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The members of your party will be healed to full health automatically when you move on to the next room. Unfortunately, your character is not healed so you will need to bring some food. The exception to this is if one of your party dies before the room is completed, in that case, all members will be healed including yourself and you will only need to restart that room. If you log off you will find yourself outside on Witchaven near Jeb but all completed rooms will remain completed, and killed Risen Knights will stay dead except the ones the village people conjure.

You will have to walk yourself and your characters through all completed rooms to return to the last room you were in before you logged out. Your characters will follow you automatically wherever you go and if they are attacked they will fight to the end unless you move them or regroup.

To make a character stay in or go to a specific point simply click on the character and click where you want them to go. Always make sure that you click the character again to return control to your player or you will find your character running aimlessly around the screen.

Alternatively, you can click control straight from one character to another, but practise this first as this action will be needed when in the 4th citadel room which is the most difficult. It doesn't matter which characters you use, but they are named in the guide to allow you to keep track of them.

You may sometimes have trouble getting the characters to pull the levers; you may Just As Cool As D.L.R. - Salt The Wound - Its Taken Too Long (CD) them to do so only for them to simply stand there. Positioning the characters directly in front of the lever before clicking on it will solve this problem. This room has a number of gates blocking your way to the exit.

There are levers which can be pulled to open the gates. The levers need to be opened in a particular order so you can progress. If you are spotted by Witchaven villager, you will be frozen for a few seconds and a Risen Knight is summoned and attacks you. This room is similar to the first room in that a number of levers have to be pulled in a certain order to open gates for your character to progress to the exit. Killing all the Risen Knights will make the room easier. The easiest way is to simply do this yourself, as you are likely much more powerful than your companions.

You can rest while the others are defeating the Risen Knights if you need to raise your hit points. In this room your character releases various waves of Risen Knights while trying to open the exit.

The Risen Knights have to be killed in order to proceed. Unfortunately, your character is stuck and cannot fight. You have to use the other members of your adventurer's party to kill the knights. Use your character to search the strange device; your character will become unplayable and Risen Knights will begin to appear one at a time.

The knights are not usually aggressive so take time to plan. Once the first wave of three knights are dead your character will investigate the second hole. Two knights will appear at a time for a total of six knights in the second wave. Once the second wave is dead a third wave will appear and two to three knights will appear at a time for a total of 9 knights in the third wave.

Continue on into the last room. Make sure you take advantage of the combat triangle or this battle will be difficult. The hero that you send into battle first will take the most damage, so keep the lower health ones as backup.

It is best to use the 'select all' command to attack the Risen Knights and then pulling back Eva to behind the pillar as the knights will continue to take damage from Kennith and Ezekiel. Alternatively send the player who corresponds to the opposite in the combat triangle to attack first, then use a secondary player Kennith is most useful to double up on the attack. Ezekial can be useful here even with the number of Melee knights here.

He can be used to tank hits due to his high life points. He may also be used to lure the knights behind the pillar so that they cannot damage your party. You cannot heal your characters in this room and once they die, you have to restart the room.

Once the fight is over, there is no need to heal your party for they will be back to full health upon entering the last room. It is possible for the players to become stuck in this room. After a couple of waves of risen knights, Just As Cool As D.L.R. - Salt The Wound - Its Taken Too Long (CD) game may fail to spawn more, rendering the player unable to continue. This is caused by killing the last two knights that spawn next to one another at the same time. To prevent this from happening, be sure to kill these last two knights one at a time.

Currently, it seems the only way to bypass this if it does occur is to log out and restart the dungeon. The player only has to run through the already completed floors. Questions that once had a response of "We have a mission to do," will be answered by the characters. Note that not all of the information given by the characters pertains to the quest itself. They will talk about themselves or their relations with the other adventurers in the party. Talk to Lucythe choice will not have any effect on the outcome.

Leave the citadel using the cave exit the same one you entered with. When the quest was released, it had a large handful of massive flaws and plot holes, such as Captain Marlin 's omission from the quest, the seemingly random dead stalker, most NPCs' acting out of character or the plot set up in The Slug Menace simply being ignored. Starting with the previous quest line being completely ignored, to the forced inclusion of Dungeoneering, large amounts of humour in a quest line that was previously very dark, and then ending on an anticlimax involving a conveniently placed pillar falling on the boss.

This quest was perceived to be a massive disappointment as it did not live up anywhere close to the potential the previous quest had Just As Cool As D.L.R. - Salt The Wound - Its Taken Too Long (CD) up. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Not to be confused with Salt the Wound. Quick guides provide a brief summary of the steps needed for completion. Contents [ show ]. Elfinlocks receives a Hexhunter bow as a drop from a Soulgazer.

Elfinlocks is killed by Ezekial making the entrance into Daemonheim. You enter, and sp34kr announces he is going to sell his Gatestone on the Grand Exchange. The Pillar is toppled over, killing Mother Mallum, and freeing the player. RuneScape News, Just As Cool As D.L.R. - Salt The Wound - Its Taken Too Long (CD). Categories :. This article has a quick guide found here. Sea Slug Temple Knight.

Developers Main developer s Patrick N. Unknown edit. Talk to Kennith in the east of Daemonheim peninsula. Members only.

Skill requirements are not boostable unless marked with a [B] for boostable. Items from the tool belt are not listed unless they do not work or are not automatically added. Some food for low-leveled players and possibly additional food to heal companions.

Armour and weapon. A long ranged weapon may prove useful. Ring of kinship. Forgotten mage level 60 Forgotten ranger level 60 Brute level 70 Risen knights Mages level 60 Rangers level 60 Warriors level 60 These enemies can be fought with the playable characters so a high combat level is not required.

As well, you do not have to battle the Daemonheim monsters. Leave Ezekial by the Witchaven villager just north of the entrance and move the remaining 2 to the metal gate to the northeast. Make sure they stay there and don't follow you. Use Ezekial to knock out the Witchaven villager and proceed south with your player. There is a safe spot by the narrow opening to pause before knocking out the other Witchaven villager, then proceed into the room with the lever and pull it. Pull your lever again and knock out the villager again.

Go to the same safe spot and again use Ezekial to knock out the other villager, allowing your player to run north to Kennith and Eva without being stunned and attacked by risen Knights. Bring Ezekial to join your player. Use Eva to pull the lever to let you all in.

Pull the lever again and run south, east then north to the exit. Send Ezekial all the way south and pull the lever. Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't red blood cells only lyse when they are placed in a hypo tonic solution? Yeah, that's what I said. Cells can lyse in a hypertonic medium. On the other hand, all walled cells will lyse in hypertonic solutions, as the inner compartment of the cell shrinks, causing the membrane to move away from the rigid cell wall. So there's no general rule here.

Blood cells lyse in hypertonic solution, which explains the red stain under the skin around the wound. Oops, I made a mistake. I should have typed 'hypotonic', not 'hypertonic'. From what I've learnt, cells swell and lyse when placed in a hypotonic solution and crenate in a hypertonic solution, but I've never heard of them lysing in hypertonic solutions.

Sorry for the error. Well I don't think you were completely wrong. There is hypertonic hemolysis. BioWizard wrote: Blood cells lyse in hypertonic solution, which explains the red stain under the skin around the wound. I don't know why I have this memory of hypertonic hemolysis in my head, and I can't find any references on it. I know that cold hypertonic hemolysis occurs because forming crystals mechanically sheer the membranes.

But that's not what I am referring to. I remember something in my biology book about blood cells bursting after expanding, AFTER shrinking in hypertonic solution if left long enough in there. I also remember something like this in an IBS lecture, when flux in hypertonic medium switches halfway and water goes in until the cells burst, because equilibration volume is a lot beyond the membrane's capacity to hold. I will have to ask the professor to be sure, as I am quite curious now to know whether this is a false memory.

I can't seem to find any literary evidence to support my previous claim about non-cold hypertonic hemolysis, even though I'm positive I studied it in secondary school Biology. I can even remember the three sequence images with the cells shriveled up in the first, expanded in the second, and then ruptured in the third.

Until something turns up, I yield my case. Cloudy-a is the one with a degree in hematology, and if she says it's not true, then it probably isn't. Here is a nice animation about it with human erythrocytes. Of course it is nothing any different than has already been discussed.

As for lysis in a hypertonic solution, I am thinking. I actually remember the picture BioWizard is talking about too from my first year Biology Textbook. I might still have it, i will see if I can dig it out as I can't remember the specifics.

Just As Cool As D.L.R. - Salt The Wound - Its Taken Too Long (CD) was trying to remember some of the dangers associated with IV hypertonic saline solutions or IV drugs and their association with hemolysis and nothing is coming to mind right off. It isn't listed as an adverse effect of IV saline solutions used to treat closed head injuries so I don't know at this point, I will keep my eyes open.

There is something nagging me though, something I have heard somewhere, I will try and find it. The most concerning thing with most IV administrations is extravasation which can suck but has nothing to do with this. I appreciate all the help so far, hopefully someone will eventually find out why RBCs lyse in a hypertonic solution. Waterbear wrote: I appreciate all the help so far, hopefully someone will eventually find out why RBCs lyse in a hypertonic solution.

Waterbear wrote: So why was there a stain around my friend's wound? Maybe the crenated cells could have caused it? I just came back from a student breakfast thingie, where I fortuitously ran into the professor that taught that class about osmotic pressure in cells. Here's how she explained hypertonic hemolysis to me. If the hypertonic medium does not contain enough sodium to maintain the activity of the sodium channel, at some point, the sodium channels shut off.

This causes the cell to lose its means of equilibrating the positive ion concentrations on both sides of its membrane. From there, positive ions from the hypertonic medium will move inwards, accumulating positive charge.

This draws in more negative ions to maintain electric neutrality. As this goes on, the outward water flux decreases, until it comes to a standstill. As more ions go in, the flux reverses it's direction, and water starts moving inside, re-expanding the shriveled cells, all the way up to where they explode.

So hypertonic hemolysis is correct, except it might not be the case here, as I'm assuming by salt you meant sodium chloride. Cheers, Bio. Thanks a lot for the help, but I'm going to take quite some time to understand this. Yes, the salt was sodium chloride. Although this may be unrelated, the student-breakfast thingie sounds fun. You know you could just carry some bactine and triple antibiotic ointment. It would be a lot less painful and more effective. BioWizard wrote: I just came back from a student breakfast thingie, where I fortuitously ran into the professor that taught that class about osmotic pressure in cells.


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  1. Salt the Wound was an American deathcore band from Cleveland, Ohio, formed in The band is signed to Rotten Records and have released three full-length studio albums. After the release of their debut album, Carnal Repercussions the band would continuously tour to an overwhelming extent, which led to their disbandment during the first half of Genres: Deathcore, melodic death metal.
  2. Salt the Wound is a Ranged ability that can be bought from the Shattered Worlds reward shop for 63,, shattered anima as a package along with the Greater Dazing Shot ability.. The ability damage range begins at %, and can increase to a maximum of % with Puncture stacked 10 times. Unlike Shatter, the Constitution stack-based threshold ability, Salt the Wound does not remove.
  3. Salt The Wound: It's Taken Too Long ‎ (CD, Dem) Not On Label: none: US: Sell This Version: 1 – 8 of 8. Show. Reviews Add Review. Lists Add to List. Seen live by .
  4. Definition of rub salt into the wound in the Idioms Dictionary. rub salt into the wound phrase. What does rub salt into the wound expression mean? I wasn't allowed to eat anything for 24 hours before the operation so I was really hungry and just to rub salt into the wound, had to sit there while Zoe ate the most delicious-looking pizza.
  5. Salt In The Wound Lyrics: I want to disappear / Far from the folks I know / I want to get an answer / To why I was even born / No one here can tell me / What's been haunting me all my life / Well.
  6. Mar 05,  · Salt The Wound-The Conformist in Audiosurf on elite, first time playing the track, messed up a few times. Crappy quality.
  7. Is salt the wound The bane of my existence cancerous A tumor on my soul Unnecessary wart upon my skin Full of puss You're a Judas and a troll Lance the boil rooted deep within When I think of all the hell You tried to put me through It can't compare to what's already done It's time to say farewell And leave you black and blue When I rip you.
  8. Jan 02,  · *WATCH IN HIGH QUALITY* -hit the watch in high quality next to the views love this song check out my other covers thanks.
  9. Salt in the Wound is an intermediate members quest that was first announced in Behind the Scenes - July update, and was released on 5 July It is the last quest in the Sea Slug quest series. The quest involves the final battle with Mother Mallum, the Queen of the Sea Slugs, and involves several characters from the previous quests in the series such as Ezekial Lovecraft and Kennith, as.

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