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MiM Mission 4. MiM Scenario Map 4. MiM Final Mission. Mission Reward. A Matter of Time Scenario. AMoT Initial Mission.

AMoT Scenario Map 1. AMoT Mission 2. AMoT Scenario map 2. AMoT Mission 3. AMoT Scenario map 3. AMoT Final Mission. OE Initial Mission. OE Scenario Map 1. OE Mission 2. OE Scenario Map 2. OE Mission 3. OE Scenario map 3. OE Final Mission. Scars of Freedom Scenario. SoF Initial Mission. First Combat stage. Second Combat stage. SoF Scenario Map 1. SoF Mission 2. SoF Scenario Map 2. SoF Mission 3. SoF Scenario Map 3. SoF Mission 4.

SoF Scenario Map 4. SoF Mission 5. SoF Scenario Map 5. SoF Mission 6. SoF Scenario Map 6. SoF Final Mission. Each scenario guide will in turn be divided into three categories: introduction, scenario map parts and tactical missions.

This last category will also have its own subdivisions: introduction, preparation stage, setup stage, combat stage and mission reward. Scenario Map parts: during these sections you'll interact with locations throughout the scenario map in order to trigger events and earn rewards or suffer penalties. Tactical missions: these are the turn-based combat sections of the game. Every scenario opens with a tactical mission and ends with another, so you might look at the scenario map parts as opportunities to prepare for said combat sections.

In the following two sections of this guide I'll briefly describe several gameplay basics, useful tactics and made up terminology. Lastly, in order to facilitate locating a specific tactical mission or scenario map part on the section list, I have labeled each of them with an acronym that identifies the scenario to which they belong.

Said acronyms are composed by their respective scenario's initials, e. PS 2: originally, I intended to split this guide into 12 sections 3 introductory notes and 9 scenario guidesbut that dream abruptly came to an end after I discovered that Steam guide maker's sections have a character limitation.

This forced me to split the guide into quite a hefty amount of sections, so I apologize in advance if you find this guide somewhat confusing. Difficulty, injuries and gameplay mods: these are the three main mechanics that have the most impact on how you play through this game. The first mechanic is pretty self-explanatory, but I haven't tested if difficulty has influence on how many enemies will appear during a tactical mission, how much damage they deal, etc.

The second one refers to a unique mechanic of this game that will make your characters receive injuries every time they suffer a certain amount of damage. The last mechanic is a series of mods that can be enabled to greatly change your experience when playing through the game. Mods effects include things such as your characters receiving an injury every time they suffer damage, disabling reaction shots, regenerating Luck every turn, etc.

Luck: first of all, if you despise the RNG shenanigans turn-based games usually pull off, praise this mechanic. This is the most important stat of the game because it serves two essential functions: it is the resource you spend to use abilities and, more importantly, it determines when a character is going to receive a shot.

Luck is regenerated every time your characters suffer damage or use certain consumable items and it's drained every time your characters use abilities or dodge a shot. Cover and ammunition management: these are two basic concepts, but maybe due to that they are usually overlooked, which can easily end up costing you a victory.

Also, it would make this guide twice as longer. Loadout: every character has two weapon slots, two consumable item slots, 1 talisman slot and up to 5 poker ability card slots. The first ones for not being very important, as there are very few occasions when consumables will be necessary to clear a mission, and the second ones because their procurement is random.

As for weapons, I always follow this rule of thumb: revolver and musket. Using that combination of weapon types as often as possible will allow you to breeze through every mission. Lastly, talismans are items that grant buffs, although some of them inflict debuffs as well. Enemy types: you can tell nuisances apart from threats just by paying attention to two details: HP and weapons. You can distinguish scoped rifles from regular rifles by observing the amount of Luck that a shot aimed at a character in full cover drains: scoped rifles tend to drain Luck whereas regular rifles drain Luck.

Also, enemies carrying scoped rifles usually are called sharpshooters. I recommend following the above-mentioned priority order as often as possible when dispatching enemies. His shops are available on every scenario map, except for the expansion pack's scenario map.

The longer the text, the harder a section is: this is another rule of thumb that you should pay attention to when following the "Combat stage" sections of this guide. I'll only keep giving detailed instructions if I consider that the difficulty of a combat stage warrants it necessary, as making a mistake could easily snowfall into a defeat. Important note 4: giving directions during tactical missions is really hard due to this game's rotating camera, so I'll always use the initial camera position as a standard when giving directions; I'll also try to use assets or landmarks as reference when possible.

This is mainly what will make texts longer in the "Setup stage" sections, not them being really difficult. The problem about this tactic resides on when is it safe for your characters to take such large amount of damage. The most convenient time to FFB is when there are only enemies left, as you can easily keep track of all of them and even make your characters heal safely before making them FFB again. I recommend making as many essential characters as possible FFB during every tactical mission, excluding the final one.

Keep in mind that the damage a reaction shot deals depends on the weapon the enemy is wielding. Revolvers deal 5 points of damage in rare occasions 3, 4 or 6shotgunsregular rifles and scoped rifles Important note 5: do note that diseases, which share a different icon than injuries, the Caduceus, will not turn into scars. This mechanic is very useful whenever your characters are inside buildings or in enclosed spaces, as you can take advantage of it to keep enemies from flanking you just by placing some characters on the right positions.

Scanning: this tactic is kind of an exploit. This tactic is quite useful when your characters are in close quarters with the enemy or inside buildings, as it will allow you to plan your movements more effectively and get the jump on the enemy.

Hide and seek: this is hands down the most useful and reliable tactic to kill enemies hunkered down behind hard to flank cover. You need at least two characters to make use of this tactic. First, take note if an enemy hiding behind cover has a ricochetable object nearby.

Next, make the character that has the Ricochet ability equipped stand in a position that is both out of the hunkered down enemy's line of sight and close to the ricochetable object. This will allow you to make the first character use the Ricochet ability to safely kill the hunkered down enemy.

Use this tactic to easily take care of multiple enemies hiding next to ricochetable objects instead of taking the risk of rushing them. They can also be used to kill low HP enemies. Equip them with revolvers so that they can use Fanning against hunkered down enemies.

Equip them with high damage weapons and special weapons that deal high damage against cover, such as scoped rifles. Equip them with shotguns and revolvers. This is the best character class, as it can fulfill several combat roles at the same time.

Some seemingly unconnected events will set in motion a force capable of shaking the foundations of reality. The core mechanic of this scenario is gold mining. You can mine 3 types of gold, sorted by vein depth, at certain locations: placer gold, deeper gold and hard rock gold. The deeper a vein is, the more likely it is to contain high amounts of gold, but do note that mining costs are proportional to vein depth. There are three locations where you can learn how to efficiently mine these three types of gold, but I recommend only learning how to properly mine placer and hard rock gold, as you can use a cheap item to turn the deeper gold veins into placer gold veins.

Father will be the very first character you'll control. He is an executioner-type character, but he will have to act as a deadeye during this mission. Time for the Rota Fortunae to begin spinning. Once every enemy is dead, the tutorial will conclude. Next, head to Collapsed Mine and choose to make Warren crawl all the way to the bottom. Go there and pay gold to learn the advanced techniques of placer gold mining. As soon as you have finished mining the gold from the second area, three new locations will appear on the map: Trading OutpostCrossroads and Mexican Town.

Go to the latter first to get a new companion, Cheech, and two weapons: Navy Gun and Repeater Rifle trinket. Then travel to Crossroads and choose to take the deal, thus getting two new ability cards and a permanent Luck debuff for Warren. Right after doing this a new location will emerge on the map: Orchard. Head there next and choose to steal the stash from the blind man, which will net you 90 gold and 1 Nail Bomb at the expense of Warren suffering another injury.

There are only two places left to visit before heading for the next mission: Meadow and Trading Outpost. Proceed to the first one and choose to look for the herbs on your own, which will grant you 3 Healing Hard West DJs - Recoil - Original Mix (File) at the expense of Warren losing 30 Luck points. Then go to the second one and buy an additional 2 Healing Herbs. Now you will be ready to tackle the second tactical mission of this scenario, so head to Homestead.

During this mission Father will have to act again as a deadeye. Which one fills which role will depend on which of the two has the lowest Aim. This mission is quite simple, you just need to take cover inside the house and kill all enemies as they draw closer to your characters' positions. Secondly, distribute ability cards. Since Warren will probably be the one with the less Max HP and Aim, give him any cards that boost those parameters. The rest of the cards should be equipped on Father.

Lastly, unequip all weapons from every character, which will make each of them automatically equip a Rusty Peashooter once the combat stage begins, Hard West DJs - Recoil - Original Mix (File). This is the worst weapon of the game, as it only deals 2 Damage and has a Aim penalty.

Time to show some bandits how trespassers are dealt with in the Wild West. Next, make Father take cover next to the window that faces the windmill while Warren and Cheech do the same next to the two windows that overlook the tool shed. At this point bandits should start arriving from the forest, so make your characters use Fanning to take care of the first ones to appear.

If a bandit takes cover, play hide and seek to lure him out of it. After the tunnel event ends, Father will buy a mysterious amulet and Florence will join the posse, so it will be time to keep mining gold as usual, but this time the Mexican mob leader will charge an increasing amount of protection money to each of your mining operation's As soon as you have completed 5 mining operations just mine placer and deeper gold, as the protection money the Mexican mob leader will charge per each mining operation will severely reduce your earningsFlorence will leave the party and a new main objective will appear.

Before heading for its location, go to Town and pay Pat Douglas gold so he joins your posse. Father will act as an executioner while Pat acts as a depleter.

By the way, do you remember the amulet that Father bought from a mysterious stranger? It will grant your characters a Luck regeneration buff for the duration of the combat stage. Lastly, redistribute cards among your characters, as Warren scars will have made him a stronger character. During setup stages every enemy will have a 3 tile cone of vision in front of them.

Another important feature of setup stages is that posse members can only perform an action per turn until the combat stage is triggered. They'll also be able to use the "Subdue" command, which freezes enemies in place, thus making their vision cones disappear.

Start by moving everyone next to the nearest enemy. Then make Pat subdue him so Father and Warren can enter the manor's courtyard. Now Pat will have to stay behind to keep the guard subdued.

In the next turns make Warren fetch the keys while you make Father head for the steam carriage. Once everyone is set up like this, it will be time to make your characters take good cover before starting the combat stage. First, make Pat take cover behind the eastern column that is next to the guard that he subdued at the beginning of this stage, then make Father take cover next to Florence's cell door and lastly make Warren take cover in the corner that is behind the loan shark.

Time to settle a debt the hard way. Start by making Father open Florence's cell door to trigger the combat stage. First, make Warren kill the loan shark and then make Pat shoot at the guard that will be standing in the manor's courtyard entrance. Next, take Florence behind the carriage so she can take out the guard that will be standing next to her cell. That makes 3 out of 6 enemies killed right off the bat. Lastly, make Father take cover behind one of the manor's columns.

Well, it turns out that the amulet that Father bought prior to this last fight is cursed. Anyway, the Fate Trader shop's stock will now be reset, so buy a new Repeater Rifle. Next, head for the Slave Fugitive location and offer shelter to the escaped slave. Then travel to Shady Joint to ask about Mexican Town and then about ways to lift the curse to unlock some new locations. Lastly, it will be finally time to purge Mexican Town of lowlifes, so head there.

Warren will keep his role as deadeye and by now Father should be able to fill in that role as well. That leaves Pat and Florence as depleters. This mission is really simple, as you'll only need to take your characters to a certain cover spot from which they'll be able to kill almost every enemy. First, equip Father with Elephant Rifle and Pepperbox and then equip Pat with Loaded Dice, but keep his previous weapons loadout unchanged.

Lastly, leave Warren's weapon loadout unchanged. Time to hasten the gentrification process of Mexican Town. At some point, Lucio Moleana, an enemy with 9 HP, will show up. Killing him is pretty easy if you make use of the Scoped Shot ability: just have someone deplete 4 HP points from him and then make Father use said ability to finish him off. Once he is gone, the rest of the bandits will soon fall.

Now you'll only need to watch out for the enemies coming from the inn, as they can flank your characters from behind if you don't take them out first. Once Mexican Town is finally free of bandits, head to Well and choose to throw a coin in it. Unsurprisingly, it will fail to dispel the amulet's curse and Father will leave the posse.

Now it will be time to give the remaining curse-lifting methods a try. First, go to Fortune Teller and allow her to swindle gold from you. Before leaving, buy a Dexterity Elixir and a Bone Amulet from her. Next, go to Church and waste an additional 50 gold. This will unlock a new main objective.

At this point you could head for Homestead to end the scenario. If you want to do so, just jump to the Final Mission section, but I advise against it. Start by going to Crevice and use the Dexterity Elixir you previously bought to unlock a new location: Treasure Trove. Then rent a hydro jet from Hydraulic Mining. Next, return to Treasure's Trove to extract its placer gold deposits and then use the hydro jet to displace the deeper gold vein so you can extract it as well.

Repeat this same procedure on the remaining mining places until you have saved gold. Whatever you choose, a new location will emerge on the map afterwards: Watermill. Travel there and choose to take the murderous twin to the sheriff the other option would have netted you a Harmonica Gun, which is a pretty mediocre weapon. With the gold on your pocket, head for Gold Mining Office and pay gold to learn the advanced techniques of hard rock mining. It may seem an excessive investment, but you'll amortize it just by mining the hard rock gold deposits of Treasure Trove.

Now deplete the remaining mining sites' gold veins to earn around gold. You can use that money to help a struggling family at Smallbridge Housewhich will in turn net you a Lucky Horseshoe; it's quite a useless talisman for this scenario, but you can bask on the warm feeling of generosity nonetheless.

This will be the last map event of this scenario. Lastly, you can spend any remaining gold at Church to accumulate blessings or use it to buy consumable items from the available shops or trinkets from the Fate Trade shop. Once you feel ready, return to Homestead to trigger this scenario's last tactical mission.

During this mission Warren will once again keep his role as a deadeye, along with any character that has accumulated enough scars. Your starting position will be located outside of Warren's house. The amulet's curse will still affect your posse members, so avoid dilly-dallying. The escaped slave you helped before will abandon your posse once this stage is triggered, but he'll give you an Ojo del Muerto talisman before leaving, which will come in handy for Florence.

Lastly, equip Ike with Elephant Rifle and Musket and then leave the rest of the characters' weapon lodaout unchanged. Time to evict some squats Wild West style. Start by taking Ike inside the nearby rectangular shed and then make him take cover next to the door that faces Warren's house. The easiest way to accomplish that is by using Fanning with Pat and Florence to quickly deplete their Luck so Warren and Ike can deal damage to them little by little.

In the next turns take care of any enemies hiding inside the house's ground floor and then make your characters advance carefully towards the house's upper floor. No matter how you choose to deal with the last enemies, in no time this mission will be cleared, as well as this first scenario. Starting now, the Weird West setting will start unfolding in its entire splendor.

This scenario features a watered down Saint of Killers revenge quest. The core mechanic of this scenario is property damage. I kid you not, you have to become the most wicked vandal this land has ever seen in order to clear the scenario. Thanks to his starting ability, Shadow Salve, Warren will have no problem killing all enemies during the second combat stage.

You'll just need to get him to appropriate cover. Time for the Masked Man to sign his own death sentence. There isn't much you can do here, so I recommend making both of your characters trigger a reaction shot in order to be done with this stage as soon as possible.

Now the real action will begin, but be careful, Warren will still go down if he receives two shots out of cover, despite him being undead now. First, make Warren head for the telegraph office and then make him call for reinforcements. Enemies will take 3 to 4 turns to draw closer, so bide your time until then by making Warren open the telegraph office's back door and then make him take cover next to the window that is adjacent to the office's main door.

Once enemies start showing up, you'll only need to make Warren keep his position so he can safely slaughter them, preferably by using Fanning, as they'll have lots of Luck.

Every now and then you should make Warren retreat to the back of the building so he can play hide and seek or safely regenerate HP should he need to. There will be times when several enemies will gather in groups of people in front of Warren's cover, which are perfect opportunities to take advantage of the 10 ga.

Once Warren's first victims lay dead at his feet, head to Gin Mill and choose to take the glass object, which will turn out to be an Ocular, quite a useful talisman.

Next, travel to Indian Camp and ask for Murray to unlock a new location. Don't forget to buy 5 Tobacco before leaving. As soon as the main objective gets updated, a new location, Poaching Groundswill become available, so head there. Single Shotgun and a new injury for Warren, but his Luck will be reduced in 50 points. Then select the remaining option for the story event to play out. As you leave Poaching Grounds Brandon Scott will offer to join your posse, so accept said proposal.

Before launching an assault on the cannibals' farm there are a few things to take care of. Then go to Elixir Trader to inquire about the cannibal farm and then agree to get poisoned. Lastly, travel to Water Tower and choose to poison the water by using the Poison Vial you just acquired.

This will force you to use a depleter-type character, Brandon, as an improvised executioner while Warren keeps playing his deadeye role. This mission is really simple. Once Murray has been rescued, you'll just need to take Brandon to a vantage point and then use Warren to kill the enemies that Brandon won't be able to reach.

It is also worth mentioning that, as you previously poisoned the farm's water supply, most enemies will only have 2 HP, so things will be even easier than usual. First, equip Warren with Repeater Rifle and 10 ga. Start by making Brandon take cover behind the nearby tree. You'll need to be careful when making Warren leave the stable, as the enemy that will be hiding in its first floor may spot him if he steps into the wrong tile, so make sure he stays out of Hard West DJs - Recoil - Original Mix (File) vision cone.

Once Warren gets close enough to Murray's position, make him subdue the guard that will be watching the shed where Murray will be locked in and then make Warren release Murray. Next, make Warren take cover behind the stables that are adjacent to the prisoner's shed and lastly make Murray take cover behind the shed where he was locked, on the side that is closest to the stables where Warren will be taking cover.

Once Murray is free, make Brandon take cover in the position I described at the beginning of this section. Time to play veganism advocate or Kuru opposer, whichever suits you best. Start by making Murray use Fanning against the cannibal who was guarding his improvised cell and then make Brandon do the same to kill the 5 HP cannibal that will be standing next to him. Lastly, make Warren kill one of the cannibals that will be standing in the main yard. Now, while you make Brandon take care of the 2 HP cannibals that will be hunkered down inside the house's first floor and whoever comes into his range, move Murray and Warren to the back of said house.

Next, make them enter the small room that is behind the dining room and then make Warren use his shotgun to take care of the cannibals with the most HP. If Murray's Luck gets too low, take him to a safe cover and keep him there until the combat stage ends. Once the cannibals on the main yard and the house are dead, start moving Brandon alongside the southeastern stables.

Meanwhile, make Warren, and Murray if his Luck allows it, take cover next to the house's ground floor windows that face the northeastern tree and wagon, where the last cannibals will probably be hiding.

Once you locate them by using scanning, make your characters flank them to finish this mission, but don't forget to make Brandon FFB before doing so. In order to reach the secondary objective and get a trinket, in situations such as this always choose to kill indiscriminately.

Next, head to Hopewhere you'll be presented with another choice. Select the first option to get 50 gold, 1 Volcano Pistol and 3 Bottles of Liquor, at the expense of Warren contracting the Rattling Cough disease. Once you leave Hope several locations connected to a quite simple riddle will be unlocked, thus starting an injury fest.

If you want Warren to acquire some more injuries before triggering the next tactical mission, head for Indian Camp and pay 50 gold to heal his Rattling Cough disease. Once you've made your choice, it will be time to commence the excavation, but be warned that desecrating any tomb but Brygo's will result in Warren getting afflicted with an injury per incorrect tomb digged up.

First, unearth Abandoned Grave to earn a Skin Vest trinket. Next, dig up Cracked Grave to get 1 Mandrake Root. Then excavate Mossy Grave to find 1 Dexterity Elixir. Travel to Poor Grave next and desecrate it to find 1 Bottle of Liquor. Then head to Grimmy Grave where you'll find 1 Gold Nuggets, an item you can sell for 25 gold they must contain really low carat gold. The last grave, Lonely Graveis the correct one and after unearthing it you'll receive gold and 2 new cards.

O for clarifying to unlock several locations. Next, go to Indian Totem where you can either sacrifice Brandon Scott to receive gold and a new companion Scrawny Kidor just steal the valuables gold and 1 Coyote Mark at the expense of Warren getting afflicted with another injury.

You can also steal the valuables after sacrificing Scott to maximize benefits. However, do note that the indications given for this scenario will take for granted that you kept Brandon in your posse, as I think that his scar bonuses make him a more valuable ally than Scrawny Kid plus an unredeemed version of Saint Matthew is cooler than a random famished squirt.

O for clarifying. Double Shotgun and travel to Gunsmith Shoppe to turn it into a 10 ga. Quadruple Shotgun. This will be your first encounter with a demon. They have high HP, regenerate 1 HP per turn and tend to deal lots of damage, qualities that make them one of the most formidable enemies of the game. Fortunately, this mission can be fairly simple if you position your characters properly.

Once the demon falls, killing any remaining enemies will be really easy, but don't let your guard down, as the demon's servants have high HP and deal lots of damage.

As for cards, if you have acquired the Nine of Spades Unholy Power ability card you can try to get the "Brimstone Killer" achievement. Start by making Warren use Fanning to kill the 7 HP enemy that will be hiding inside the saloon's ground floor and then make Brandon shoot at the 5 HP enemy that will be standing in front of him.

Next, move Murray to the stable wall that is adjacent to the central wagon and then make him kill the enemy that will be standing next to the eastern wagon.

In the next turns move Murray and Warren between the saloon and the wagon, making them kill whoever gets in their range, while you make Brandon clear the eastern side of enemies. As soon as you see the horns of the Retired Demon appear, hit that eye-sewn wimp with everything you got.

Once he is dead, there should be only a few enemies left hiding on the fringes of the map. Now make Warren circle around the back of the saloon so he can flank and kill the demon's servant that will be taking cover behind the big western rock. Meanwhile, make Murray and Brandon advance through the northeastern side to kill any women left, which will probably be hiding inside the stables.

Once the demon's servants on both sides are dead, there should be only one enemy left. She will probably be hiding in the northwestern corner of the map, behind one of the stables that are there, so get someone there to finish her off. You may also use her to FFB before ending the mission. The next target of Warren's rampage will be Aspirton bank's safe. Lastly, head to Aspirton and once you arrive there choose to rob the bank in broad daylight.

It goes without saying that character roles and tactics won't mean a thing during this mission. As this mission will be completed without triggering the combat stage, equipment will be irrelevant, so just unequip all weapons from your characters. If you want to speed things up, equip your characters with talismans and card combinations that grant Movement bonuses.

First of all, I want to make clear that smashing the telegraph is a waste of time because, if you follow the instructions given below, no one will reach it in the first place. If you still insist on doing so, know that it won't grant you any additional rewards and it will force you to leave one of your characters behind to keep the enemy that will be inside the telegraph office subdued.

Next, make Warren subdue the enemy that will be standing guard inside so either Brandon or Murray can free Childeater. Once he is free, let him behind to keep the guard subdued. Now take the original trio to the cabin that is adjacent to the telegraph office. Lastly, make Warren plunder the safe to end the heist.

Choose to act as a good and proper spirit of vengeance and leave no man, woman or children standing. By this point you should be really close to completing the kills side objective, so, in order to finally reach it, travel to Pastures and choose to kill every man and horse. Completing this side objective will also unlock the Shotgun Revolver trinket at the Fate Trader shops' stock.

Anyway, travel to Old Sawmill and make Warren spend 50 Luck to obtain a saw. Next, put it to use at Big Tree to get 1 Bone Amulet and 25 gold. Once you've chopped the tree, you'll only need to make some last preparations. Then go to Indian Camp and heal every injury or altered state afflicting your posse members. By the time you reach this last mission you should have made 3 deadeyes out of Warren, Brandon and Murray. Childeater will serve as a depleter.

If you didn't choose the Full Deck prize, just equip Warren with a Full House hand and then distribute the rest of the cards as you see fit. Time for Warren to exact his revenge on Ipkiss' predecessor. Start by moving Warren inside the nearby train station and then make him kill one of the workers that will be standing on the top of the oil extraction pump. Next, make the rest of the posse take cover behind the stacks of pipes and boxes that are next to the train station, but leave one of your characters at the edge of the locomotive so he can kill the remaining worker that will be standing atop the pump.

There will be more enemies hiding in the stables that are in front of the train station and on the way to the manor, where the steam carriage is. In the next turns make your characters proceed carefully towards the manor, always scanning before moving them, and make them kill all of the above-mentioned enemies.

As soon as you dispatch the last of the first set of enemies, a wave of reinforcements will spawn in the manor, so make your characters use the central shed and the outer walls of the stables as cover while they chip away at their health. Meanwhile, make Warren advance through the stables so he can dispatch any enemies hiding in there. As soon as he is done, make him take cover behind those same stables and then make him flank the guards that will be hiding inside the manor. Once a few guards have fallen, The Masked Man will appear.

Abilities such as Artery Shot or Transfusion can end his life pretty quickly, so expend all your saved Luck on killing him. His appearance will also be your cue to make your characters storm the manor while you make Warren take cover behind the steam carriage's side so he can press his flanking advantage even further.

Soon, every enemy will be dead and the Masked Man will have a hole in his head to match the one in this heart. From now on you can play the remaining scenarios in whatever order you prefer, but I recommend following the order featured in this guide so you can unlock certain trinkets as soon as possible. This scenario will take place in the Weird Aztec Range, where a search for not El Dorado will end up becoming a trudge towards not the Temple of Doom.

The core mechanic of this scenario is peon and provisions management. You will be able to hire peons at certain locations of the scenario map and then order them to carry out several assignments, but do note that every time you command them to perform a task they'll run the risk of dying or getting injured. These can be bought at several locations, but I advise against it, as they can be easily obtained by organizing hunts at base camps. Cervantes and Diego are only good as depleters.

This first mission will be the hardest of the scenario, a trend that will be followed by pretty much every initial mission of the remaining scenarios, mainly due to the fact that most posse members will be poorly equipped.

Once every character has been rescued, you'll have to take them to some specific positions in order to keep Cervantes from danger, as he will be this mission's weakest link, but once he is safe, killing any remaining enemies will be easy enough.

Next, make one of the two fetch the weapons and then take the duo towards Cervantes' position. Lastly, it will be time to find good cover for everyone. Time to deal with some archaeological rivals Indiana Johns style.

First, pay special attention to the tile where the guard that will be next to Diego will be standing and then use your first turn to make your characters employ their Derringers to kill the enemies that will be standing next to each of them.

As soon as the tent yard is clear, move Diego towards the two wagons that are next to the well where Cervantes was at the beginning of this Hard West DJs - Recoil - Original Mix (File). Note: don't forget to make Diego FFB, as this will be his only chance to do so. Once your posse manages to escape from Lafortuna's henchmen, head for the only available locations and spend a total of gold to hire 50 peons at Village and buy provisions at Farm House.

Next, set up camp and spend 12 provisions to unlock several new areas. Don't forget to check up on Cervantes before leaving. Your next stop will be the Fate Trader shop, where you'll need to ask him if he sells any alcohol. Now it will be time to gather some resources. Start by traveling to Wreckagewhich will yield 22 units of wood once your peons manage to dismantle it. Next, go to Old Sawmill and order the men to search the woods until they return with 1 card, 1 Lucky Coin and 1 Douglas Duster Special.

Then have them cut trees until you collect a total of 40 units of wood, which is the amount you'll need to build the rafts that will allow your posse to cross the river. Your characters can also suffer injuries while mining gold from both Eastern Riverbank and Western Riverbank.

Everyone will have to act as a deadeye during this mission, as mobility will be more important than dispatching enemies. This mission features a side objective regarding making your characters use some healing supplies, but I recommend ignoring it, as those supplies are right next to the enemy spawning area and taking them won't grant you any additional rewards. First, equip O'Connell with Hard West DJs - Recoil - Original Mix (File) Rifle and 10 ga.

Double Shotgun, Diego with Sawed off Cobra and 10 ga. Next, equip the less mobile character with Lucky Coin. Lastly, try to equip a Pair poker hand on the characters who have the less Movement when distributing cards.

Time to fend off some savages while you wait for the hydroplane to arrive. Start by making Diego take cover behind the side of the western rock formation that faces the central lane and then make O'Connell do the same behind the eastern rock formation.

Lastly, make the remaining character take cover in the small space that is between the eastern rock formation and a barrel that is on top of a crate it is a "double" full cover spot. As soon as your characters have taken positions, enemies will start arriving at the central lane. They are kind of dauntless, meaning that they tend to stay out of cover, so take advantage of that fact by making Diego and O'Connell kill them before they draw close to their positions.

Once the peons have loaded the basic provisions, enemies will start showing up at the eastern and western lanes, so start moving your characters towards the escape zone. Take your low HP characters inside it first and then move the other two close to it while you make them use the nearby rocks and barrels as cover.

As soon as the additional provisions are loaded, make any character left behind enter the escape zone to end the mission. Once Lindsey leaves your posse on the opposite shore of the river, set up camp at Settlement and choose to send scouts in order to unlock several new locations.

Next, travel to Mansion and order your men to search its interior until you get 1 card, gold and 1 Pepperbox. Now deploy a total of 40 peons on both Eastern Pass and Western Pass. Once both passes have been manned, head to Fort to trigger the next tactical mission. Suncove will act as an executioner.

During this mission 2 waves of enemy reinforcements will arrive after a certain number of turns have passed, so speed will be paramount. If you follow the indications given below you should have enough time to position your characters properly before every enemy wave arrives. This mission features a side objective regarding three weapon caches that can be stolen by your posse members.

This can be easily accomplished during the setup stage, but you can do it at any time during the combat stage as well. If O'Connell hasn't acquired the Abdomen Puncture scar yet, equip him with two healing items as well.

If you haven't acquired said card, just follow the standard instructions. Start by taking Suncove inside the western house and then make him take cover next to the upper floor's window that faces the two natives that will be guarding the fort's entrance. As for the rest of the posse, move them alongside the outer perimeter of the fort towards the eastern side of the map. Don't forget to make one of them loot the first weapon stash before positioning them.

Lastly, take Suncove to the ground floor of the house where he is taking shelter. Next, make Suncove leave the house where is sheltered by the side entrance and then move him towards the enemy that will be hiding behind the tree that is on the main yard. If said enemy descended to the back yard during the previous turns, make them rush him and then take them inside the above-mentioned building.

If you have followed all of the above-mentioned steps, you should have one turn left before the first wave of reinforcements arrives at the eastern gate. Once the first wave of reinforcements shows up, try to kill the ones with the most HP before ending your turn and then kill the remaining ones in the next turns. Once the first wave of enemy reinforcements has been dispatched, you should have turns left to position your posse at the other end of the forth. Next, make Suncove take cover behind the tree that is in front of the western gate.

Once the second wave of enemies arrives, repeat the same process that you used at the eastern gate to kill them all. Now that your posse has gained access to the secluded range, set up camp at Mission Ruins and then choose to send scouts as usual.

Lastly, travel to Hunting Grounds and use the newly acquired alcohol to burn the forest down. As soon as the natives' food source has been destroyed, travel to Village to hire more peons. Once you have peons at your disposal, command them to slaughter the natives that are sheltered in the various Barrows to get 2 cards, gold, 4 Mandrake Roots and 1 Dreamcatcher. Once you rescue him, you'll only need to storm an enclosed location in order to clear the mission.

Lastly, make sure that everyone is granted bonus Movement when distributing cards. Time for Diego to learn that no one can stop The Mask. In the next turn kill the enemy that will burst through the door that leads to the house's yard using Suncove. Now it will be time to deal with Diego. Start by taking your characters inside the temple and then, as enemies will use the temple's columns as cover, play a little hide and seek to thin their numbers until you can make your characters rush the last remaining enemies.

Once the path to the temple is unhindered, proceed to Huts to learn some basics about the Aztec religion, which will be needed to solve a riddle involving the secluded Aztec temple The Mask is looking for.

Next, head to Tomb to snatch some skulls. Lastly, go to Tzompantliwhere you'll need to enter a password composed of three Aztec gods' names. Said password can be deciphered by correctly interpreting the statement you learnt at Ballcourt, e. Then stop by the Fate Trader shop that was unlocked in this new area to buy 1 Holy Musket.

Lastly, head to Temple to trigger the last tactical mission of this scenario. Fortunately, this last mission takes place in an enclosed space full of cover spots and ricochetable objects, so using the Ricochet ability makes clearing this mission trivial.

Time for The Mask to unleash hell in the Weird West. Next, make Suncove take cover behind the westernmost column so he can kill the enemy that will be standing next to a wagon. However, once he embraces his curse, he will become the most fearsome demon hunter of the Weird West. The core mechanic of this scenario is times of the day and hunger management. Days in this scenario are split into 4 slots: morning, midday, afternoon and night.

Every time your posse visits a location, time will advance a slot, but do note that some events can advance time several slots at once if you a pick time-consuming choice.

Conversely, if he skips dinner he will suffer quite a serious debuff. As a result of said features, money will be scarce, so dilly-dallying will result in your savings getting quickly drained, which will in turn lead to your posse starving. This means that completing tactical missions should take priority over exploration and trading. Note: many thanks to Brotherhood for figuring out and sharing a strategy that sinergizes the abilities of your starting characters.

Said strategy improves over the previous one in every single way: it allows you to kill every enemy faster and more safely, keep all 4 of your items so you can use or sell them later and get Undertaker to receive an injury. Fortunately, the sinergy between the Jinx and Chain Kill abilities will tip the scales in your favor. Updated thanks to Brotherhood First, take Undertaker to the sheriff office straight away and release Oswald by subduing the cultist in front of his cell. Next, make Oswald take cover behind the left side of the sheriff office's door this spot provides a greater line of sight than the right one and use him to keep the cultist subdued until it's time to trigger the combat stage.

After that, make Undertaker take a Jinx stroll around town. Lastly, position Undertaker next to the balcony door so he has a clear LoS of said cultist. Time for the WWE legend to prove that he still has plenty of fight left in him.

Updated thanks to Brotherhood Spend your first action by making Oswald activate Chain Kills ability this will deplete his luck from to 25 and then make use of his Remi Borgen Rifle to kill all 4 enemies in his sight, but make sure to kill the 4HP cultist first or else he'll take cover, thus interrupting your Chain Kills combo.

Once they're dead, take Oswald to the double cover spot at the tree next to the gallows in front of the sheriff's office take care not to position him at the edge of the gallows or else he'll spot a cultist hiding at the other end of the gallows who will try to shoot at him next turn, thus unnecessarily depleting his Luck. As for Undertaker, just make him use Fanning to dispatch the cultist on the balcony.

In the next turn, the last cultist will perform no action since he will not have been revealed yet, so take Undertaker next to the left upper window so he can spot him and then use Oswald to flank and kill him. If that's not the case, use a Mandrake Root to restore his Luck so that he can use his Chain Kills ability once again during the next combat stage. Time for The Master of Pain to keep dominating in the ring.

Updated thanks to Brotherhood Open up by activating Oswald's Chain Kills ability and use his Remi Borgen Rifle to shoot down all 5 HP enemies in his sight, but make sure to start from the cultist right at the gallows stairs or else he'll take full cover and interrupt the Chain Kills combo.

In the next and final turn, the last cultist will try to shoot at Undertaker but he'll miss since Undertaker's Luck will be full. Now you'll be free to make Undertaker trigger a reaction shot before dispatching the last cultist note that Oswald cannot FFB during this mission since enemies deal 6 damage, which is higher than Oswald's max HP. Then purchase 12 Tobacco at Plantationas buying the minimum amount required will make things easier later on.

Next, sell it at Town and choose to hire Johnson before leaving. In the next days buy 10 units of Ginseng in either Town or Caravanwherever is sold at gold per unit. Also, buy the necessary amount of Tobacco to make the offerings at Plantation. Once two days have passed, pay another visit to the hermit to unlock new areas. By this point you should have obtained 4 new cards. Now head for Crossroads where a bug may occur. This means that, if you return to that location right away, her shop will be available without you needing to escort her to the railroad station.

Anyway, now that every random event has played out it will be time to keep progressing through the story. First, head for Opium Den to inquire about Reverend Ashmore. Lastly, head to Hideout to trigger the next tactical mission. During this mission Undertaker will keep his role as deadeye.

Oswald will serve as a depleter and Johnson as an executioner. This mission's objective is to find and rescue Ashmore. There will be 4 cells scattered throughout the mission's map and Ashmore will be locked inside one of them. You could open said cells in a random order until you find Ashmore, but to make things safer and quicker just make someone subdue the Mad King so he reveals where Ashmore is being locked.

Once you rescue the reverend, you'll just need to take everyone to the escape zone in order to clear the mission. This mission also features a side objective concerning stealing some food supplies from the mad cultists. As you can probably guess, those extra Food Portions will come in handy later on, so said side objective should be completed during the mission's early stages.

Lastly, try to grant every character bonus Movement when distributing cards. If you have acquired any Max HP-raising cards prior to this mission, equip them on Johnson and Oswald, prioritizing the latter.

While Undertaker takes his Jinx Stroll, make Johnson and Oswald cross the central bridge so that they can head towards the northern shed where the Mad King is sheltered. Once they get inside said shed, make them wait there until Undertaker arrives. This time the Jinx stroll will begin on the southeastern side of the map. Before making Undertaker return to the starting position, make him walk into the nearby bridge to jinx the two cultists that will be guarding it.

Once Undertaker is back at the starting point, make him head for the southwestern compound to steal the supply boxes that are there. Don't forget to jinx the cultists that will be standing near the western bridge. Now make Undertaker head for the upper area of the map by crossing the central bridge and then make him jinx the two cultists that will be standing around the northeastern side of the map.

With that the Jinx stroll will be concluded, so it will be time to take your characters to appropriate positions: make Undertaker take cover in the corner of the shed that is in front of the Mad King, Oswald in the opposite corner and Johnson next to the window that will be close to Undertaker. Start by making Oswald kill the paranoid madman 5 HP that will be standing near his position, then make Undertaker off the enemy that will be standing in front of the northwestern cell and finally make Johnson dispatch the Mad King.

In the next turn make Johnson take cover behind the tree that is just outside the shed so he can start taking care of the enemies that will be hunkered down in the northeastern side of the map and then make Oswald take cover behind the tree that is closest to the central bridge. Meanwhile, make Undertaker clear the northwestern area of the map.

As soon as every enemy on that side is dead, make him ransack the northwestern supply cache and then make him help Lenny and Carl to kill the enemies that will be hunkered down in the northeastern side.

Once every enemy in the upper portion of the map has been taken care of, make someone swipe the northeastern stack of supplies. As Ashmore won't be capable of lifting Undertaker's curse, it will be time to pay a visit to Red Coyote ; give him the 10 Ginseng you previously bought to receive 1 card and unlock 3 new locations that share the same name: Mountains. First, head to the easternmost mountain. Once you arrive there, choose to chase the coyote into the fog to obtain 1 Ear Necklace and 3 Food Portion.

Next, head for the northernmost mountain and choose to illuminate your way to get 40 gold, 1 Cursed Ammo and 1 Medical Bag at the expense of two of your posse members contracting the Rattling Cough disease. Lastly, travel to the remaining mountain.

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