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Download Lifeless - Omega Man (3) - Omega Man (CD)
Label: Not On Label (Omega Man (3) Self-Released) - none • Format: CD EP • Country: US • Genre: Rock • Style: Hardcore

Harp: Denzil Gail Laughton. Drums: John P. Vibes: Victor Feldman. Orchestra Manager: Kurt E. LOG IN. Forgot Login? ANY YEAR Site Map. Visits since February 5, All Rights Reserved. Music by Ron Grainer. Line: Retrograde. CD Release: October Because you demanded it.

Because we improved the master. Join the Family today! The Omega Man 2. Comments 32 :. Log in or register to post your own comments.

Been waiting 30 years for it! Limited edition was beyond superb, but several key elements were missing as stated by Lukas. I'd like to add my own odd tweak. In his default form, Omega is a large Reploid with a distinct knight-like theme with a long coat. His color scheme predominantly features white with black in the center of the torso and the face of the head.

He has long, pale pink hair rising from the top of the helmet that reaches his feet. He has detachable arms, which feature gigantic hands with black spiked wrists and razor sharp claws. Omega's true form is the original body of Zero. It is the same as the fake body Zero had during the Mega Man Zero series, but with a darker red color scheme.

It should be noted that Zero's long hair does not emerge until immediately prior to Omega fighting Zero at Weil's command, implying that Omega's hair, and by extension, Zero's hair, was retractible.

Omega is first depicted as a silent, but loyal servant of Dr. However, as the story progresses, he is revealed as an insane Reploid with a god complex.

He is a bloodthirsty tool in Dr. Weil's ambitions and is absolutely obedient to his commands, very similar to what Zero was intended to be for Dr. After returning to Earth after spending a century of exile in space, he developed a grudge against Zero, because he was defeated by Zero despite the latter no longer being in possession of his original body. Also, Omega's ability to speak was reduced to minimum in his exterior armor; in fact, the only words he ever says in this form are a long, drawn out "Zero" and "Lord Weil".

Other than that, he doubtlessly believes in Weil's insane purpose for him, as a "messiah" of the new world order and "God of Destruction". In the mangaOmega is very different. He is depicted as an average Reploid hunting the Dark Elf, and dislikes Zero, though he doesn't appear to hate him, since he cooperates with him in one chapter of the manga to defeat zombie Reploids. Ironically enough, this version of Omega is also deathly afraid of zombies. Also, other than being a rival of Zero, he has absolutely no ties to Zero whatsoever, unlike in Mega Man Zero 3where he inhabits Zero's old body.

The concept of Omega having a similar body to Zero was instead given to Roze, who was an actual duplicate rather than the original body. Rockman X DiVE expands on Omega's personality a bit, namely, it reveals that he not only believes himself to be the messiah, but also believes himself to be the true Zero and cannot seem to comprehend how the other characters seem to speak about Zero as if he were someone other than him.

Weil, a weapon researcher and DNA revival specialist who had worked at the same laboratory as the unknown female ancestor of Ciel who had researched Zero's body in order to find a way to end the war, felt unsatisfied with the result of the solution. Thinking that it wasn't enough to simply cure the Reploids of the virus while they still posed a threat to society due to their free will, he decided to create his own, radical solution, while making himself ruler of the world in the process.

Project Elpizo was the end result: to create a Reploid who would become the perfect ruler, by using the power of the Mother Elf to control all the Reploids in the world, thus preventing them becoming Mavericks in the first place.

However, since the world was at peace at the moment thanks to the Mother Elf, he needed to give the government a reason to sanction Project Elpizo. He secretly stole and took control of the Mother Elf and reprogrammed her into the Dark Elf, whose purpose was to create Maverick outbreaks by brainwashing Reploids. Baby Elvessmall copies of the Dark Elf, were mass-produced to cause violent Maverick outbreaks worldwide.

As new Mavericks arose and caused terror and destruction in scales never seen before, the government heeded Dr. Weil's pleas and sanctioned Project Elpis to bring this new and devastating conflict to an end. For the project, he was given Zero's body, which possessed the necessary virus countermeasures for creating the perfect ruler, Omega, the messiah of Dr.

For Omega to control all Reploids worldwide with the Mother Elf, a massive armor was constructed around Omega for the Mother Elf to fuse with it. In addition the armor also boosted Zero's body to its absolute limits and granted it the ability to regenerate any damage Due to the limitations of the GBA, it Lifeless - Omega Man (3) - Omega Man (CD) unable to display Omega's mobility and agility.

Along with the armor, Omega received new weapons, suitable for his new size and weight. Unknown to everyone Omega received a new personality, which was absolutely loyal to Dr.

Weil's orders. With Omega completed by fusing it with the Dark Elf, the baby elves would be redundant as they were no longer needed. Though they could be still used as attack dogs if needed.

In the fourth and what would be the last year of the war, Zero, in possession of a new body Ciel's ancestor created for him, would wake up so he could fight alongside X against the new threat.

At some point during the conflict, which were now known as the Elf Wars, Zero reclaimed the Dark Elf from the mavericks and used her to bring the uprisings to an end. It was then where Weil revealed his true colors and ordered Omega and a group of Mechaniloidssimilar to Neo Arcadia's later Golem models, to attack his former allies.

He was defeated after a hard battle by X and Zero using the Final Strikewith Zero in particular having an epiphany about what his true intentions of his powers actually were, that they were to protect his friends and not for destruction. In the aftermath of the war, Omega was sentenced to exile in Earth's orbit sealed within the Forbidden Ark by the Eight Gentle Judges Who were actually created by Weil in case Project Elpizo's ideas for true peace faileddestined to spend the rest of eternity around the earth.

However, things would take a different path Two months after the Dark Elf had been released from her seal in Neo Arcadia by Elpizostrange energy readings similar to that of the Dark Elf were detected by the Resistance in a frozen tundra, Lifeless - Omega Man (3) - Omega Man (CD). A reconnaissance unit, consisting of Zero, Ciel and a few Resistance soldiers was dispatched to analyze the anomaly. Upon arriving at the location, they found a Derelict Spacecraft. The closer they got to the ship, the stronger the readings became and Neo Arcadian troops had already cordoned off the area.

When Zero arrived at the ship's entrance, he was intercepted by Sage Harpuiawho merely ordered him to retreat at once as there were things of bigger importance now than dealing with him before disappearing inside the ship. A strange, yet familiar growl reached Zero's ears from the inside, seemingly calling for him. Zero fought his way through the hostile forces and entered the core of the Lifeless - Omega Man (3) - Omega Man (CD), where fighting was already in progress.

Weakened and damaged, the two Guardians teleported away, leaving Zero Lifeless - Omega Man (3) - Omega Man (CD) Omega, whom Zero recognized as the one that called him, all by themselves. The two battled for awhile, with Zero seemingly immobilizing the giant Reploid, Lifeless - Omega Man (3) - Omega Man (CD) unable to severally damage it due to its ability to regenerate himself. Even after Harpuia joined the battle as well, he managed to hold his ground. At that moment, Dr. Weil showed up at the scene, halting Omega from continuing battle, as Harpuia was now his comrade as a Neo Arcadian.

Upon introducing himself, Copy X appeared as well, having been revived by Weil. The Citadel are assisted by an Earth human named Harry Hokum who claims to possess the secret for conquering Euphorix. Meanwhile, the Citadel broadcasts a false transmission across all interstellar airways, declaring that they have already broken through Euphorix's defenses and are now laying siege to the planet.

Kalista views the broadcast and is horrified. She is ready to bring the fight directly to the Citadel regardless of any objections that Primus may have. Demonia learns of this and is pleased. She conspires to sew seeds of discord amongst the Omega Men so that Tigorr might soon overthrow Primus and become the new leader of the team.

Kalista orders Harpis to take them through hyperspace. They come out at an unexpected coordinate and strike a passing meteor, shearing the wing off the ship. Shlagen goes out a spacewalk to effect repairs to the ship's hull.

He discovers a large, shapeless organism attached to the side of the ship. Tigorr antagonizes him, questioning his leadership capabilities, snidely remarking that not even his own wife follows his lead anymore.


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  1. Omega Man This is the soundtrack that I waited 40 years for after watching The Omega Man at the cinema in As an avid soundtrack collector I was thrilled to learn that the CD contains ALL the music from the movie plus a couple of extra pieces that didn't make it to the final cut/5(49).
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