available Alterations are listed below:. Targets in this radius may make a reflex save for half. Penalty: -2 dice. Alternatively, instead of gaining an alteration, you may instead regain one lost die from your fiery conjuring's dice pool. Incendiary Cloud Su At 5th level, a pyromancer can create a cloud of roiling smoke shot through with white-hot embers.

The smoke obscures all sight as a fog cloud does. In addition, the white-hot embers within the cloud deal 4d6 points of fire damage to everything within the cloud on her turn each round. All targets can make Reflex saves each round to take half damage.

As with a cloudkill spell, the smoke moves away from her at 10 feet per round. By concentrating, she can make the cloud actually its point of origin move as much as 60 feet each round.

Flaming weapon Su At 6th LP and higher, a pyromancer can activate this ability as a move-equivalent action. Flames that harm neither her nor the weapon engulf one weapon she holds which can be a projectile such as a stone, bullet, arrow, or bolt. The weapon deals an extra 2d6 points of fire damage on a successful hit.

This damage bonus lasts until the beginning of the pyromancer's next turn. Nimbus of Flame Su Beginning at 6th level, a pyromancer can activate this ability as a move-equivalent action. Flames that harm neither the pyromancer nor her equipment engulf her entire body. If she is struck in melee, the attacker takes 2d6 points of fire damage.

This ability lasts for up to 1 minute per pyromancer level and is usable once per day for every three levels in pyromancer you have.

Blazing flight Su Beginning at 8th level, as a move action, a pyromancer may use her innate fire to give her a boost and take to the skies. To do this, a pyromancer must succeed a DC 20 concentration check. If she succeeds, she may move at double her speed in all directions, including vertically, but cannot move more than quadruple her speed in a round. A flying pyro leaves a trail of flame in the air that disperse in 2 rounds, but her tread does not deal damage.

If a pyromancer makes a charge attack while using this ability she deals an additional 4d6 fire damage. A pyromancer may utilize this ability for a number of rounds equal to her pyromancer level. Golden Companion Su At 10th level, a pyromancer can summon a juvenile golden dragon as a standard action. This dragon can be summoned for up to 72 hours per week. For every 5 ECL the pyromancer has, the dragon will go up by one age category maxing at great wyrm, after which it stops aging. If the dragon dies, then the pyromancer is knocked unconcious for 1d6 rounds and takes 5d6 of backlash damage; the dragon may not be summoned again for 1 month as it revives.

Greater Flaming Weapon Su At 12th level, when a pyromancer activates her hand afire ability or her weapon afire ability, her unarmed attack or weapon deals an extra 4d6 points of fire damage instead of 2d6.

Touch attacks made while she uses the nimbus ability likewise deal 4d6 points of damage instead of 2d6. In addition, her hand afire and flaming weapon abilities now last a number of rounds equal to half her pyromancer level. Fireball Swarm Su At 13th level, a pyromancer can now, as a standard action, fire out fireballs in either a burst or rapid succession.

The rapid fire option must do 1 attack roll per fireball, with a -1 penalty to each while standing still, and -5 while moving. At 16th level, they ignore 20 points of fire resistance and deal half damage to creatures immune to fire with fire attacks.

Heat Death Su A pyromancer who reaches 16th level can make a DC 20 concentration check as a free action and take a full attack action to raise the internal temperature of one living creature within 30 feet to lethal levels. Even on a successful save, the target takes 4d8 points of fire damage from the heat. This ability has no effect on creatures with the fire subtype instead they just take half damage from the second effectthough it affects undead and constructs.

This ability may only be used twice per day. Conflagration Su At 18th level, a pyromancer gains the ability to create a massive burst of raging flames around herself, burning everything in the area. As a standard action, she may expend one use of her nimbus ability and can use this ability to deal 15d6 points of fire damage in a foot-radius burst emanating from herself. Anyone failing the Reflex save against the conflagration must also make a Fortitude saving throw same DC or die due to being reduced to ash.

The death effect has no effect on creatures of the fire subtype instead only taking half damage on a failed saving throw, or none on a successful reflex savethough it effects undead and constructs. Aspect of Flame Su At 20th level, a pyromancer may take on the aspects of a mighty fire elemental. Once per day, the pyromancer may, as a standard action, expend one use of their nimbus class ability and allow themselves to become consumed by fire, becoming a powerful flaming creature.

They transform into an elder fire elemental as a druid would see wild shape for more informationbut with a few modifications. At the end of this transformation, a pyromancer is fatigued until they receive a short rest. Ultimate fire Lash: At 21st level, the pyromancer's trusted fire lash improves one final time.

The pyromancer may choose to change the fire lash's length at will up to a Album) of 30 feet, or 45 feet with the 25 foot lash or increase the fire lash's damage by one step 1d10 if the pyromancer chose to create two lashes, or 2d6 if they chose to manifest it as a 25 foot lash. Improved nimbus: In epic levels, the pyromancer's nimbus becomes more potent. Ultimate purging flames: At 24th level, the pyromancer ignores all fire resistance and deals full damage with their fire attacks to creatures of the fire subtype.

Supreme Aspect of Flame: At 27th level, the pyromancer's aspect of flame improves. They may now also take the shape of an elder Magma Paraelemental see Manual of the Planes for more details or a holocaust disciple see Monster Manual 4 for more details. A holocaust disciple's heat aura stacks with the flame aura Aspect of Flame normally gives. Blazing Portal: At 28th level, a pyromancer gains the ability to cast Gate as a spell-like ability caster level equal to pyromancer level.

Ultimate Pyromancy: At 30th level, a pyromancer becomes one with the primal element of fire. A 30th level pyromancer is permanently affected by the nimbus of flame class ability, which grants them all the benefits of said ability. In addition, they gain the ability to cast their previous flame arcana spells at will, and gain the ability to cast Erupt, as the spell, Side B - Pyromantic a.k.a. B.D. Foxmoor* - Darkest Light Epitome (Vinyl, once per day. Bonus Feats : The epic Pyromancer gains a bonus feat selected from the list of epic fighter bonus feats as listed on "table: epic pyromancer".

Pyromancers represent an ancient order of arcana forgotten by most of the world. As a pyromancer, your job is to understand and respect both the innate chaotic nature of flame but also its cold, merciless disregard for others. Pyromancers are often people of polar extremes; some of them are stoic and well-controlled in order to better understand the power of fire, while others are drawn to its chaotic and uncontrollable nature, utilizing its power for their own amusement or entertainment.

Religion: Most pyromancers worship Imix, the lord of evil elementals, for his vile yet controlling nature over the flames he wields generate great respect from many fledgling and experienced pyromancers. It is not uncommon to see pyromancers worship Pelor, Obad-Hai, or other similar gods who grant access to fire as a main source of power. Others still worship gods such as Erythnul or Olidammara, whose free will and uncontrollable nature give them inner peace about the power of flame.

Other Classes: Young or inexperienced Pyromancers tends to get along with other wild souls, such as barbarians and bards, for the freedom fire grants is something they can sympathize well with. Older, more experienced pyromancers often get along with clerics, wizards, and sorcerers, for the control one needs in order to avoid immolating oneself with fire requires expert training and incredible strength of will. Pyromancers tend to not get along well with druids, for the wanton use of fire is often seen as a threat to nature's sovereignty and health.

Combat: Pyromancers work best from behind melee-heavy characters but in front of mages. They are not as easily killed as most casters but are nowhere near as tough as a fighter or barbarian. Pyromancers work best supporting with their fiery conjurations and flame arcana, disorienting or sniping foes from afar. Advancement: Pyromancers tend to choose weapon finesse, due to higher dexterity than strength. They also tend to choose feats that improve their speed or defenses, such as dodge or improved initiative.

Pyromancers tend to multiclass well into melee classes, such as fighter or paladin, due to their supernatural abilities ignoring arcane spell failure chance. Pyromancers are often loners, outsiders, or outcasts. Many societies do not understand or will not understand the importance and utility of pyromancy, so its practitioners are often persecuted.

Pyromancers occasionally congregate in small groups called coveys, where they often worship the gods of flame or powerful elemental lords such as Imix.

Some pyromancers are lucky and are not rejected from their societies; those lucky enough to receive this fate often become important individuals, such as historians or generals. Daily Life: Most pyromancers spend their days meditating or preparing themselves for possible conflict. Young or inexperienced pyromancers are often wanton or chaotic, testing out their newfound abilities on anything they can find or otherwise simply showing off to others of their race.

Older pyromancers often set up secret schools so that they may expand the arts of pyromancy to see that the art never truly fades. Notables: Dugirsu the flame-tongued is believed to have been the founder of pyromancy. An elven outcast, it is said that Dugirsu sold himself to Imix and for his loyalty was granted the ancient secrets of fire.

He used this power to train disciples and wage war against those who had exiled him. Organizations: Monastery of the Flame-tongued is a secretive temple located high in frigid mountains, far away from the prying eyes of society.

This secret monastery was founded by Dugirsu himself over 5, years ago. It is here that those who discover latent talents as pyromancers are trained to fully unlock their abilities.

NPC Reactions: It is rare for people of the world to accept a pyromancer as a friend. People fear fire, and one who controls fire as easily as normal people control their hands and feet frightens commoners and nobles alike. As such, pyromancers are often met with great suspicion and possibly even direct hostility should they make their abilities known. Characters with ranks in knowledge arcana can research Pyromancers to learn more about them. When a character makes a skill check, read or paraphrase the following, including information from lower DCs.

A Pyromancer can potentially be a very interesting player character. Perhaps at early levels the character is eager to unlock their full Side B - Pyromantic a.k.a. B.D. Foxmoor* - Darkest Light Epitome (Vinyl and seeks to enter the Monastery of the Flame-tongued to truly reach their maximum power.

Perhaps the player character is a latently powerful pyromancer who does not feel the need to make the pilgrimage to the Monastery of the Flame-tongued, and instead seeks to find enlightenment or simply travel the world.

Pyromancers can potentially make interesting NPCs as well. Perhaps they encounter a group of rogue pyromancers who utilize their powers wantaonly to spread destruction and chaos through the land, or perhaps they encounter and older, wiser pyromancer who simply wishes to be left alone, though will grant the player characters a tidbit of knowledge should they inquire enough.

A pyromancer could also be a potentially dangerous villain, one who seeks to see the world burned, or perhaps he seeks to free Imix from the elemental plane of fire. Adaptation: You could perhaps instead have pyromancers be similar to warlocks, but instead of having ties to fiends or fey, they have ties to the elemental plane of fire.

You could also perhaps simply have pyromancers be a limited form of mage, similar to the warmage or the beguiler, who specializes in fire spells. Pyromancer 3. Jump to: navigationsearch. The main contributor s of this page determined that this page should be reviewed.

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  1. Crown of dusk - located in the dark root basin after you defeat the hydra and kill the golem in the rear of the lake. (boosts all magic damage by 20% but suffer weakness to magic of 30% Crown of the Dark Sun - you first have to defeat dark sun Gwyndolin located in Anor Londo then meet up with the merchant that is located in Firelink where the ring of sacrafice is and you can buy it.
  2. Dark (Pyro) Aluminium: It is a very fine powder and dark grey in color. Nominal mesh size is but it contains particles of 2µ. There is a wide variety of uses for dark aluminum, for example, flash powders, star compositions, fountains, waterfalls, torches, flares, etc. For all /5().
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  5. Not sure if this needs to be updated or not, but going hollow actually weakens dark pyromancy flame now. I just tried this out thinking I was going to role-play as a hollowed-fire-wielding-grim-reaper with the Scyth of Want as a weapon of choice.
  6. (a) a quarterstaff or (b) any martial weapon (a) a light crossbow and 20 bolts or (b) two daggers (a) a dungeoneer's pack or (b) a explorer's pack; A trinket that attests to the nature of your spark such as a piece of brimstone, an ever-glowing coal, a phoenix feather or a shard of hard light; If you are using starting wealth, you have 4d4x10gp.
  7. You may report side effects to Health Canada at Related Links. List Pyridoxine HCL side effects by likelihood and severity. Find Lowest Prices. Read More. Precautions.

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