Gelade - Orchestre Fuka Feza - Orchestre Fuka Feza (Vinyl, LP) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

Download Gelade - Orchestre Fuka Feza - Orchestre Fuka Feza (Vinyl, LP)
Label: Pathé - 2C 062 - 15.796 • Format: Vinyl LP, Compilation, Stereo • Country: France • Genre: Folk, World, & Country • Style: African, Highlife

Napelekaga sana cd za muziki wetu kwenye party za kishikaji na watu wanaselebuka ile mbaya kwani unaleta radha tofauti sana na wa kwao. Kitime wewe ni mwisho. Sikutegemea maishani mwangu kana ningekuja kuona picha ya huyu jamaa Kinzunga Ricos.

Huyo jamaa alikuwa na kipaji cha hali ya juu sana cha kucheza na nyuzi za solo enzi hicho za 'makavasha' cavacha. Big up sana! Post a Comment. Wanamuziki Tanzania. Jukwaa la wapenzi wa mambo ya muziki wa Tanzania. Orchestra Fuka Fuka. Kuna mdau aliomba azione picha za bendi ya Fuka fuka,hapa ni picha zilizotangaza ujio wa Bendi hii ambayo ilitokana na Orchestra Kamale ya Kongo. Haikukaa Tanzania muda mrefu lakini ndio iliyomleta mwanamuziki Tchimanga Assossa ambaye ameamua kuishi Tanzania toka wakati huo.

Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. Search This Blog. Powered by Blogger. Report Abuse. Wafuatiliaji wa blog hii. Recent Post. Recent In Internet. Western Jazz Band. Mzee Iddi Nhende ndiye aliyepata wazo la kuanzisha bendi maarufu ya Western Jazz. Iddi Nhende alianza muziki akiwa bado mdogo Miezi chache zilizopita rafiki yangu mmoja alinambia ameamua kuunda bendi mpya kabisa, alikuwa na lengo la kuleta muziki mpya kab Western Jazz Band 2 Rashid Hanzuruni.

Rashid Hanzuruni, kama ilivyo watu wote walio mahiri katika vyombo vyao vya muziki alilipenda gitaa lake na alifanya mazoezi kila alipo Sikujua kama utabadilika - Simba wa Nyika. After knowing his way around town, Pasi joined a Congolese band by the name Boma Liwanza.

I proved myself and they accepted me officially," he says. Despite this newspaper report, Loboko Pasi says he was not stranded in Nairobi but joined Les Noirs in Mombasa in In the mid s Monimambo became a singer with Boma Liwanza and a popular one. In he even started to record with his own band Special Liwanza -- which was probably just a studio band made up of members of Boma Liwanza.

It seems Jim was still with Boma Liwanza in when he wrote one of their big hits, "Milimani". However, around the same time he also started performing with Gelade - Orchestre Fuka Feza - Orchestre Fuka Feza (Vinyl Kalombo Mwanza's new band Viva Makale and that's where he sang with a Zairean artist who had just returned from Tanzania, Moreno Batambo.

Soon after, the two started a new band, Shika Shikabut unfortunately, Moreno wanted to be his own boss, so he moved within a year to form Moja One. I believe Orch. Jimmy Moni Mambo. They quote the lyrics often, and reprise it musically in both "Massa" and "Ma-Sofia. He has most songwriting credits. Monimambo is a surname in Angola; it is also the name of a pan-Kongo trickster spirit! Jimmy was born in Barumbu, Kinshasa of Angolan parents. Many Angolans migrated to the Congo basin in search of work.

Sam Mangwana and Ricardo Lemvo also have Angolan roots. Once Monimambo married a Kenyan woman it was logical for him to settle in Kenya. At the time, she was the girlfriend of Joseph Just, a member of Simba WanyikaLP), Jimmy decided to pursue her. She was family to us, but Jimmy, he grabbed her and disappeared with her. Cavacha was formed by Dona Mobeti tenor voice and Mopero baritone.

Siama's first composition for them was called "Bomoto mabasi. Finally Franco intervened and told Mopero to get a new name. Vicky Shama Shama was Mopero's girlfriend so he chose that as the name of the band and it was also a hit song title by Cavacha de Mopero. Mopero died in West Africa invery sad. Shama Shama band got divided just before the Uganda trip; Mopero got new musicians and went to Uganda and then the band broke up again -- that's why KoKo Zigo convinced me to fly to Uganda and form Kombe Kombe in with Koko Zigo as the singer.

He quit school in to join Orchestre Maquis Sasa Bata. He told me a story of Veve in Uganda they were wildly popularand a club owner who later went to Kinshasa and poached some Veve musicians, to perform in Kampala.

Bana Ngenge was the group that emerged from this undertaking. Peter Toll adds: the formation which arrived in Kampala in was fronted by singers Djodjo Ikomo and Fataki Lokassa, both former members of Orch. Tabou Nationala band that was founded by Tony Dee Bokito in After Tony Dee moved to Mbandaka inseveral musicians left the band and Ikomo started working with Orch. Veve with whom he recorded his song "Maina" Veve Ikomo was also one of the founders of Orch. Bana Modja with whom he released his compostion "Mayatu" Unfortunately, the band split the following year, with Ikomo and Moreno leaving to join Les Noirs.

So, although Bana Moja didn't exist as a band from on that is, until Ikomo's return to Zaire inthe name still continued as a record label. Apparently, in the old days quite a number of musicians were selling and licensing recordings and running their own label. Bangambo seems to have been an earlier band, in Kinshasa Gelade - Orchestre Fuka Feza - Orchestre Fuka Feza (Vinyl Rigo Star on guitar. Jojo also recorded with Orch. Bassanga on the ASL label. Dieudos left Kenya and returned to Zaire in the early 80s where he played with Tiers Mondelater he moved to Belgium and hooked up with Dalienst.

Jojo was later in Empire Bakuba. After the split up of Bana Ngenge inFataki Lokassa moved to Tanzania and carried on with other members of the group for a short while. He died on Dec 11, in Dar-Es-Salaam.

With a new Orch. He later ended up in Empire Bakuba. He first came to Kenya in and returned to Kinshasa in for a relative's funeral but stayed on. In Kenya, the now-aging musician had a daughter, Brigitte, to whom he wishes to bequeath his property in DR Congo. The outfit later split three ways to create Vundumuna, Ibeba System and Virunga.

But Moreno went solo. He mainly sang in Kiswahili and the themes of his songs varied from social commentaries like "Dunia ni Duara," "Mapenzi ya Shinda" and "Mwanamke Hatosheki," to love songs like "Angela" and "Pili Mswahili. His chart topper was "Vidonge Sitaki," based on a Taraab song by Golden Star, but sadly he died the same year, aged only High-voiced Lovy Mokolo Longomba came in the middle of a distinguished family. His twin sons Christian and Lovy are hip-hop stars in Kenya today.

Lovy started his career at 18 with Orchestre Macchi. After only 6 months with Boma LiwanzaLovy was off again, to join Super Mazembe of Mutonkole Longwa Didos, and got the nickname "Ya Mama" because he would sing the high women's part in story songs. He recorded several solo albums produced by Felix Jakomo. He even quotes "Tika na lela"! He was a founder of Ibeba Systemalong with Dhago Mayombe, but never recorded with them.

In Lovy went to Dar es Salaam and performed with Orch. Afriso Ngoma. Lovy Longomba died in a car crash in Tanzania in The latter wrote five of their hits, including "Bibi moke," which were issued on the Jaca label.

Nsilu wa Bansilu Manitcho who was in Japan, but is now back in Kenya, doing Gospel music of Bana Ngenge was also in the band, occasionally playing bass: he's name-checked in the song "Tina. Born in the Congo inhe grew up at a Jesuit school where he had unlimited access to the music room.

We played in the same club Monday to Friday. We kind of mixed the two bands together and lived in the same house -- all of us together for maybe a year. We moved to Kenya in with Coco Zigo, while others went back to Zaire.

With Moja One I contributed ideas, composed, and played rhythm guitar parts. After playing with Losaka in and Shangoya Siama started Marimba Africa in Minneapolis, where he now lives. He died in a Nairobi hospital in August In Boma Liwanza dissolved and Frantal starred with Shika Shika until their dissolution two years later.

In he helped form Vundumuna out of the break-up of Virungawhich featured his pal Nsilu Wabansilu Manysho whom he met in Kampala, and who had gone from Boma Liwanza to Shika Shika with him.

Sammy Kasule was another member of Vundumunaas was keyboardist Botango Bedjil, a. Vundumuna was the top band in Kenya for two years. InB. Mo-Franck took Vundumuna to Japan for a six month contract, making them the first purely African band to play live in Tokyo.

Drummer Lava Machine died in December while still living in Japan. Frantal has started a new Orchestra Vundumuna in Nairobi in Marie Clara A2. Caesar ya Maobi sic i. Caesar Moyibi A3. Ngai mwana nazongi vocals by Starzo ya Estha A4. Lolo Twisonge B1. Engelbert B2. Lofundu ya pamba B3. Mboka mopaya pasi B4.

See my review on Music of Congo page 4 Not to be confused with next disc! This LP is special for obvious reasons: the music is of high quality and in the tradition of Baba Ilunga wa Ilunga "Gaston" himself who is noted for his tremendous sense of perfection: This LP has been made more special in the sense that most of the tracks have never been released before. Besides the high quality of music -- not forgetting the best quality of recording -- there are other important factors which make this LP to be even more Special.

He was born 5th July at Likasi -- about kilometers east of Lumbumbashi, the capital of Shaba Province in the Republic of Zaire. His main interest in music was prompted by the church choir. When he was nine years old, Baba Ilunga wa Ilunga was a member of the Roman Catholic Church Choir at Likasi and Lumbumbashi and he attributes his initial success in music to his first teacher -- Joseph Kiwele -- who composed so many religious songs in Shaba Province in the early fifties.

Baba Ilunga wa Ilunga became a professional musician between and when he joined an all-white group -- the Orchestre de la Sabene -- in Lumbumbashi. It is while in this orchestra when he composed what was to become his famous hit -- Baba Gaston. Baba Ilunga wa Ilunga owes his success in the field of profession music to his late Greek teacher -- Leonidas Rapitis -- who was a noted composer and pianist in the Republic of Zaire.

Courtesy: Doug Paterson. Ekelekele 2. Hello Hello B. Rudi Nyumbani Africa 2. I assume Baba Gaston recorded this album with Kinshasa musicians during a trip to Zaire. Peter Toll. Bruxelles a Butembo 2. Okozua Nini B. Lengema Big Manager 2. Vituko Vya Harusi.

Kai Kai 4'40 2. Ngai Nabeleli 8'38 3. Winnie 9'01 4. Ilunga wa Ilunga 8'36 5. Baba Gaston 3'39 6. Rudi Shambani a. Safari ya Tanzania 8'27 7.

Qui Sera Sera 9'12 8. I have listed the track times above to help in identification. Nana's lovely song "Haraka Haina Baraka" uses a well-known Swahili catchphrase meaning "Hurrying is bad for your health" or "Haste makes waste, LP). Jacques Akomo? Siama, rhythm guitaristJuma, and drummer Lava Machine. In Kampala he teamed up with some Veve musicians and they moved to Nairobi in but soon disbanded.

Bana means offspring and they were literally from the same family. They were called "Belgicains," because they studied abroad, when they returned they were shunned by their parents for taking to music so moved to N'Djili, Zaire on their return. Because of family pressure they did not tour and perform but rather concentrated on recording and issuing 45s.

Felly went on to be the arranger for Lita Bembo. Thomas became a Christian minister and continues as a gospel artist. Amour Go 2. Kaiba 3. Maya Tu 4. Bona eds. Bana-Modja 02; reissued African Bana-Modja 03; reissued African The band disbanded in with several members moving to Kenya where they regrouped as Bana Ngenge but only lasted a year before splitting again. Bana Moja the label, seems to have been created to release Bana Ngenge records and its name outlasted the band. The song "Bana ya Ngenge" tells the story of their formation.

Bana ya Ngenge 2. Cheri Peter 3. Kombe Kombe 4. Cheri Clara i. Seline i. Selina Mostly taken from badly dubbed cassettes. All of these tracks on the 2 CDs have been posted on YouTube where you can judge the sound quality. Bana Likasi the band was a side project of Lovy in when he wanted to avoid contractual obligations for his group Super Lovy. LP) can add Kalala Mbwebwe, who wrote "Imbe," to the line-up.

Orch Bassanga Orch. They split up on arrival in Tanzania in Drummer was Kavabuha Augustin, alias Augiga, from Burundi who began singing in a church choir at age 9. The Bassanga are cave-dwelling people in Southern Katanga province, Congo. Probably done at the same time as Jojo Ikomo's album with Orchestre Lokito.

I don't think there's a connection to Vercky's band Bella Bella that was one of the giants of the era, but there may be with Bella Mambo, an offshoot formed by Kanda Bongo Man.

First of all the whole thing is less than half an hour, and secondly it was recorded, it seems to me, at the wrong speed, so all the tracks sound too fast. Plus the last one sounds like it was recorded on a cheap tape deck off the radio! I doubt that was the band's intention.

The whole thing is also overmodulated, to really ruin your enjoyment of this band, but then again I am not sure it IS Boma Liwanza. The best track on here is "Cafe con Leche," the most amazing take off of OK Jazz ever achieved by another band.

The guitarist goes off on one of those demonic two-fingered leads between choruses and is egged on by people yelling "Juba," one of whom sounds like Sam Mangwana. According to kentanzavinyl. Tabu Saidi Ogolla "Frantal," lead guitar Ali? He fled to Kenya and joined Les Noirs. He also played with Vundumuna and recorded two solo albums: Kasule and Muziki.

Special Liwanza had a single "Kanai" released in Ivory Coast, they also backed Laba Sosseh on a Lassissi releaseso it is very likely they made a West coast tour. Went to St. Paul School, Barumbu for six years, left in Standard Six and proceeded to College to study mechanics for two years during which he developed a love of music, becoming a musician as a singer. As he puts it in his own words, "This is the man who really taught me real music. I mean Mzee Shango Lola.

This made me realise that all that I had been doing was just not good enough". With Thomy Lomboto, a. Kabeya Ilombo, bass, from Viva Makale. George Kalombo had started in a band called Bakoka also the name of a town in the heart of the Congo, and a label in Kenya and then gone East to Northwestern Tanzania, to Mwanza my conjecture, since he added that to his namewhere he formed Orch Bassanga with Monimambo Jim. His most successful band was Viva Makale. Siama Matuzungidi recalls: "There were a few recordings: some of them I and Lomboto played and the guitarist Jacques he went back to Zaire in the 80s -- I forget his other name was still using the name Bwambe Bwambe in recordings.

But the actual band was broken up already before we arrived. I believe all these used to be in Bwambe Bwambe. Facing difficulties he left and joined Okessa. Then joined Bantou Succes in Mombasa. In he moved to Nairobi to join Baba Gaston's band. Kayembe Nyonga was born on 19 January in Lubumbashi, Zaire.

Doug Paterson. Les Kamale also recorded on the Fuka Fuka label in so it follows ex-members would choose this name. Fuka-Fuka is a neighborhood of downtown Matadi, a city on the Congo river on the Angolan border.

Their earliest single I have found was recorded in Zaire in December Richard Kasongo posted a picture of the band on facebook, getting off a plane in Tanzania, and tagged Micka Jagajaga as the drummer. Malebo with Vieux Armando, etc. In Jagajaga moved to Nairobi and joined les Mangelepa.

After that he joined Vundumuna and went with them to Asia in and recorded Nakata Mikili in Japan. He toured the Middle East with Vundumuna in In toured Belgium and Holland with Simba Wanyika and recorded an album.

In returned to Tokyo with Jambo Jambo band. Decided to stay in Japan, and toured Thailand. Makengo Roy was leader and songwriter, also associated with Orch Mandalala as this was one of their hits, perhaps it became the name of a splinter group.

Kiala sang with OK Jazz. In "Linda Toli" there's a shout-out to Johnny Bokelo who published one of their records. On "Keba na zuwa" there are shout-outs to Roy Makongo, Mambiza? Kebam and Massikini are credited as songwriters and could be other musicians. Tout Mopia. In Mbo made a recording as Grand Piza Ezanga. Kwani tangu kibuniwe kime bahatika sana kimuziki kwa kuweza kuto rekodi ambazo ziliweza kuu tetemi sha ulimwengu mzima.

Rekodi hizi ni "Mwana mawa," ikifa tiwa na "Mandalala" na pia "Bilanga" ambazo zimeweza kuwapatia ushindi mkubwa Orch. Grand Piza. Huu ni ushindi ambao kweli bendi nyingi zina tamani sana kuupata. Haikuwa shida kwa hawa vijana, kama alivyosema kiongozi "Makengo Roy".

Tume shinda na sifa kubwa tumepata lakini sisha tuja Gelade - Orchestre Fuka Feza - Orchestre Fuka Feza (Vinyl kwani bado tunakuja hatujafika. Hata hivyo hii ni rekodi ya kwanza ya mfululizo wao wa Super Hits na ina Mojawapo ya vibao vyao vipya "Keba Nazuwa" moto kweli.

It had since are designed as musically very fortunate to be able to inactivity main tetemi records that could be fed whole world. These recordings are "Mother Son," "Mandalala" and also "Bilanga" that have been handing a major victory to orch.

This is a true victory that many bands have a strong desire to win. It was not a problem for these young people, so said the leader "Makengo Roy". Commission won a great reputation we have but we do not already satisfied since we still come we arrived. However this is the first record of their series Super Hits and has One of their new hits "Keba Nazuwa" hot indeed. So Makengo says "Mambo Bado Mtatuchoka. Mwana mawa pt 1 2. Mwana mawa pt 2 3.

Bana Moja 5. Mama alobi na bala 7. Mbomoko Mobayi 8. Makuela 9. Hi Fives Orchestre Les Hi-Fives, originators of the popular Kibushi sound, were one of many Congolese dance bands who, fleeing political turmoil, made their way east to Tanzania and Kenya.

In they moved to Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, and two years later to Mombasa to join the burgeoning Congolese exile music scene in Kenya. Here, like much of this cohort, they became as much a "Kenyan" group as a Congolese one. Various problems, notably with residency permits, forced the band to break up some time in the late '70s or early '80s, and the members scattered to the four winds.

B4 Olukala Makambo. A2 Chibila Chibe Nawezi K. A3 Nakolela Numbi M. Kochomo was the producer and he issued at least 40 singles. See kentanzavinyl. In the star of Jojo Ikomo appears on the musical firmament of Zaire with his first song "Sema Sema" accompanied by the Orchestre Tabou National, drawing everybody's attention to him.

From that moment onwards his career steadily developed and he and his Orchestre Tabou National became one of the best recognised Orchestres in the country. In he joins Orchestre VeVe of Kiamuangana Mateta with whom he enjoyed a lot of success, particularly with songs like "Maina" and "Kaniuka. He left Zaire and travelled towards the East of Africa and played for some time in Uganda.

Finally he reached Kenya, meanwhile with Orchestre Bana Ngenge. During this time he created some of his top sellers like Kayumba, Kombe Kombe etc. His singular talents to touch the deepest sentiments of the people, to make them laugh and cry and to reach their hearts through his expressive voice are at its best in this present recording which is Jojo Ikomo's first LP and which will satisfy all his followers, and gain many more.

Willy is Willy Tambwe Lokassa on bass guitar. Shout out to "Samba" might be Samba Mapangala, vocalist. Amour Go A2. Londia B1. Mayatu B2.

For more from this band see Batcha Lokito. A year later they relocated to Nairobi where Bedjo joined their ranks on lead guitar. They scored hits with "Sunday" and "Malako. When asked about the popularity of Congolese music in Nairobi, Mapangala replied, "Music has no borders. Everyone enjoys the rhythm. For more see Doug Paterson's Samba Mapangala page. Madjo Abdallah of Orch. Jakomo Jr. Mopero returned to Congo and joined Victoria Eleison. With Lava Machine on drums. Most were drafted into Viva Makale by George Kalombo.

Lemba is a district of Kinshasa, the Lingala verb kolemba means to wear you out! Reportedly Lessa Lassan was also a singer with them. See above for more biographical info. Shamallah Wa Shamallah writes: "His last hit under his own band, "Maisha yangu Lovy" is believed to be a premonition of his death.

He folded up Super Lovy and went to Tanzania where he joined Vijana Jazz and was on lead vocals when they released their super selling hit "Ogopa Matapeli. He used to live somewhere in Nairobi West near Nyayo Stadium. Pitie A. Dada B. Bibi B. This is where I learnt music. Nearly all my compositions at Mazembe were hits. I left Mazembe in May and formed my own "Super Lovy.

I now bring you this album called LOVY. Twikala wa Twikale of Les Mangelepa. Whoever it is, he is smoking hot on this album. Bibiley was later associated with Bana Motindo in Nairobi in There was also an Editions Malembe-Malembe label in Kenya. But the decision to adopt the now famous name Mangelepa was taken on By then, as most people already know, the boys were musicians in Orchestre Baba National, led by Baba Gaston.

Unfortunately limited space makes it impossible to give a full account of the problems they had to face while working for Baba Gaston; anyway, the boys, led by Bwami Walumona, decided that they had taken enough, and so on the morning of 1. They are a knock out group and they have just begun Get up and boogie! Get up and RIOT!!! He sang, danced, did choreography and played percussion, he was like a band with a band. Words can't explain the explosive moods of these shows. Hurry up and listen to these sounds, they are heavy and disco like.

Madina 2. N'Kimba B1. Lolo Mukena 2. Lande Lande - unknown Ekubuku from Pathe 2 C Arthur Mariga - unknown Unknown provenance, maybe not an album, but stray singles compiled in Kaneno 2. Malawi Zikono 3. Mbungu 4. Maindusa 5. Nyako konya 6. Suzanna 7. Mimba 8. Ma Lilly. Orchestre Matonge Named for a neighborhood in Kinshasa; the label also released Baba National and other Congolese bands.

There is also another band called Bana Matonge, most likely based in Congo. In true form the band was named after a hit by one of the members. L'Orchestre Mokano recorded on the Hit Parade label, which was dedicated to Orchestre Shika Shika for its first 30 issues, but then allowed other bands into their catalogue. Interestingly they have electric piano on "Sala Zuwa. With Mbongo Pasi on sax and Moreno on vocals. Moni Mambo Jean - or Jimmy - Monimambo is a key figure in all these groups.

As well as recording with many of them he issued singles under his own name. Adidja 2. Kaka Punguza wivu B1. Aoko Danger girl 2. Kaka Punguza wivu 3.


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  1. Mar 14,  · Dany lends his services to the orchestra "Fuka-Feza" for recording a disc, in which he published his first title: "Tukinson" edited for Pathe Marconi. In .
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  5. Apr 17,  · Nayo Fuka Fuka ikaja kufa kimiujiza baada ya wanamuziki wake kutawanyika hapa na pale. Mie nipo hapa Kinshasa. huku muziki wetu wa dansi wanaupenda watu ila hawawajuwi wanamuziki wetu. Napelekaga sana cd za muziki wetu kwenye party za kishikaji na watu wanaselebuka ile mbaya kwani unaleta radha tofauti sana na wa kwao.
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  7. Fifty seven years have passed since the foundation of our company by our founder Mr. Fikret Güney in The passing years witnessed the launching of our newer products of PVC coated papers while our original production of binding cloths continued.
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