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The data generated were used to explore the human-infective potential of these two common gastrointestinal parasites in NHPs. A total of fecal specimens were collected in AprilJuneOctober and January from laboratory crab-eating macaques kept on a commercial farm. The cages were elevated 1 m from the ground so that the feces could fall onto the ground. Every monkey had contact with animals in the neighboring cages. The rooms were cleaned every morning and afternoon to ensure a clean living environment.

Feed, fruits apple, banana and peach and drinking water were regularly distributed by farm staff to each cage every day. The sampling plan took into consideration the number, age and sex of animals on the farm, and the needed number of positive specimens to generate data for a meaningful assessment of the distribution and human-infective potential of E.

Among the sampled animals, were male, were female and sampled animals had missing information on the sex. The sampled animals belonged to two age groups: were 1—3 years-old and were adult monkeys older than 3 years. Regarding the latter, as monkeys over 4 years-old were often sold, the Monkey Time 69 animals sampled in the study were 5 years-old.

At the time of sampling, monkeys had loose stools, as defined by runny fecal consistency, and monkeys were apparently normal. The specimens were stored in 2. The genotypes of E. The established genotype nomenclature was used in naming E. Giardia duodenalis was detected by nested PCR amplification of a bp fragment of the tpi gene, a bp fragment of the bg gene and a bp fragment of the gdh gene [ 484950 ].

The specimen was considered G. The genotypes of G. Nucleotide sequences generated were assembled and edited with software ChromasPro v. To explore genetic diversity within the assemblage B of G. The reliability of clusters formed was assessed by bootstrap analysis using replicates. Differences in E. Of the specimens analyzed, Altogether, Significantly higher detection rates of G. Nevertheless, detection rates of G. Among them, eight E.

Similarly, eight E. A similar distribution of E. Sequence analysis of PCR products from the tpibg and gdh genes showed that all G. Eight G. Seven G. Seven subtypes of G. Of the specimens positive for G. Among them, MLG-B-hn01 Phylogenetic relationship of multilocus genotypes MLGs of Giardia duodenalis assemblage B inferred by the maximum likelihood analysis of concatenated tpigdh and bg nucleotide sequences using genetic distances calculated by the general time reversible model GTR.

MLGs identified in the present study are in bold. The scale-bar indicates 50 nucleotide substitutions per nucleotides. Data from this study suggests that crab-eating macaques in Hainan, China are commonly infected with E. In this study, the detection rate of E. This is higher than the reported detection rates in NHPs in various countries [ 52535455 ]. Similarly, it is mostly higher than detection rates in studies of E. Many of the studies reporting low detection rates of E.

The present report represents the first one carried out using a large number of laboratory NHPs. Crab-eating macaques are apparently infected with zoonotic E. In this study, all nine E. The remaining genotype, Pongo2, was reported in China for the first time in this study.

This genotype was initially seen in orangutans in Indonesia, indicating that it has the capability to infect a broad range of NHPs [ 53 ]. Laboratory crab-eating macaques are also apparently common hosts of G. In this study, the detection rate of G. This confirms the prevalence of this pathogen in NHPs in various countries [ 36376364 ] and different areas within China [ 34353844505765 ].

The very high detection rate of G. To date, assemblages A, B and E of G. Among them, assemblage B is the most common genotype in different species of NHPs, including various monkeys, lemurs, gibbons, chimpanzees and gorillas [ 343637385057636465 ]. It is also common in humans in both developing and industrialized countries, and is more common than the other major human-pathogenic genotype, assemblage A [ 21228 ].

In this study, assemblage B was the only G. This could have been due to the confined nature of animals in the facility, which limits the introduction of new G. Nevertheless, a high genetic heterogeneity of assemblage B was seen in animals in the laboratory facility, as revealed by subtype analysis at three genetic loci. The zoonotic potential of G. Of the eight subtypes detected at the tpi locus, Monkey Time 69, B-sh01 JX and B6 GU have been previously found in Monkey Time 69 [ 2868 ].

Likewise, among the four known bg subtypes, B-Egyh8 MG has been previously found in humans [ 69 ]. Therefore, many of the known subtypes of G. Nevertheless, there appears to be some host segregation within assemblage B of G. In contrast, most of other MLGs were genetically related to assemblage B isolates in pig-tailed macaques, rhesus macaques, golden monkeys, yellow baboons and green monkeys, all common Old-World monkeys. They were different from MLGs in ring-tailed lemurs, which are natives of the island nation Madagascar and evolved independently from monkeys and apes.

In this study, we have shown a frequent occurrence and high genetic diversity E. Most of the E. Additional genetic characterizations of these pathogens at other genetic loci, including more conservative ones for G. Measures should be implemented at the commercial facility to reduce the transmission of enteric parasites.

The data supporting the conclusions of this article are included within the article. Unique sequences generated in this study were submitted to the GenBank database under the accession numbers MK—MK Microsporidia as emerging pathogens and the implication for public health: a year study on HIV-positive and -negative patients.

Int J Parasitol. Feng Y, Xiao L. Zoonotic potential and molecular epidemiology of Giardia species and giardiasis. Clin Microbiol Rev. Giardiasis surveillance— United States, — Identification and genotyping of Enterocytozoon bieneusi among human immunodeficiency virus infected patients. J Infect Public Health.

Molecular identification of Enterocytozoon bieneusi and Encephalitozoon spp. Acta Trop. Identification and genotyping of Enterocytozoon bieneusi in China. J Clin Microbiol. Waterborne transmission of protozoan parasites: review of worldwide outbreaks—an update — Water Res. Baldursson S, Karanis P. Teased by Chevy in and officially released again inCOPO Camaros had made their appearance and ready to raise some havoc in this Millenium.

Besides the Don Yenko specially ordered for his dealership, the production numbers were extremely limited to just 69 each year.

Sad to see a car born for the drag strip and still not one wheel turn with power. If you thought you would at least get a cup holder or some AC in this racecar, you might need to look elsewhere.

With the top of the line cu. To see more of it and possibly make it yours, head over to Streetside Classics site now. Finding a solid classic car these days is getting harder. Let alone, finding a solid classic from. Their chambered stomachs digest leaves by bacterial fermentation, which produces lots of gas. Golden monkeys, with their long golden hair and turquoise blue faces, were depicted in Chinese art for centuries, although they were thought to be a fable until their discovery in Last spring, a pair of golden lion tamarins, Penny and Milo, were added to the lushly forested Parker Aviary Most monkey species live in Monkey Time 69 tropical rain forests,Groups of monkeys, called troops, travel together.

Monkeys have been a part of Monkey Time 69 Diego Zoo Global since we were founded in Browse more videos. Cotton-topped tamarins raise and lower a crest of fluffy white hair on their head to emphasize their facial expressions. Monkeys also express affection and make peace with others by grooming each other.

Infants are helpless at birth, so they get rides by clinging to their mothers. C G, D, C I don't have no friends.


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  1. The period of time wherein one behaves in primate-like behavior. Typical of male homosapiens, monkeytime behavior includes excessive gestures of attraction towards the .
  2. Jun 09,  · Monkey Time '69 · The Mad Lads The Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Lads ℗ Craft Recordings, a division of Concord Music Group, Inc. Released on: Producer, Recording Producer: Al Jackson.
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  4. The Mad Lads released a version of the song entitled "Monkey Time '69" on their album The Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Lads. Laura Nyro and Labelle released a version of the song as a medley with " Dancing in the Street " on their album Gonna Take a Miracle.
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  7. Monkey Madness II: The Renegade Returns is the sequel to Monkey Madness I, and was the first quest to be created after the release of Old School RuneScape. Following the events of Monkey Madness, Glough has vanished, prompting King Narnode Shareen to enlist the player's help once more in tracking down the war criminal and uncovering his next evil plan.

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