Shake - Count Bass-D* - Pre-Life Crisis (Cassette) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

Download Shake - Count Bass-D* - Pre-Life Crisis (Cassette)
Label: Work - 0T 66202 • Format: Cassette • Country: US • Genre: Hip Hop •

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The Bends by Radiohead. What's The Story Morning Glory? Different Class by Pulp. Liquid Swords by GZA. Jagged Little Pill by Alanis Morissette. Elliott Smith by Elliott Smith. The Infamous Dwight Farrell Copyrights records by Farrell, Dwight. T Boz tried to talk to me.

Copyrights records by Vixlix Music. Don't wanna cry ; The loneliest monk ; Bro John Victor Lemonte Wooten Darrell J. Copyrights records by J. Darrell Blair Music. Copyrights records by Collins, William. Copyrights records by Collins, Bootsy.

Copyrights records by Mash-a-Mugg Music. Dwight Farrell J. A spokeswoman for Ada, Mich. However, because Amway has not been served, it cannot comment on the suit or its validity. The alternative rock-oriented label- founded in as an imprint of New York - based independent distributor Dutch East India Trading Co. The label, which has not released any records since talks between Meltzer and Dutch East began in midwill mount a hefty release schedule that will see two or three albums per month moving through BMG.

The operation of Grass represents a sharp left turn for Meltzer, who comes from an independent wholesaling background. He founded Bethel, Conn. Meltzer exited the company in early Regarding his decision to leave, Meltzer says, "I was so far away from my roots, which are the music. I was running a corporation. There's nothing wrong in that, but there was no music involved. He found one in Grass, which was established by Dutch East as a conduit for such indie acts as the Toadies.

That band released a single and EP on the imprint before scoring a top 30 hit for Interscope with the album "Rubberneck. Retailers have traditionally opposed record clubs, maintaining that they cannibalize retail sales and that their low-price introductory offers drive down the perceived values of product. Junos celebrate the music of Canadian artists, and the record clubs operate on the basis of [paying] a lesser royalty.

It's also hypocritical [for retailers] to be selling the Juno boxed set and to be boycotting the Junos. The plan also requires shareholders' approval. Southgate acknowledges his duty to present to shareholders any viable offer for the company, but adds, "nobody has ever made me an offer.

EMI's profits rose by The status of the music company after demerger was explained to shareholders. Following is the timetable of demerger subject to necessary clearances and approvals : June Thorn EMI announces results for the year to March 31; July 1: formal demerger proposals are sent to shareholders; July Thorn EMI annual general meeting and extraordinary general meeting; July demerger effective.

In the meantime, the price for EMI is being raised due to the latest results from the company. Available now on home video. I9 ED. All Rights Reserved. Inc Billboard. Senior Writers: Chris Moms L. Reynolds, Editor LA. Retail: Don Jeffrey, Associate Ed. Radio: Chuck Taylor, Editor N. Staff Reporters: Terri Horak N. Reece LA. Despite not being a lawyer or accountant, I have managed to survive the music business and have a broad overview of a potentially cataclysmic development that threatens primarily the touring industry in Europe and ultimately the whole record and publishing business.

On Jan. Previous levels had been The taxes had been charged on an amount after deducting production costs on presentation of invoices from production companies.

These rates were comparable with other countries and, therefore, were manageable and potentially reclaimable in the artist's home country. Also there had been no social security deduction. The new tax rate is For solo artists, the total is These new rates are to be charged on the gross fee plus VAT with no allowances made for production, travel, and other associated touring costs.

The final straw is the VAT, which means that artists are being asked to pay a tax on a tax! This is without parallel in Europe. New York Commentar nonviable. A further consequence of the German finance ministry's action is that it also intends to go back over records for the last six years and arbitrarily withdraw exemption certificates and reassess tax liability on previously settled claims.

The idea of reviewing previous tour accounts after the receipts have been shared by all the parties concerned and asking them for a return of their portion of the tax is a nightmare. However, this is obviously not practical; the liability remains with the artist, and Germany is one of the few countries where you can be arrested and jailed on arrival for unpaid taxes.

When touring around the world, we have all had to learn to live with withholding tax. The rates of tax and net taxable amount are usually reasonable and reclaimable against artists' tax bill in their home country. However, what home countries will not swallow is reclaiming more than one would have paid on the same income at home.

The difference will have to be absorbed by the artist. After a recent meeting, the steering Jef Hanlon is president of the Agents' Assn. As this stands, this disparity is undoubtably a big problem, but let's also consider the added effects. It is universally recognized that live performances stimulate airplay and record sales.

If performances in Germany become unprofitable for artists, then labels, collection societies, publishers, record producers, agents, managers, and supporting personnel are all in a position in which their income from the third - largest record -selling market in the world will substantially diminish.

This has been instigated by Neil Warnock of the Agency, who in recent years has booked dates in Germany for Pink Floyd and the Rolling Stones, among others. The committee is assisting its German partners in lobbying the German finance ministry further effect to consider is what will happen to touring in the neighboring countries of Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, and Austria, all of which usually account for one or two shows each on a European tour with eight to 12 shows in Germany, which is by far the largest country.

Together, this has assembled a European tour of markets that, to a certain extent, cross -fertilize one another with media crossing borders. Surely, the possible loss of approximately half of the dates on a tour, because it is now not financially viable to visit Germany, places a question mark on the practicality of doing shows in smaller neighboring countries, with the accompanying effects on their music industries.

A major campaign against the new German withholding tax has been initiated by the German promoters, venue managers, and touring service companies, which have asked for support from their colleagues in the U. A steering committee of interested parties- committee released a statement that began, "The U.

Trying then to equate the actions of the German government, the leading proponent of a united and integrated Europe, I find myself in a state of complete incredulity.

My legal friends also tell me that the ministry's retroactive action conflicts with the basic principle of law- "security of settlement. In conclusion, it is obvious that artists, managers, and agents are immediately in the line of fire. But beyond this initial effect, it is not hard to see that the entire music industry worldwide will be affected to some degree. So, all record company presidents, multinational publishers, and major agents in the U.

Lend your financial and political clout to the campaign to help our German Shake - Count Bass-D* - Pre-Life Crisis (Cassette) and ourselves to make the German government aware of the ramifications of its action and hopefully reconsider its position on withholding tax. If Germany is able to make its new rates stick, you can bet your life it won't take other governments long to follow the precedent and up their own rates with all the above stated consequences spreading across the world.

In the meantime, the Agents' Assn. Billboard or its management. Articles and letters appearing on this page serve as a forum for the expression of views of general interest The opinions offered here are not necessarily those of Letters should be submitted to the Letters Editor.

Tour begins June 1st. From Feb. By comparison, the album was selling only copies per week in Sep - tember Bob Bell, new-release buyer for the -store, Torrance, Calif. Confab Shows Wide Range Of Folk Paradigm also plans to provide services for smaller independent labels that "share our philosophy about the next wave of music," says McPartland.

For its new -media production division, which includes enhanced CDs and other multimedia products, "we might be inclined to look at major distribution," he adds. But he will be primarily remembered as one of the great popularizers and conservators of North Carolina's earthy "Piedmont" blues style. He was Initial solicitations for the BMG MasterCard were to be mailed out at the end of February to about 1 million consumers.

The second phase of the rollout will include "several million" mailings this summer, according to executives. As incentives, cardholders will receive samplers of tracks from new and established BMG acts and coupons redeemable at retail for music purchases.

BMG ex- ecutives say they expect most other major retailers to participate in the summer rollout. R M:PKt. We have to endorse everything-the food, drink, atmosphere, and feel ing-so that it's as authentic a replication of the Bob Marley Museum as possible. The purchase, formally announced Feb. Morris took great pains to note that the real value of Interscope, which boasts a roster rich in rock talent, was The Hope Road grounds and buildings are "certainly the inspiration for it," says Craig McIntyre, E Zone director of venue development.

The suit follows a Sept. Cleveland claimed that Sony deliberately misrepresented sales figures and did not make available pursuant records previous to Meat Loaf's suit claims that the master recordings should revert to the artist, because Cleveland failed to pay back royalties which are owed Meat Top 20 Awards Marks Growth Of Video In Asia Loaf as per the "work for hire" provision of the Copyright Act.

Meat Loaf attorney Don Engel says that the request for the master tapes is "a realistic claim in these cases We believe that record companies and labels who have not paid or underpaid artist royalties are vulnerable for use of the masters. It also alleges that Sony and Cleveland "maintained complete and exclusive knowledge over" and "actively concealed" statements that would have informed the artist of misdoings regarding royalty payments. The event, held Feb. Last year, a small gathering of stars and industry executives convened in Taipei for cocktails.

MCA However, the formal announcement of the MCA acquisition noted that MCA has the of tion not to release any music it deems objectionable; those titles, in which MCA will have no ownership stake or profit interest, may be manufactured and distributed by "unrelated third parties.

If you take a look at the roster of this company, and you look at Bush Continued on page 84 W. The suit states that Loeb entered into a contract Shake - Count Bass-D* - Pre-Life Crisis (Cassette) W. According to the suit, Loeb fired W. The total amount W. According to the suit, during the five months Loeb was represented by W. Included in those services were the promotion of Loeb's single "Stay," negotiations with Geffen, and coordination of tour, press, endorsement, and sales matters.

Loeb-who was still unsigned when she contributed the song that would be her first hit single, "Stay," to the "Reality Bites" soundtrack-was represented by Gordon in negotiations with Geffen that resulted in a "multimillion dollar record deal" with the label. E Ryko Corp. Wright executive manager. Steven P. Ehrlick is picked to head the business affairs department at the Enclave in New York. She was senior director of product management and direct response marketing.

American Recordings in Burbank, Calif. They were, respectively, director of national publicity for World Domination management and director of national publicity for Sonic Images Records. She was managing editor of Urb magazine. Joseph S. He was VP of corporate finance and strategic planning.

He was VP of creative development at Reunion Records. He was director of business affairs. Adam W. Wolf is appointed managing editor, music report, at Breakdown Services in Los Angeles.

He was director of development at Nepenthe Films. However, Wilson notes a crucial difference in Semisonic's sound and approach to life by citing an adage from the "I Ching," the Chinese "book of changes.

Work without doing. In the universe, the difficult things are done as if they are easy. But the Nashville - based artist, whose debut al- bum, "Revival," is being released by Almo Sounds on April 9, will be promoted to country last.

The acoustic - sorta seemed like the obvious thing to do. Although details are still being worked out, it looks like Capitol Records will be the next home for Matador Records. Matador and Atlantic Records severed their distribution deal Jan. Matador coby Melinda president Gerard Cosloy was not available for comment. Gordon ran an industry tipsheet called "Gordon's Flash" She can be reached at Pace Entertainment has formed a unit to produce national concert tours. Pace Touring is headed by John Meglen.

The ATE the men's international professional tennis circuit, is using Seal's "Bring It On" as part of a two -year commercial campaign to promote the organiza. The William Morris Agency is representing the Jerry Garcia estate for film, books, television, and interactive projects. Michael Jackson is serving as co-executive producer of "Sisterella," a new play by Larry Hart, which premieres at the Pasadena Calif.

Playhouse March The musical is based on "Cinderella. Stewart Copeland has inked with the Discovery Channel to compose the score for the channel's first theatrical release, "The Leopard Son" The ballet will run in New York through March Redbone will play following the final performance. His next album, set for release inwill include songs from "Paper Tiger. After a six-week search, the "Sally Jessy Raphael" show found him and reunited them.

Kneeling is Texas Tornado Freddy Fender. However, the group made its recorded bow last fall with a self-produced EP "Pleasure," on Boston-based indie CherryDisc.

Frank Black and Jonny Polonsky kicked off a tour Feb. Savoy Brown started a 30th -anniversary tour Feb. Bruce Springsteen started a new leg of his European tour Feb. Foo Fighters start a theater tour March 22 in Denver Radiohead returns to U.

Iron Maiden, with new lead singer Blaze Bayley, is on a U. Fear Factory is supporting Now that they're back together, they may never stop. The Eagles start a European tour July 5 in Dublin. The band's Columbia debut, "Honeysuckle Strange," comes out April 9. He also says that his experiences in that band, which survived numerous career upheavals, actually helped assuage the uncertainties of setting out on his own.

In the past, I was always one of the coddled children. The band is signed to Columbia worldwide, but the label plans to concentrate its efforts in the States before pursuing other territories.

Chichester believes the key to the quartet's success is its live shows; the band will set out in April as an opening act for the Afghan Whigs, whose "Black Love" album features Chichester's keyboard playing. He'll be pulling double-duty with the Whigs on the tour as well. To ensure that new audiences go home retaining Howlin' Maggie's soul tinged hard-rock grooves, the label will distribute 20, sampler CDs at the shows.

Leshay says the two -song discs will also be used as radio giveaways. The label's retail plans have an equally grass -roots focus, targeting mom -and- pop stores and small chains. I've tried, and I just Shake - Count Bass-D* - Pre-Life Crisis (Cassette) up sounding sarcastic That's why my nickname has always been Happy. We mixed them again and put it together. We had a month of touring half the time and being at home half the time, and we did it all in that short amount of time.

The label shipped the CherryDisc EP to radio and retail as an introduction to the band. The band has already cut a touring swath of its own it is booked by Monterey Peninsula Artists and managed by Jim Grant in New York and as an opener for the Freddy Jones Band in a series of December dates. It is currently opening on Aimee Mann's monthlong national trek.

Gross says that MCA has used Mann's tour as an opportunity to build awareness with the Uni field staff, radio, and retailers before the release of the album. Of the tour plans, Wilson says, "We have enough action in the Midwest to do a lot of our own shows.

The opening maxi slot is a hard nut to crack, but it's pret- ty great There's something really great about having to boil down what you do into a shorter period of time and still feel like you can expand musically and let go.

But it's a far more punk or alternative college record than a country record. On the other hand, fans that hear us at the Bluebird hear pedal steel with everything in their heads and think that all the songs could be country.

The way Dave and I play stuff live leaves a lot of room for interpretation-I don't think people knew how [the songs] would get fleshed out, and the surprise was that a lot of them didn't get bigger than the two of us.

But Almo Sounds provided her a link with the Almo Irving publishing company, as well as a valued rela- tionship with label co -owner Jerry Moss, who signed her.

The result, notes Kremen, will be a press- driven project, with a feature in Request already lined up, as well as upcoming reviews in Spin and Alternative Press. No single has been chosen yet, since the initial formats targeted aren't single- driven. Album track "One More Dollar," though, has been included on a Geffen label sampler, and, although it's performed with a full band, Welch says, "it's at the heart of the record and indicative of the rest of the album.

Last week, Welch showcased at the annual Nashville Extravaganza trade event. These include a show at the Station Inn bluegrass club, a spot on the "Sam's Place" gospel-oriented syndicated radio show from the Ryman Auditorium, and a Grand Ole Opry slot. Tracking Reports, including demographics Increased exposure with flexible programs designed to fit any budget Get the most back for your advertising dollars.

His voice has a very strong and riveting quality," says Larry Groce, co- producer and host of National Public Radio's "Mountain Stage" syndicated program, which featured Lara in January.

He attended the University of Miami, majoring in electrical engineering with a specialty in microwave analysis, because he figured he would make enough money with his day job to fund his musical hobby. However, his passion took hold, and soon he was concentrating on his music fulltime while working as a substitute teacher. I'm not going to wait for anybody,' and I put out two records [independently]," he says. He loves music. He's like a grandpa," Lara says. He reminds me of my father's father.

Bruce was there, and then all these other labels jumped on the bandwagon who didn't have a clue as to who I was or what I wanted to do, but Bruce did. Lara had produced his previous independent efforts, so he looked to- ward Reynolds to "just play the coach, to keep everything moving forward in the same direction," he says.

In addition to the usual rock instruments, the album features Lara playing the cuatro, a four -string instrument from Venezuela, and a tres, a three -toned Cuban folk instrument.

His rhythms and music aren't just Latin. He uses African and Cuban. He's influenced more by rock music than by his per- sonal roots. Even though he has played some Latino shows, his crowd in Miami is young college kids. The format is becoming more established. Purchasers will receive the special pro- motional disc, which includes two songs from the album and two sampler -only tracks. Any samplers remaining after the midnight sale will be distributed to area Spec's stores.

Until radio catches on, Capitol expects Lara to build an audience primarily through touring. I don't think Nil is the kind of artist who wants it to explode.

He wants people to know him as an artist, not just for a single. For Lara, it's simply a matter of doing what he's been doing for years -but on a national scale. Lara is booked by Creative Artists Agency. In addition to making a name for himself, Henschel believes Lara can give the fledgling Metro Blue imprint an identity. The nascent label scored a top 40 hit last year with Andru Don aids' "Mishale" but has had no real breakthrough yet.

It's something that's completely accessible that puts the right spin on what Metro Blue is about. Groce from "Mountain Stage" predicts good things for Lara, although he knows that the artist's compelling diversity keeps his music from fitting easily into a radio format. It's tough to see where he's going to fit in, but he's pop enough to work," says Groce.

Capitol and the Florida-based Spec's chain are preparing a special disc that will be given away to the first 1, buyers of Lara's album. We had him play at our convention two years ago, and he has done in- stores with us. Backed what it ative, effective promotions. Boxscores should be submitted to: Marie Ratliff, Nashville. Phone: -Fax: For research information and pricing, call Marie Ratliff, - Stay real. Incentives will be based on usage rather than the amount charged. The samplers will be sent quarterly to consumers who use the card as infrequently as once a month.

Cardholders will also receive a quarterly newsletter, Quarter Note, that provides information on BMG acts and releases. In their monthly statements, cardholders will also receive information on BMG products.

Quarterly sweepstake offers will include such prizes as audio equipment and free trips to concerts and music award programs. Audio manufacturer Kenwood U. The five-month introductory interest rate is 5. The current prime is 8. A posh uptown hotel with attitude. Or a posh uptown hotel with no attitude. Hey, you're going to get plenty of attitude in New York anyway.

So why not stay in a place where you can relax, get loose, be yourself. The Mark's got everything you need to make your business life easy -a prime location, a great restaurant, computer and fax capabilities. And because after business we want you to be as comfortable as possible, we'd like you to wear what makes you happy.

A T-shirt, perhaps. In fact, we like T-shirts so much we have one with our name on it. The Mark, Madison Ave. Reservations, call or 1- The rest ofthe album is made up of six new songs. Houston says she was happy to have the chance to beef up the production on some of her older songs, while maintaining her subtle, minimalist approach.

The album will be released under the name Bomb The Bass. A mix tape of select tracks from the album will also be used as a promotional tool. The song has Terri Clark, Terri Clark [gaining popularity].

Independent Labels System. Mad Skillz From Where 1. We have some 2. Kenny 3. Terri Clark Terri Clark 5. Terri Clark Terri Clark mids, early 30s, and college 5. Jerald Daemyon Thinking About You kids-because it's kind of funky. Garbage Garbage 8. Deborah Cox Deborah Cox 8. Enrique Iglesias Enrique Iglesias 9.

Mystikal Mind Of Mystikal paign is to work college radio, Terry Ellis Southern Gal bers, will embark on a Northeast Fun Factory Fun -Tasic including hosting campus parties radio promotion tour March 5, in key markets and an awareness The singer is touring in some European festival dates including a March 8 taping of Europe through Monday 26June 18 -July Those who like Deep Forest should give a listen to Berlinbased duo Yulara.

The group's Higher Octave debut, "all is one," beautifully mixes nature sounds with spiritual connotations in a jazzy, ambient setting. The album is in Borders listening posts Shake - Count Bass-D* - Pre-Life Crisis (Cassette) month. The song was a top 10 hit in the U.

When an album reaches this level, the album and the artist's subsequent albums are immediately ineligible to appear on the Heatseekers chart. All albums are available on cassette and CD. The album will hit nationwide March Meanwhile, Simenon is fin- ishing production work on Depeche Mode's next album.

Simenon's producing and mixing credits are as impressive as his own music. The clip is from "Black Castle," the crew's debut project, which is scheduled for release in April. Unlike last year's participants, who mulled over the lack of creativity among recording acts, this year's registrants focused on self-improvement.

It's certainly possible, says attorney Vernon Slaughter. Imagine the possibilities such a concept? Probably not. However, given certain conditions, they might not have a choice but to acquiesce. Slaughter says, "We already have the creative talent here with writers, artists, and producers.

But we have to get more accountants, lawyers, managers, graphic artists, and other [music]. And that will take Atlanta to the next level. The most welcome element of the weekend was the effort put into many of the performances.

During a dinner concert that it hosted, MCA and its associated labels put the "show" back into show business. Silas' Jesse Powell followed, delivering a solid performance that belied his status as a debut artist. Backed by a hip -hop dance trio and a sultry female escort, Powell demonstrated his broad -ranging vocal talent, from "All I Need," his catchy first single, to a cover of the Enchantment classic "Gloria. And during the con ference award dinner, Elektra artist Terry Ellis managed a polished performance, despite battling the flu.

But the most fun to be had by conferencegoers was the after-hours old- school party sponsored by Rhino Records.

The fete was packed, hot, and sweaty. Spirited guests rolled by J. Reynolds associated with having all of the black -music divisions of major record labels in one market. Think of the clout, the independence, the centralized power base -not to mention the collective economic force that would be developed in the region.

Is it realistic to think that the majors would embrace business contacts. Rocking the evening was his hip -hop highness emeritus Kurtis Blow, who stimulated the standing- room -only crowd to an even higher valence level with his classic raps. Well, this one certainly qualifies as more than one small step. Featured in the mini-movie is the Isley Brothers' Ronald Isley, who is perfectly cast as a dapper, Bugsystyled kingpin.

Backing the clip is the extended -play, music and spoken -word It's A Long Story remix of "Down Low," which fleshes out the tale woven from the clip and the original single. A hip -hop hurrah to Kelly for pushing the envelope on entertainment. The two -disc, 19 -track boxed set serves up the six Columbia and OKeh tracks not found on the previous volumes, along with five previously unissued alternative takes. The set also includes the complete "St.

Louis Blues" soundtrack. One of the carry-over topics among veteran label executives from last year's confab was the need for young executives to team with their tenured counterparts to avoid stumbling blocks.

Epic promotion VP Dwayne Cunningham agreed with Anderson's assessment and said that during his 22 years in the business, he has observed a decline of many economic gains in music, Shake - Count Bass-D* - Pre-Life Crisis (Cassette). A highlight for registrants was guest speaker Lana Ruffin, who returned to the conference for a second year to conduct a behavioral -analysis workshop. Power Jam 7 boasted its largest turnout of programmers and retailers yet, according to Urban Network president Miller London.

April Loose Cannon president Lisa Cortes describes the band's live act as one of its strongest selling points, and says Bass Is Base will play a number of showcase performances in support of its album release. A lot of urban acts cannot do a live show that duplicates what they do in a studio. We need to get out there and perform, just like back in the day. Cortes compares the look of the multi- ethnic band to the "United Col- ors of Benetton," and says the act's dynamic image should help draw a mainstream audience.

Loose Cannon is using a three pronged strategy, which began last fall, to introduce Bass Is Base to U. On Sept. To follow up, the band performed at a New York showcase hosted by Details magazine Nov On Nov 20, Loose Cannon released the video for "Floating.

The label begins servicing "I Cry" to top 40 stations Feb. KELLY 1 Recording Industry Assn. Greatest Gainer shows chart's largest unit following the symbol. Pacesetter indicates biggest percentage growth. Heatseeker Impact shows albums removed from Heatseekers this week. CM indicates past or present Heatseeker title. In the late '30s, he arrived in Durham, N. At around the same time, he met harp player Terry, who had served as an accompanist on some of Fuller's recordings for Vocalion and ARC.

Under the aegis of Fuller's manager, J. During the '50s, McGhee and Terry were among the most -recorded traditional bluesmen. Byhowever, the lengthy partnership was on the rocks; it was not uncommon to find McGhee and Terry in separate dressing rooms backstage, refusing to speak to each other. After the duo split, they continued to record separately. Terry died in In later years, McGhee continued to excel on the concert stage and in other media; he had a featured role in the film "Angel Heart.

McGhee's work, both as a solo act and with Terry, has been widely reissued by such labels as Fantasy and Smithsonian- Folkways. McGhee is survived by three daughters, three sons, 16 grandchildren, and 22 great-grandchildren. BMWac Fhn. BMVfore Orb. BM tl Easy. SoundScan, Inc. MARY J. Billboard - Licensing Org. Editorial coverage will include reports on the confab's seminars, events and hot topics slated for discussion. The spotlight will also examine the marketing of various multimedia formats, video sell-through and include a guide on how to succeed in indie retail.

Other spotlight coverage will explore how indies obtain the attention of retail and radio. Jodie Francisco Contact. Robin Friedman Contact. Christine Chinetti FEB.

This special issue brings readers up to date on available special editions, hardware, software and the emergence of DVD. This special April 6th issue explores the principle radio outlets in South Africa, major venues, upcoming tours and the creative makeup of the market - including capsule reports on the diversity of genres and companies active in this exciting territory!

This special will also contain short portfolios on some of the genre's most successful artists and labels.


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  1. 10 rows · Discover releases, reviews, credits, songs, and more about Count Bass-D* - Pre-Life Crisis at Discogs. Complete your Count Bass-D* collection/5(38).
  2. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Red Cassette release of Pre-Life Crisis on Discogs.
  3. This '95 album of Count Bass D's is different from his release, Dwight Spitz, in that it has boring beats and rhymes about being a player instead of rhymes about keeping hip hop real. It's a good album, but by far is only a Pre-Life Crisis before the man finds his plan and begins to spit/5(4).
  4. Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for Pre-Life Crisis - Count Bass D on AllMusic - /
  5. Pre-Life Crisis is the debut album by American rapper and record producer Count Bass D, released on September 26, Its songs mostly demonstrate Count Bass D’s capability of playing multiple.
  6. Shop Pre Life Crisis [CASSETTE]. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders.
  7. Lyrics: Beats: Before the Mid-Life Crisis there was the Pre-Life Crisis! Count Bass D mostly made his name in the current with "Dwight Spitz" and "Act Your Waist Size" but he actually goes way back to when he was bragging about talking with T-Boz.

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