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Standard tubing-plastic. Numerous other objects, features and advantages of the invention will become apparent upon a reading of the following detailed description taken in conjunction with the accompanying drawings, in which:.

The dispenser of the present invention may be molded of plastic or other suitable material and in the form shown is designed to house twelve tape cassettes The dispenser housing 12 is formed in two halves 12A and 12B, and after all of the parts comprising Hilfe - Dispense - Dispense (Cassette) dispenser are assembled, Hilfe - Dispense - Dispense (Cassette), the two housing halves may be suitably joined by such well known techniques as ultrasonic welding or by providing a snap fit between the halves.

These cassettes are selectively removable upon actuation of the key 14 associated with each cassette. As discussed in more detail hereinafter, the key also functions as a lock for maintaining the cassette in the dispenser except when the key has been depressed sufficiently to permit the cassette to slide thereover as illustrated in FIG.

In FIG. There may be provided different types of partitioning walls or segments thereof to separate the dispenser into juxtaposition compartments. Still further detail of the internal structure of the dispenser is shown by the cross sectional view of FIG.

Furthermore, details as to the operation are shown in the cross sectional views of FIGS. One of the distinct advantages of the structure of the present invention is that the entire internal mechanism in the dispenser housing is actually fabricated in essentially only two parts. The partitioning structure including partitioning walls 16 is shown in FIGS.

The release mechanism including each key 14 is also of unitary construction and is shown in FIGS. With reference to the partitioning member which includes wall 16, reference is now made to FIGS. The partitioning member 18, shown in FIGS.

In order to provide this abutting between tape cassettes the walls 16 from their top end 22 dip and sweep in an arc The partitioning member 18 also comprises a bottom wall 30 having a plurality of ribs 32 depending downwardly therefrom. These ribs 32 are arranged in pairs as most clearly indicated in FIG.

Also, in connection with the partitioning member 18, the partitioning walls 16 each terminate at their bottom end in a forward leg 36 and a rear leg The other principle component of the dispenser is shown in a developed view in FIGS. This component is the key release member 40 which is preferably constructed of plastic and is fabricated in a single comb-like structure.

This member may be made by an injection molding technique. Referring to FIGS. The hinge arms 44 each have two relieved portion 50 and 52 which are shown in FIG. In assembling the Hilfe - Dispense - Dispense (Cassette) of the dispenser of this invention, the key release mechanism 40 shown in FIGS. The partition member 18 is then slid into the dispenser seeing to it that the keys 14 line up properly between the legs 36 and that the pivot arms 34 line up between the pairs of ribs 32 as shown in FIG.

The key release member is basically fixed at two points. The common interconnecting strip 46 is secured at its top lip 47 in a notch 49 see also FIG. The interconnecting strip 46 is further Hilfe - Dispense - Dispense (Cassette) at this end by virtue of the bight sections 51 fitting within a further notch 53 in each of the walls 16 see FIG. The other fixed reference point for the key release member 40 is provided by the short wall 60 which functions as a fulcrum for the pivot arm The pivot arm 34 is provided with a notch 35 which pivots about the fulcrum wall With reference to the operation of the dispenser Hilfe - Dispense - Dispense (Cassette) this invention, this is shown most clearly in FIGS.

It is noted that these cross sectional views are taken through the view of FIG. As the cassette 10 is pushed into the accommodating compartment defined by walls 16, when it is in the approximate position as shown in FIG.

When the cassette 10 is pushed far enough inwardly, the point is reached where the lip 15 slides in front of the cassette 10 as depicted in FIG. Referring now to FIG.

When this happens the pivot arm 34 pivots about wall 60 and the hinge arm 44 hinges at both points 50 and The point 52 hinge in effect is raised as indicated by the comparison between the positions shown in FIGS. Thus, when the key 14 is depressed, the cassette 10 is urged out of the dispenser by at least some small amount sufficient to enable the person to withdraw the cassette further.

The force with which the cassette is expelled depends upon many factors but is primarily a function of the bias under which the hinge arm 44 is when the cassette 10 is locked in position. One of the important features of the present invention, as previously mentioned, is that the internal parts of the dispenser are fabricated in essentially only two major parts and each of these parts can be made of a polypropolene or other flexible plastic material which enables the manufacturer to actually mold in the hinges provided at points 50 and The comb-like key release structure is perferably made in one piece and is extremely easy to assemble and is certainly less expensive then complicated prior art key release structures.

Although it is suggested that the member 40 be a single piece structure, it could also be fabricated in separate parts that are assembled. For example, the hinge arm 44 could be made separately from the pivot arm 34 and the key 14 could also be made separately and attached to the pivot arm Having described one embodiment of the present invention it should now be apparent to those skilled in the art that there are numerous modifications that can be made in this structure, all of which are contemplated as falling within the scope of the present invention.

For example, and with particular reference to FIGS. In an alternate arrangement where the cassettes would not abut each other, relatively short ribs may extend from the top and bottom walls of the housing. Also, there has been shown one particular type of cassette. Obivously, this invention could be used to accommodate any-type of cassette or could also be used as a dispenser for other items such as packaged motion picture film or card decks.


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