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Download Help! - Crut - Flat Booty Pancakes (Cassette)
Label: In·10·c/t - IN-02 • Format: Cassette • Country: US • Genre: Electronic • Style: Breaks, Experimental, Noise

All of it became crystal clear. It was all coming true. When Randy walked into the communications room, all heads turned to look at him. As soon as he took a seat his professor arose.

Professor Hart - quite possibly the most masochistic man that Randy had ever encountered. He had given Randy an F for forgetting to put the date at the top of an otherwise perfect quiz.

Randy gulped. Putting on a little weight, are we? I understand that may slow you down a bit but I will not wait for your blubber again. Not ever. Every chance he got, Randy became the target of his malice. Do you need to lie down for a while? Try standing up next time.

Masterson, haul yourself up here. Wow us. Or at least, he tried to. After three attempts, the giggling started. Looking down, Help! - Crut - Flat Booty Pancakes (Cassette), Randy saw what the problem was: He had grown too fat for the desk. His stomach had swollen so big that it hung down over the desktop, his bigger butt spilling over the side of the chair.

Professor Hart grinned from ear to ear. How many times do I have to tell you? Get on up now. The cold air on his stomach made him shake, unable to stand still. When he tried to walk forward, he noticed that he could hear his fat jiggling around as he moved, starting to develop a strong waddle. Eventually he made it to the front of the class, where he cleared his throat. His arms felt very heavy, starting to pinch the sleeves Help!

- Crut - Flat Booty Pancakes (Cassette) his very tight shirt. He could almost hear himself getting too fat for his clothing. He was still getting fatter. Just like in the photo. And this was just the beginning. Unable to control himself anymore, Randy sprinted from the room. At least, as fast as his body would allow him to. Randy could still hear the laughing when he was several yards down the hallway, his thighs rubbing up against each other as he continued to sweat.

He had Help! - Crut - Flat Booty Pancakes (Cassette) felt this fat in his life. Ignoring the laughs he got going down the hallway, he turned the corner sharply, feeling his pants starting to tear. Feeling the person underneath him struggle to get free, Randy recognized the voice. Somehow, Randy managed to roll himself to the side, off of Kent, who breathed deeply. Randy lay on his back, feeling his fat nearly suffocate him as it pressed down upon itself, his face turning red.

Kent, luckily, jumped to his feet quickly, pulling Randy up with all his strength. Eventually they managed to get him sitting upright, his body now caked with sweat. He gasped. I was too fat for my desk just now, I crushed it Look at me, Kent!

No amount of exercise is going to make me thin again. I thought it was all just some joke but By the time Randy made it to the cafeteria he had gained another 30 pounds, his shirt now pushed up even further despite his constant pulling. His butt had wormed out of his jeans so much that his underwear was beginning to tear. The walk had made Randy even more exhausted, his pink skin still soaked with sweat. When he walked into the lunchroom, everyone went silent.

Randy guided his massiveness towards the salad bar, getting a very small plate full of mostly lettuce, even less than what he had eaten yesterday. Huffing, Randy sat down, feeling his now massive behind spread as he took a seat on the stone surface.

He picked up a fork with his plumped fingers, almost unable to bend them, and skewered a lettuce leaf, putting it into his mouth. Nervously, he shifted in place. All of it looked so Help! - Crut - Flat Booty Pancakes (Cassette). Now probably about pounds, Randy made his way onto the baseball field, a trip that should have taken a few minutes but took Randy almost Waddling into the caged playing field, Randy started towards the dugout, causing the rest of the players to fall silent.

Trying to downplay his sudden weight gain, Randy grabbed one of the bats leaning up against the dugout, blobbing out to the diamond. No one moved. The gum Chris had been chewing fell from his open mouth, which was agape. Only when Matthew started laughing did the rest of the team join in. Randy furrowed his brow in anger, his cheeks turning deep red. Randy fell hard on the ground, shaking everyone around him, all of his fat sloshing at his sudden dive.

The laughing just got harder. I mean, Help! - Crut - Flat Booty Pancakes (Cassette) DID find it in the old frat house. Maybe it really was just a very elaborate joke. He looked once again at the image.

His blobby hands, his fat face. It had to be a trick. After finally reaching home and dropping his things off, Randy got dressed for work. Randy pulled on his visor and black slacks, tucking his red team member shirt into his pants. It was like the image had been carved into his mind. As the night went on it felt like more and more people were watching him. Randy got more and more nervous, nearly dropping several trays-full of food.

His manager took notice, too. You must be tired. Really, take the rest of the night off. Rich laughed a little, and then did something that made Randy wish that he had never gotten out of bed that day. Lightly, Mr. We already have a mascot, big guy! Looking down, Randy poked at his stomach. Still thinking, Randy hopped onto his bicycle and started for home.

Not a minute later, Randy heard two loud pops from underneath him, sending him flying to the pavement. His tires had popped. Flat as pancakes. Even though there was no one else around, Randy turned red, picking up his bike and running home as fast as he could.

Walking up the steps to his apartment, Randy felt out of breath from running with his bike on his back for half an hour. Lazily, he pulled his damp clothes off and got in the shower, trying his best to collect his thoughts. But every time he would close his eyes, there was his gigantically fat face, staring back at him.

Too exhausted to think, he reached over to turn out the light. Poking out of his pant pockets, he saw a tiny black edge of the photograph. Grumbling, Randy turned off the light, and fell into sleep. Yawning, he rolled over in bed, wishing that he had a few more minutes to sleep.

Begrudgingly, he finally made his way to the edge of the bed, slowly pushing himself up. Still a bit groggy, he scratched his stomach gently.

His eyes quickly came to life at the feel of that. Soft, squishy fat. Frantically, Randy lifted his shirt up, revealing a modest belly growing on his middle. He poked and prodded it a bit, making sure it was real. He looked a little puffy, but not that bad. Nothing out of the ordinary, he assumed. Pulling off his sleepwear and stepping into a bright purple shirt and jeans, Randy took a swig of water to try and cool himself down.

Grabbing his bag and taking one more look in the mirror, Randy smiled and made his way down the stairs. Gil came around the corner, wearing an apron and little else. He grinned at the sight of Randy, pulling the frying pan he had in his hands away mockingly. I knew that freshman 15 would catch up to you eventually! The first thing that greeted Randy when he reached the bottom was his busted bike.

The tires looked even flatter in the daylight, having popped right down the middle. Groaning, Randy started walking in the direction on his classroom. If he had been imagining people looking at him last night, he must have been doing it again. Every person he passed by seemed to stop and stare. Even people in passing cars glanced over, their faces scrunched in dismay. Randy was thankful when he had finally arrived at the building.

Glancing back one more time, a man driving by mouthed something to him. After a while Randy began to loosen up, accepting that perhaps his paranoia was the only thing at play here.

By noon, he was feeling very sick. Luckily, it was about that time that Randy had gone on his lunch break, having a chance to recover from the days stresses. Grimacing slightly he picked up a bottle of water and a small salad, pulling his shirt down a bit more again.

Several of the baseball team members had crowded around a table and were chowing down, shoveling greasy cafeteria food into their mouths loudly while nearby students looked on in disgust. Starting to Help! - Crut - Flat Booty Pancakes (Cassette) a bit, Randy took a seat with them.

Gregory was sitting directly across from him, glaring disapprovingly as he took a seat. After a few bites of salad, Randy looked around the table. Fred was still gone. What happened to him, anyway? From across the table Randy heard Gregory start into his hamburger, chewing quietly. He had a strange look in his eyes. Chris, the boy sitting next to Randy, nudged him in the side, grinning. Did you guys hear from him?


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