On My Own (From Les Miserables) - Various - 42 Famous Filmthemes (CD) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

Download On My Own (From Les Miserables) - Various - 42 Famous Filmthemes (CD)
Label: Weton-Wesgram - K BOX 348 • Format: 3x, CD Compilation Box Set • Country: Europe • Genre: Stage & Screen • Style: Soundtrack, Theme

Bring Him Home. Castle On A Cloud. Come To Me fantine's Death. Dawn Of Anguish. Dog Eat Dog the Sewers. Drink With Me the Night. Empty Chairs At Empty Tables. Epilogue finale. Eponine's Errand. Every Day. Fantine's Arrest. Fantines Dood. I Dreamed A Dream. In My Life. Javert's Intervention. Javert's Suicide. Lekkere Meiden. Ensemble Factory Woman Rachael Archer Ensemble 'Lovely Ladies' Lorna Brown Ensemble 'Lovely Ladies' Antonia Clarke Ensemble 'Lovely Ladies' Mary Cormack Ensemble 'Lovely Ladies' Sonya Cullingford Ensemble 'Lovely Ladies' Amy Griffiths Ensemble 'Lovely Ladies' Fania Grigoriou Ensemble 'Lovely Ladies' Amanda Henderson Ensemble 'Lovely Ladies' Alexia Khadime Ensemble 'Lovely Ladies' Luisa Lazzaro Ensemble 'Lovely Ladies' Rachel Stanley Ensemble 'Lovely Ladies' Rebecca Sutherland Ensemble 'Lovely Ladies' Tabitha Webb Ensemble 'Lovely Ladies' Gerard Bentall Ensemble 'Master of the House' Tony Bignell Ensemble 'Master of the House' Michael Cahill Ensemble 'Master of the House' Richard Colson Ensemble 'Master of the House' Sarah Flind Ensemble 'Master of the House' James Greene Ensemble 'Master of the House' Nick Holder Ensemble 'Master of the House' Chris Howell Ensemble 'Master of the House' Alison Jiear Ensemble 'Master of the House' Terry Keely Ensemble 'Master of the House' Martin Marquez Ensemble 'Master of the House' Sally Mates Ensemble 'Master of the House' Jeff Nicholson Ensemble 'Master of the House' Adam Searles Ensemble 'Master of the House' Simon Shorten Ensemble 'Master of the House' Juliet Alderice Ensemble Paris Beggar Sean Buckley Ensemble Paris Beggar Valerie Cutko Ensemble Paris Beggar Spike Grimsey Ensemble Paris Beggar Matt Harrop Ensemble Paris Beggar Georgina Jackson Ensemble Paris Beggar Perry Millward Ensemble Paris Beggar Philip Philmar Ensemble Paris Beggar Julie Stark Ensemble Paris Beggar Dominic Applewhite Ensemble Student Matt Corner Ensemble Student Jonathan Dudley Ensemble Student as Jonathan D.

Dudley Rhidian Marc Ensemble Student Chris Milford Ensemble Student Jamie Muscato Ensemble Student Joseph Peters Ensemble Student David Roberts Ensemble Student Stevee Davies Ensemble Student Matthew Seadon-Young Ensemble Student Samuel J. Ensemble Student Sophie Hutchinson Ensemble Turning Woman Ella Hunt Ensemble Turning Woman Claire Machin Ensemble Turning Woman Brenda Moore Ensemble Turning Woman Mischa On My Own (From Les Miserables) - Various - 42 Famous Filmthemes (CD) Ensemble Turning Woman Annette Yeo Ensemble Wedding Dancer Jennifer Essex Ensemble Wedding Dancer Lynn Jezzard Ensemble Wedding Dancer Nicholas Keegan Ensemble Wedding Dancer Steve Kirkham Ensemble Wedding Dancer Gemma Payne Ensemble Wedding Dancer Clinten Pearce Ensemble Wedding Dancer Claire Piquemal Ensemble Wedding Dancer Aaron Sillis Ensemble Wedding Dancer Ian Waller Punter uncredited Dee Bradley Baker Person at Inn uncredited Ellie Beaven Mother uncredited Gintare Beinoraviciute Lovely Lady uncredited Cameron Bell Soldier uncredited Isabella Blake-Thomas Chorus uncredited Gary Bland Sailor uncredited Corey Booth Drunk Gavroche Gunman uncredited Dodie Browne Parisian uncredited Pablo Bubar Ensemble uncredited Austin Burrows French Grenadier uncredited Nathanjohn Carter French Grenadier uncredited James Charlton Beggar uncredited Russell Churcher Soldier uncredited Robert Clayton Sailor uncredited Cristina Cocco Ensemble uncredited Gioacchino Jim Cuffaro Beggar uncredited Richard Dalton Cart Driver in Tavern uncredited Ondra Dorian Student uncredited Guinevere Edwards Extra uncredited Sophie Ellis Barricade Protester uncredited James a FitzGerald Tavern Drinker uncredited Justin Flanagan Clerk of Court uncredited Ian Floodgate Sailor uncredited Harry Goff Student uncredited David Golt Factory Worker uncredited Shonn Gregory Soldier uncredited Sophie Greig Protestor uncredited James Gribble Sailor uncredited Kenton Hall Policeman uncredited Richard Herdman The performances are all fantastic, although, Marius is a little weak.

The little urchin who plays Garvoche is very impressive. The look of contempt on his face when he exposes Javert is priceless. Matt Lucus brings humor as Thenardier.

Jenny Galloway reprises her role from the 10th Anniversary Concert and I think gives a better performance in this version. It is hard to limit discussion, as everyone was brilliant right from Jean Valjean to Jarvert to Cossette Collette?

I cannot recommend this enough. In my opinion, no previous Jean Valjean or since have or will ever come close to performing this role with the unparalleled dynamic, powerful and heart breaking perfection of Alfie Boe. If I had rated this production on his performance alone, out of a possible 10 I would have given it the maximum allowed by IMDb's system.

I give him 1, stars for the look, the voice, the acting ability, everything. I'll never understand why they didn't cast him in the recent movie version, as I didn't understand the casting of Anne Hathaway and good god Russell Crowe??? First and foremost this is a musical, and as such, calls for top notch voices, not just pretty faces and box office powerhouses.

My exception to that rule is Matt Lucas and Jenny Galloway, On My Own (From Les Miserables) - Various - 42 Famous Filmthemes (CD). As the Thenardiers they were a joy to behold. So talented and witty. Their tongue in cheek portrayal of those two scoundrels was right on target.

They deserved at least a 20 out of ten. What can I possibly say about Lea Salonga as Fantine that has not already been said by just about every critic since her career began? I place her on a par with Mr. Boe in this production and always have loved her in anything she has done.

As far as I'm concerned she can do no wrong. Norm Lewis was wonderful as the always threatening antagonist Javert, hell-bent on hunting down Jean Valjean to the ends of the earth. He has a huge presence on the stage here, as he has on Broadway and television. Very talented and powerful performer.

Now, we come to why I did not give this production a solid 10 stars. First, let me say I take no pleasure in making negative comments. I prefer to accentuate the positive whenever possible, BUT the absurd choice of inserting boy band 'singer' and I use the word singer loosely in such a pivotal role baffles the mind.

In my opinion Nick Jonas doesn't have the singing chops, the acting chops or the physical appearance this role begs for. If he didn't have his pre-teen fan base and had auditioned to be one of the hundreds of singers in the massive chorus, I don't believe they would have selected him even for that! Bottom line; I would rate his performance minus stars and bestow if I could a minus 1, stars for those who cast him in it.

So, there you have it. But for Nick Jonas, I would have given this production a solid 10 stars and the only reason I didn't rate it lower than 9 stars was out of respect for everyone else involved. The concert version is performed with orchestra and chorus in the top of the platforms in O2 Arena and the characters in the musical are in costume standing before microphones at the edge of the performing structure.

The light crew performs spectacular effects with the enormous facilities at this 23, seat arena. Some action is projected on screens above the performers the lifting of the cart by Valjean, the barricade, etc and at other times the screens offer the audience huge close-up view of the performers. It works well under the direction of Nick Morris. The celebration of the birthday of the show is accompanied by prolonged appearances by past members of casts of the show, a light show, and much confetti and self congratulation speeches.

As for the production itself it is populate by a generally strong cast. Alfie Boe, a 37 year old British tenor who studied opera but now sings the big demanding musicals, is a very fine Jean Valjean. In all this is an entertaining memento of a birthday celebration - heavy on audience screaming and special party effects - and rewards the creators of this lasting fine musical with due respect. Grady Harp. Wikingking 26 July First of all I have to say that I have seen the movie before I dig into Les Mis on the internet, so somehow the movie could catch my attention back then, and I am so grateful for it that I won't compare it with this masterpiece.

Secondly, this is my first ever review on IMDb so hurray! The show took place at the O2 arena with hundreds of people participating. The setting is great, the lights and all technical stuff are excellent, the show sounds great, the mixing is very well made. The show has been conducted by the same conductor, who did the 10th anniversary concert back in David Charles Abelland he did one hell of a job, not a single flaw in the play of the orchestra.

The cast is a brilliant one - well you could guess that something big is happening when musical giants like Earl Carpenter, or Hadley Fraser only get minor roles There's a really large choir behind the orchestra, and they really make a punch when it is time for extra amount of epicness like One Day More.

The backing vocalist are also great in numbers as welleveryone in minor roles prostitutes, workers, the students are great, this cast was chosen really carefully, that's for sure.

I give a solid 10 for the supporting section of the cast. Earl Carpenter plays the bishop, and he delivers a fine performance, worthy of his reputation. He's really gentle but powerful at the same time. His baritone is a joy to listen to and they have a unique chemistry with Ramin. I think that the role of Cosette has few moments to shine or to stand out, but Katie gives a fine performance, so no worries here.

Her "I Dreamed a Dream" earns her a big applause and some standing ovation as well. Her low harmonics makes her voice quite unique, and that's something I really like. It is fun to see that Matt's dream comes true on-stage, so be ready for a benefit performance.

I found him good. While Nick tries hard, his acting suffers from many wounds, and his voice is at least one or two leagues weaker than the rest of the cast's. He is not good, not for this role at least. The only possible explanation other than making steps towards his younger fan-base is that his weaker voice and young looks help creating the impression that his character is innocent and needs guidance from the more mature characters he hangs out with.

She is a real beauty, that her looks can only be compared her wonderful singing. Her 'On my own' earns her the show's biggest applause till then. He is absolutely incredible and for me, he is the best Enjorlas ever. His commanding performance and seemingly limitless range of voice is a joy to watch and listen to over and over again!

The role of Javert is possibly the best role in the musical and definitely has the most depth, so it is common that singers make their own interpretation and Norm is no exception. His enunciation is somewhat controversial, but I love his Javert anyway. He is not as good as Quast and I found EC's Javert better as wellbut he gives a commanding presence and a great 'Stars' and soliloquy with full of emotion.

Now Alfie sets new standards for the singing part of the role, and he is in his own league. He makes you feel that there are absolutely no limits to his wonderful voice as he makes those high Bs and Cs come out so clear and loud like no JVJ did before. His acting is a little stiff here and there, but maybe because his operatic-style of singing and acting, but he compensates it with facial emotions.

World Class. His 'Bring On My Own (From Les Miserables) - Various - 42 Famous Filmthemes (CD) home' earned him a standing ovation for minutes.

The whole show stopped because of him! Good extras! One more thing I really like in this concert: you can clearly feel the love between the cast members, and how the story and the incredible talent of Alfie Boe touch them. For me, these scenes are almost as important as good performances. Well, what can you say? This show made me love Les Mis, and I'm seriously in love with the show itself as well. Brilliant masterpiece which has to be listened to over and over again!

Fantastic neil 29 August I have avoided Les Mis over the years, under the impression that it held nothing which would appeal to me. I noticed that this 25th anniversary concert presentation was being broadcast live from the O2 to our local cinema and, knowing that my wife was a big fan, I booked tickets.

I got into trouble for various reasons: a why are you wasting money on that, b you know I like the show, not a concert performance, c I get a headache at the cinema I was blown away.

With the exception of Nick Jonas' thin, weedy, nasal Marius, I thought all the performers were first rate. The ovation at the end of Bring Him Home has been cut down for the DVD: it went on so long during the live performance that he finally had to break character to smile and acknowledge it. I am pleased to say that I have now seen him on stage as Valjean, and it is every bit as hair-raising live in the show.

This is a remarkable record of a remarkable event. It's impossible to see this particular film without comparing to other performances but I will comment on this film alone The performance was quite magnificent. The cast overall was wonderful. I'll address Nick Jonas as Marius right away. His voice does not remotely compare to the professional theater performers, yet he does carry the songs well enough and he carries his scenes admirably enough. Side by side with Samantha Barks as Eponine, however, he pales in comparison to her amazing voice.

So many excellent singers have brought such depth and strength to the character of Jean Valjean and Alfie Boe does an admirable job. His beautiful rendition of "Bring Him Home" really proves he has the chops to handle this role.

As always Lea Salonga is fragile and strong as Fantine. Can anyone else play this role as well? Of all of the Javerts I have ever seen, none has ever been sung as masterfully as Norm Lewis; he is magnificent to watch. Ramin Karimloo as Enjolres is incredibly strong, again making Jonas pale in comparison. Karimloo is truly talented with a strong voice and perfect tone. The orchestra brought the entire performance together beautifully.

I loved it. More than anything, as far as entertainment goes, will be the year I discovered Les Miserables. So I gathered more and more interest for it as the months went. I then read the novel to prepare myself for the film adaptation of By the time I saw the film, I was in love with the music, and so this was the first real musical version I saw besides the new film. Yes, I saw it on Youtube, but what a beautiful, magical event.

I feel like it's so much a part of me now. It's such an emotional experience that nothing I say can describe what it is to watch it for the first time. I am not a fan of opera, but I am of specific opera singers. What a privilege it is to listen to Alfie Boe, weather in musical theater or opera. I got a hint of his talent when I stumbled upon him during a PBS broadcast. I immediately ordered the DVD of the 25th anniversary concert at the O2. I searched the web to compare singers who have taken on the role of Val Jean.

None of them could come close to the talent of Alfie Boe. His range, his clarity his passion is beyond compare. A day without watching it is like a day without sunshine. I am keeping my fingers crossed that he will be chosen for the movie version of "Les Mis". I certainly will be first in line to buy a ticket. For a person who grew up with musicals, went to see local productions, big Sydney and Melbourne touring productions and On My Own (From Les Miserables) - Various - 42 Famous Filmthemes (CD) a lot of my childhood watching musical films with my father, it's a little surprising that I'd never got around to seeing Les Miserables until it was turned into a feature film.

I was quite impressed with the film, but assured by people the songs could have been performed a lot better, so I saw this on sale and decided to check it out. Suffice to say I was thoroughly entertained and very impressed.

But the start is a bit shaky, the first two performers to sing solo during the "Look Down" opening had me wondering what I'd got myself into, but once Alfie Boe Valjean and the enjoyably hammy Norm Lewis Javert get on stage I knew I was in good hands. Boe's singing is magnificent, with Valjean's soliloquy and Bring Him Home two of the highlights of the show.

Lewis is having the time of his life, shouting his name with gusto and giving a great rendition of Stars and a passionate soliloquy of his own.

Their moments together are brilliant, but I especially love their confrontation as Fantine dies. She makes you feel everything that her character is feeling during the song while belting out the tune beautifully and receives a well deserved standing ovation at song's end.

Matt Lucas makes a truly disgusting Thenadier which I mean in a good wayhis relative lack of singing ability is well and truly compensated by a great character performance and of course having stage veteran Jenny Galloway with him in most scenes. Nick Jonas as Marius does not appear to have a strong enough voice to be part of an ensemble, though he was not awful singing Empty Chairs and Empty Tables on his own this was aided by the very effective lighting behind him to make his dead friends look like ghosts as they stood behind him.

Katie Hall is a little hamstrung as Cossette because she spends a lot of her time having to try and sing more softly than Jonas, but she appears to have a nice clean voice. Ramin Karimloo, who I've always thought had a great voice but never really rated as a good Phantom of the Opera, is excellent as Enjolras. He sings with power and passion, and despite not being a big man, has a presence about him that is appropriate to the role and his rather large, unrestrained voice.

Samantha Barks is good as Eponine and it's impressive she was able to play the role equally well in the film version. There's a lot of power in her voice. Overall I really loved this show and it helped give me a greater appreciation for the musical part of Les Miserables, but I think seeing the film first really helped as I knew what was happening in the story and so could just sit back and enjoy the singing, Nick Jonas aside.

I have been a musical theater fan ever since I had been a little kid. I was simply an outcast because of that in my school.

Everyone was listening to "pop" music with "rap" and all that. I was more into musical theater. Everyone gasped as my teacher told us that we were watching Les Miserables 25th anniversary for our Literature and Music class, I was not surprised at all, though.

I had subsequently asked my teacher to host a film viewing because Victor Hugo was indeed a wonderful writer, and Claude-Michel Schonberg is a brilliant composer. I have also watched different adaptations of this musical. I have witnessed High School students put on On My Own (From Les Miserables) - Various - 42 Famous Filmthemes (CD) production, I have seen this production in different theater companies and yet, none have seemed to get me to applaud for them.

On the other hand, a few members from cast seemed a little out of place such as Nick Jonas, it was a big surprise for me to see a pop singer on stage.

I have watched the Jonas Brothers and their voices seemed airy even with all three of their voices combined! What more with one lone Jonas Brother?

It was simply dreadful, his voice was so weak, that I noticed he had to lean towards the mic for him to actually be heard. But, then again, Monsieur Jonas did do his best, but it was quite an embarrassment for himself as he was not ready due to his tender age, and lack of power. His leading lady, Katie Hall Cosettedid not seem appropriate for the role, in my opinion. Her voice was too shrill.


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  1. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of 42 Famous Filmthemes on Discogs. Label: Weton-Wesgram - K BOX • Format: 3x, CD Compilation Box Set • Country: Europe • Genre: Stage & Screen • Style: Soundtrack, Theme Various ‎– 42 Famous Filmthemes On My Own (From Les Miserables).
  2. On My Own (From 'Les Miserables') Written-By – Schonberg* – Mantovani: Gone With The Wind Written-By – Steiner* – Francis Lai: Bilitis Written-By – Lai* – The Gino Marinello Orchestra: Theme From 'The Onedin Line' Arranged By – Zaadnoordijk* Written-By – Khatchaturian* – The Gino 2/5(1).
  3. You definately get a lot for your money with songs. However, I found that I do not love every song on the CD and I would have liked more Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserables, Chicago, as well as Rock of Ages which does not appear on the CD. However, it does give a good range of songs and offers the most famous songs from a wide range of /5(88).
  4. Les Misérables Original Soundtrack - On my own () Artists: Samantha Barks. Les Misérables is now in theaters (worldwide) Blu-Ray release; United States.
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  7. To see more of "Les Miserables," go to fogecardeduro.sterolasesalplatpabesignpoommysqvo.co?list=PLzvdeRjhZpVlmAR_rm_omD7vWC7m2PGRf! The King's Academy, a National Blue Ribbon.
  8. late upload woop woop In concert band, we’re doing a medley of Les Mis and after playing it I felt like singing this. Singing emotional theater songs always.
  9. Les Misérables is saturated with French history, and a reader not already knowledgeable about the historical figures of Charles X or Louis-Philippe, for example, can easily get lost in all the detail. But this kind of detail plays a larger purpose in the novel. It is telling that Hugo sets his book in the context of a relatively minor revolt, the riots of July , rather than the massive.

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