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The key point here is that you should create your island of truth in a place where all your source data and summary data is accessible. The old way of building a trusted analytics dataset Filtered Truth (Instrumental) this was to hire a team of Business Intelligence engineers who were experts on data marts and OLAP cubes.

In general, these folks were great at creating processes and building trustworthy reports for finance and operations teams whose datasets did not change often. The downside with this approach is that these BI engineers were often separated from the product development workflows and their governance model did not keep up with the modern pace of product development. Many organizations have made a shift toward embedding data analysts and data scientists within product development teams so they can quickly build tables, define metrics, and run experiments.

BI engineers are asked to adopt pipelines with no context on what the data means or how it will be used, which creates hard feelings. Advice: This is a tough problem, and one that differs from company to company.

My suggestion is to create a small set of data engineering experts who can help find a balance between rigid processes and supporting the faster pace of product development. That team or virtual team should outline the structure and reproducible code patterns for committing to the island of truth, helping embedded data analysts and data scientists contribute back. Having strict guidelines set on the quality of data accuracy, completeness, reliability, relevancy, uniqueness, discoverability, and timeliness creates a high bar to entry.

At Airbnb, we set service level objectives for landing times, tested columns for cardinality explosions, and had alerts for data with mismatched types. Advice: My observation is that there are two important parts of data engineering — sometimes called ETL, pipeline building, analytics engineering, or BI engineering. Both are extremely valuable, but only the first is a good use of data engineering time because it harnesses creative thought and insight to generate novel data assets.

The second is repetitive, time consuming, error prone, and mostly does not help data engineers learn or grow in their roles. Data engineers should invest in frameworks, tooling, testing, and processes to reduce their ongoing maintenance burden for keeping a high bar for their internal datasets. I have seen projects flounder when folks coordinate pre-meetings before meetings to talk about the meetings they want to have in order to get buy-in from a ton of uninvolved stakeholders.

Advice: Find the datasets that drive your most important company outcomes, and begin building out those tables. Ideally, your island of truth will start outlining the most critical facts and begin cataloging the funnels that drive your metrics.

Having a well-defined star schema to separate facts and dimensions reduces the barrier to entry for internal customers. Key metrics can be complex to derive, even from a set of trustworthy tables. My new company is building tools to make this easier, but I will save that topic for another blog post…. And thanks for everything you taught me about data architecture, governance, and ETL. You were dedicated and thoughtful in building Core Data, helping Airbnb become a world-class company for people to work with data.

Thanks Jim Renaud for the killer graphics in this post. Hands-on real-world examples, research, tutorials, and cutting-edge techniques delivered Monday to Thursday.

Make learning your daily ritual. Take a look. Sign in. An island of truth: practical data advice from Facebook and Airbnb.

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Tomi Mester in Towards Data Science. Terence S in Towards Data Science. She blushed, she felt like she was intruding on something intimate.

He suddenly looked up, his eyes cloudy, and she gasped. There was so much passion there, so much intensity. His eyes were like a raging storm and she was caught in the middle. She licked her lips to try and say something, but his gaze suddenly returned to the sheet for a moment, before looking back up at her after adding a few notes.

Rushing to answer it, her gaze never left the blonde, who had yet to look away from her too. Or listening to the radio? The report says something about a mob, a car crash and now he's gone! Hinata's eyes widened, as did Naruto's, who could obviously hear the voice coming from through the phone. Hinata wasn't quite listening to Ino anymore, she heard the odd word like 'search', 'help', 'money' and 'scared', but she was watching the saxophonist as he stood from her couch.

I'll talk to you later. Let them know you're okay. Taking the phone, Naruto wordlessly dialled a number into the phone and it took 2 rings for it to pick up. Naruto relayed the story of how he'd just been giving autographs, and then one thing led to another and he was driving off in the car that had almost run him over. Naruto rephrased the question, more politely, to Hinata, who in turn gave her address to him. Naruto then repeated that through the phone.

Naruto laughed. Also, I won't give the press or police your name. It was my fault, so there's no reason to drag you through hell with the publicity.

Manoeuvring the shirt in his hand, he tried to put it on, hindered by the scribbled on page in the other hand, and the fact that one side of his body was sore. When he hissed in pain, Hinata could bear it no longer, so she stepped forward to help him.

Taking his sore arm and putting the shirt on through that side first, she then let his head and other arm follow. She was unable to look him in the eye, but muttered a small 'you're welcome' in reply. Only then did she relinquish her light grasp of his shirt. She didn't immediately step away from him though, because just his presence had an affect on her. It was like he charged the air around him, and she felt tingles rise up on her arms just from being close.

Never had she wanted to be hugged by someone so much. She knew that if he held her in his arms she would feel warm and protected. When she finally looked him in the eye, she knew she wasn't the only one who was affected by the atmosphere.

The blue gaze before her was just as intense as when he'd been composing just minutes before. Naruto was shocked by his own violent reaction to having this young woman so close to him. Similar to before, her mere touch sent electric shocks through his body, setting every nerve tingling.

He wanted to hold her, have her body moulded against him. Or maybe between him and a wall. Or a bed. He mentally shook himself, trying to clear his mind of his perverted thoughts. He'd known her less than a day but he already knew that she was a special sort of woman that deserved better than casual sex. If she was any other woman, Sakura and Ino sprung to mind, Hinata would have jumped him. She wanted to, but her modesty, upbringing and crippling fear of rejection stopped her.

For the first time in her life, she envied Sakura and Ino their promiscuity, daring and spontaneity. A kiss would satisfy her, if only she had the courage to lean up. With a hasty and calming breath, Hinata stepped away from the electrifying man and moved over to the kitchenette to pour two glasses of ice-cold water.

As she moved away, Naruto felt the tension leave his body and he suddenly realised how much he'd been restraining himself. Fingers twitching and his mind whirring, Naruto sat back down and leaned over the coffee table, continuing his inspired composing.

When Hinata returned with the water, Naruto looked up at her and thanked her but then his eyes remained on her, studying her. Hinata held her breath, drowning in the blue ferocity of his eyes. When he looked away from her, she sat on the couch adjacent to him, her knees weak. She was reluctant to speak because she thought she'd disrupt the creative process.

So her phone did it for her and she answered it hurriedly, standing up again. Sakura-chan, how are you? Yes, I've heard about h-his disappearance. I-I'm sorry Sakura-chan, I have to go. No…no…I'm not sure. Okay I'll talk to you later, bye. Hanging up and setting the phone down in its holder to recharge, Hinata opted for doing some impromptu cleaning of the living and dining area.

Not that there was much to do. Naruto watched her for a few minutes, absorbing in her mannerisms. He wondered if she knew she hummed while she wiped down the table, or bit her lip when she tried to reach something up high. When he caught his eyes repeatedly drawn to her rear, he turned his gaze away from her and returned to his composing. As Hinata sat back down, she looked across at her famous guest and suddenly wondered what he did after a long day of work.

Focusing her gaze, she noticed he'd stopped composing, or at least had hit a wall, so she spoke up. Naruto set down the pen and looked at his interesting companion. I don't play it to get better at music, but as a way to sort out my feelings. That way my mind's less chaotic when I compose. I also like to just chill out and watch movies. And a good comedy movie is hard to pass up. What kind of movies do you like?

Hinata flushed. I l-love his movies. He's an oddball, he's sweet and he's funny. For some reason, Naruto wished he knew who Charlie Chaplin was. Her smile when she spoke about him…. When he looked back up, his cheeks were slightly pink, and Hinata thought it was adorable. Naruto opened his mouth to say something when the sound of squealing tyres breeched even the thickness of the walls and windows.

It was really nice to meet you Hyuga-san". As he headed for the door, Hinata stood. And…I-I'm sorry for hitting you with my car. Maybe I'll see you around. Good luck with everything. There was an urgent beeping of a car horn and Naruto jumped, his face pink again. Opening the door, he left with one last look at the pretty girl inside. As he hurried down the hall, he moved his free hand to cover his mouth.

That last smile she'd done, it was stunning. She'd looked stunning. And her expression had been so…soft. He paused in his stride, looking back at the still open front door back down the hallway. He took half a step back in the direction he'd come from, but another blearing honk froze him mid-step. He sighed and then turned back around, heading out to the street where his probably very worried and very angry agent was.

With each step, he regretted his decision. Still standing in her apartment, Hinata stared at the still open door with a red face and a racing heart. She couldn't believe it, she must have hallucinated the whole thing. No celebrity, no talented musician would willingly sit in her apartment drinking water and talking about movies.

She had to be dreaming. It had been a month, one month since her world changed from meeting her favourite musician. In the one month, she'd played over every scene, every word, every feeling and she'd made an amazing discovery about herself.

Yes, she'd had a celebrity crush on his beforehand, but that was because he was a talented and handsome musician, but since meeting him, she'd come to like him for his personality. Really like him. And it broke her heart that she'd never see him again. She hadn't told Sakura and Ino what had happened because she knew how they'd react. There'd be screams and shrieks of adulation and many sexual references and innuendos, and she didn't want to sully what she already thought of as a perfect memory.

She wanted to keep that afternoon, that wonderful time, to herself. Another good thing had come from having coffee poured on her because Daisuke had earned the affection of the young woman he'd been trying to impress.

He'd come to her personally, the Monday following 'that day' and apologised again about her blouse. Hinata had smiled and said it was no problem. Because it wasn't. He then told her bashfully that it had all sort of worked out for the best because they young woman said she'd go out with him.

A month after 'that day', multitasking like only a woman could, she unlocked her front door, sifted through her mail and pressed the 'play' button on her answering machine. She all but dropped her mail at the voice that echoed around the room. How are you? Obviously you're out. Listen, I'm giving a benefit concert in Tokyo in two weeks and it'd be cool if you could come.

I've expressed three tickets to you address. Um — yeah. If you wanna call me directly, my number is,". Hinata did drop her mail as she scrabbled for a paper and pen. So frazzled, she forgot that she'd still have the message after it played through.

Following the unimaginable message, a message from her father started playing but she only heard 'dinner' and 'tomorrow' before she stopped the messages to replay Naruto's.

Taking down the phone number, she decided against deleting the message, even if it was stalkerish and creepy. But hey, he called her.

I-I mean, I'm sorry, you're probably too busy to talk. I-I'll call back later-". I got you message," Duh, she wanted to kick herself, he knew that, he called her. Naruto was grinning over the phone. Okay, I'd like to see you too. And th-thank-you for the tickets, I really appreciate it-". It's a work in progress and I'd really like your opinion. Hinata was breathless, and her eyes watered as three glorious notes resounded through her living room before an abrupt noise on the other end of the line interrupted them.

Why are you playing — you're on the phone! Who are you talking to? A girl? Are you having phone sex brat, trying to seduce a girl with your music? Get out, I'll be there soon! Hinata was blushing a deep red as she gripped the phone against her ear. There was another set of rustling, and then another beep, and Hinata knew she'd been taken off speaker.

And again, sorry, I have to go, I do have an interview soon-". He chuckled. I'll try before the concert, but things will be getting pretty hectic before the show. If you want, the interview I'm doing is live, and that's when I'm announcing the concert. Okay, Jiraiya's knocking at my door, I really have to go.

Thanks for calling Hinata, it was great to talk to you again. I'll see you at the concert, have a good evening. And then she was alone. Shakily setting the phone down, she covered her face with her hands. Call him by his first name! And he'd called her 'Hinata'! As she picked up her mail, she remembered that he'd attempted to play her a song. A new song. Her heart skipped a beat when she saw a slightly puffy, yellow envelope.

When she opened it, she pulled out three VIP passes with neckbands. Carefully placing the tickets on her coffee table, she hurried to her room to change before she raced back into the living room to put on the TV. My next guest this evening is famous nationwide, and has a fanbase with women as young as 10 years old. He's talented, he's good-looking, he's single, and he's the reason my girlfriend wants his song This Is How We're Gonna Be to be our wedding song, please welcome, Naruto Uzumaki!

The applause on the TV was huge, and Hinata could hear screams and wolf-whistles. And when he came into shot, Hinata found herself blushing. Looking to her left, she remembered that just a month ago, he'd been sitting right there. Looking back at the screen, she blushed deeper when she saw what he was wearing. Had she known he was looking that good, she wouldn't have been able to carry a conversation as she had.

Wearing a casual pair of black pants, it was teamed with an orange button down shirt and an open black vest. The orange shirt was unbuttoned down to his torso, but a sliver of white material underneath covered his chest. And she'd been talking to him ten minutes ago. Snatching up a cushion, she hugged it as Naruto shook the hand of the presenter and sat down in the cushy chair meant for him. It's been a while since you've been here.

Plus, you have to interview other people, everyone would get bored if I was here every week. The screaming and laughter from the studio could be heard. But you're right, you have been busy. A national tour, a disappearance — can you tell us about that? You haven't really been quoted on that topic yet. Naruto smiled and Hinata blushed, hugging the cushion. I had to make a get away from some over-eager fans, and ran out into a street.

It was completely my fault, but I got clipped by a car. I was running on adrenaline by this point. Hinata gasped sharply, her face instantly going from rose petal pink to sunburnt tomato. In the studio, there was cries from the women and hooting from the men. The presenter nodded like he was gifted with knowledge of women beyond anything any man knew. Tickets go on sale tomorrow morning and I'll be playing songs from my new album and old favourites.

You have a gift man, it's like you tapped into the female psyche and wrote exactly what they wanted to hear. All of my songs, all of them, have a special meaning for me. They represent a moment, a feeling, a person, an idea or opinion…something. Everything has meaning. What do you say to that? Naruto shrugged. I don't think it's true, I mean, sure, I want attention, but doesn't everyone?

I think we all want someone to listen to us. Politicians, actors and musicians just have it easier because they have access. As long as what we're saying is worthwhile, because the wrong message can turn people and nations against each other. And actually, that day that I," He grinned boyishly. Because I'm interested, I like to know which of my songs make people happiest. But after she answered me, she asked me what my favourite song was that I've written.

I mean, I'm proud of everything I've written, and I like them all, but I don't have a standout favourite. I haven't written it yet. Hinata squeaked and ducked her head into her cushion.

He was complimenting her, on national television! Her external blushing and internal stuttering was cut short by her phone ringing, and she jumped before getting up to answer it. Are you watching, did you hear? Naruto Uzumaki's having a concert in two weeks! Tickets go on sale tomorrow! We have to get some! Hinata bit her lip, deliberating on how to break it to one of her best friends. She had to tell her, and Ino, what had happened a month ago, and today.

But he's giving an interview now. Can't it wait till tomorrow? He keeps mentioning what happened that day he went missing. There was a girl-". As soon as he pressed the end button, she dialled in her other best friend's number, and hoped that she was at home. She couldn't tell one friend and leave the other hanging. It's nothing bad or anything that you need to worry about, but do you think you could come over now, please? Ino hung up and Hinata sighed, nervous about her friends' reactions to the news.

Would they hate her from keeping it from them? For having met their celebrity crush and become his invited guest? She hoped not. Sitting back down on the couch, she hid the VIP passes under a cushion, she'd bring them out later. Standing, she went to prepare some drinks and snacks for when the girls arrived. Sakura arrived five minutes after Ino, and after Hinata took their coats she asked them to sit down.

Fiddling with her fingers for a moment, her two friends became worried because of the long forgotten nervous habit. Sakura and Ino looked at each other before turning their gazes back to Hinata. Naruto was drinking a bottle of water in his dressing room when Jiraiya and the TV station's present and executive producer walked in. The three men stopped in front of Naruto, grinning.

Jiraiya boomed in laughter. Have you hired a publicist without telling me? The mysterious girl gag has everyone talking! If I hadn't seen the injuries, I'd be thinking it was all a stunt. She is real right? You said she was hot, what'd she look like? I promised to keep her out of the spotlight and I'm thinking now that even saying she exists has attracted too much attention.

You could have told me, I may be your agent but I'm also your godfather. I mean, she hit you with her car. I'm not telling you her name. Anyway, can we go now?

I'm in the mood to compose, and they've already packed away my sax. Once the presenter and producer had left the room, Naruto looked at his godfather. If I tell you her name, do you promise not to tell anyone?

Naruto licked his lips and looked away. She was really nice Ero-Sennin. She's a fan of mine, but not a crazy one. She may actually be my first fan. I gave my first autograph to her back in the days when I was performing at Ichiraku's.

Shit brat, her family is famous, loaded! The Hyuga are one of the oldest families in Japan, the Hyuga name has been traced back to the Feudal era. Hiashi Hyuga is the head of the family now, he runs a law firm that takes on huge cases. If I remember correctly, his nephew is training to take over the firm. Does she have dark hair and silver eyes? But she said she was coming to the concert, and the tickets I gave her were VIPs, so she'll be coming backstage.

You have to promise that if you meet her, that you'll behave! I have to meet the girl that you have so obviously fallen for. You do like her that way right? Did you sleep with her that day that you were at her place? But…" Naruto reddened. Even that day we met…again, there was…something. I actually had to physically restrain myself from…I — I really wanted to — I wanted to be near her.

Naruto looked at him, not impressed. But she was really nice and…from what you said about her family, she probably had a proper, classy upbringing and it would have been wrong to…". You're telling the truth? The absolute, cross-your-heart-and-hope-to-die truth?

He was here. Ino screeched. Hinata became teary. I want to say I was in shock, b-but…it was something else. I know Filtered Truth (Instrumental) was s-selfish and mean not tell you. I am really, really sorry. Sakura's eyebrows creased. We know that you are a very private person.

And from the way you're talking about him, it sounds like you like him. Like, really like him. That's your modesty and shyness. It's your right to privacy and we understand, promise. Hinata nodded. The two girls screamed in delight and took a pass each.

When they saw the exclusivity of the tickets, they screamed again. Hinata blushed a deep red. And he knows those guys from the band 'Kunai'!

Hinata was feeling light-headed now, and she could feel the scorching blush on her face. Sakura suddenly stood and ran to grab their coats. Ino, it's our duty as best friends to make sure that Naruto Uzumaki wants to jump Hinata the moment he sees her.

For the sake of her, and our, sex lives! Ino shushed her. I know it's a little shorter than what you'd normally wear, but LBDs are supposed to be sexy. This dress in particular looks hot on you, it complements your curvy figure and great legs. I'll let you wear this," Ino produced a short, cream lace jacket.

Hinata looked at the jacket, thinking that it would make her feel more comfortable. And the heels on the boots were much smaller than the heels. She held out a hand to receive the jacket. Pulling it on, she looked at herself Filtered Truth (Instrumental) the mirror.

She did look different, but not in a bad way. She was dressed to dress impress, which was not something she normally did. And she did feel pretty in the black dress. As they pulled into a parking space at the Concert Hall, Hinata watched the well-dressed crowd heading into the venue.

She was very nervous about seeing Naruto again. Lost in her thoughts, Ino had to open her door to snap her out of her reverie to get her attention. When they showed their passes at the front door, the young usher looked at them for a moment, before calling through his radio to someone.

Door 3. The other women getting their tickets checked and heard the usher, looked at the three young women with surprise and envy. Hinata was avoiding all the gazes and was relieved when a big beefy security guard came over and led them backstage. Hinata could feel her heart racing and her face redden. Beside her, Ino and Sakura were squealing. Suddenly a tall man with white hair stopped them. He had a smile on his face as he looked over the three young women.

His eyes stopped scanning once he noticed Hinata's eyes. I'm Jiraiya, I'm Naruto's agent and godfather. It's nice to meet you young ladies. Thank-you Juugo, I'll take them the rest of the way.

Best seats in the house, box seats closest to the stage. Well, Filtered Truth (Instrumental), here we are. Before Hinata could even gather her thoughts, Jiraiya had knocked on the door that said 'Uzumaki'. It took a few moments, but the door opened and there he stood, Naruto Uzumaki. Have a good show, I'll talk to you afterwards. The show starts in half hour.

The old man left and Naruto looked at his guests, and his brain froze. She looked absolutely stunning. If he'd known she would look this good, he would have suggested seeing her after the show instead. How was he supposed to focus now, knowing that such a beautiful woman would be watching him?

He suddenly became very nervous about his surprise for her. Sakura and Ino tittered to each other over the obvious attraction the celebrity had for their friend. Once Naruto had closed the door, he led them over to the couches. But no one sat. And…and it's w-wonderful to see you t-too. Th-this is Ino Yamanaka, and this is Sakura Haruno. The two girls shook his hand in turn. I guess Hinata told you what happened. Who would have guessed that you were at her house when we called! That's our Hinata.

We have to thank you Uzumaki-san, it's a rare occasion when we can coax Hinata into an outfit that shows off how gorgeous she is. Before Naruto could even answer, Ino continued. Sakura and I are going to go and find our seats. Thanks again for the tickets.

Naruto looked after the girls with an open mouth before he looked back at Hinata, whose face was completely red. He grinned again. And busy, but that's good too. I get restless when I'm not doing anything. And grumpy, and I talk too much and-". Hinata smiled and let out a breath as he babbled. It was nice to see this side of him again, the normal guy, not the celebrity.

That statement ricocheted through her body. She hadn't been prepared, and the delivery had been so blunt. What I mean is — you're always beautiful, but tonight you look…" He trailed off, looking at her, trying to find the right word.

Without realising what he was doing he stepped closer to her and the air suddenly became charged with electricity and tension, just like it had in her apartment. It was only when he'd fiddled with the lace of her jacket that he realised how close he was. Hinata seemed unable or unwilling to move, her breath coming in short puffs. Naruto surreptitiously bit his lip. How was it possible to want someone so much after so brief a time?

He knew that you could be attracted to, and even sleep with someone after the initial meeting, but this, this was different. He'd never felt this way before. It was heart clenching, breathtaking and frustrating all at once. His body acted on its own again and it wasn't until he was already doing it, did he notice he was touching her hand. Looking down at his fingers as they found their way around her left hand, he stepped even closer.

They were mere inches apart now. He moved his gaze from his handsy…hand, and looked at the young woman in his hold. Her cheeks were red and her breath was coming in small bursts, but she wasn't trying to move away. God, she even smelled good. Do — do you think-". A short rap at the door cut him off midstream and he hissed his displeasure. Stepping away Filtered Truth (Instrumental) her, he moved over to the door of the room. He opened the door to find the concert manager standing there with a headset and clipboard.

Also, that means your," Her eyes trailed over Hinata. Naruto nodded, thanking the woman shortly before closing the door and turning back to Hinata.

Naruto grinned and opened the door again, and this time the doorway was empty. Motioning Hinata over, he called to a stagehand that was walking passed near by.

Hinata blushed beet red and shook her head. Promising never to tell them, what had just happened in the dressing room had felt like something evocative and intimate.

Technically, he had only told her she was beautiful and touched her hand, but it felt as if he'd scorched himself into her soul. And it was very, very pleasant. Could it be, possibly…was that even possible? Before she could think anymore on the subject, the lights dimmed and the crowd erupted into cheers and screams of delight.

Hinata felt her heart race and her face darkened. Listening to his music had never sounded or felt more inviting. He wrote and performed with soul. It would be like hearing his soul speak. Hinata gripped her hands tightly and bit her lip. Her heart and breath were erratic and, in her opinion, exceedingly loud. How could he not hear it? Just by being here has made not only me, but thousands of children all over the world happy!

But how should I thank you? What song should I play for you first? As his lips settled over the mouthpiece of his saxophone, Hinata would have swore he'd looked right at her. As Dattebayo finished with it's improvised and blaring last note, Hinata couldn't help but join in with the tumultuous applause.

For all the exercise her heart was going through, she still deeply appreciated the quality and honesty of his music. Naruto bowed to the crowd and then straightened, looking out over the crowd, and then turned his head towards the box where she and her friends were sitting. His eyes were on her. You know, I consider myself a fairly blunt kind of guy. I say what is on my mind whether or not it's an appropriate time. This is different though. I wrote it with a particular person in mind and an intention to impress her.

This, in my own blunt, unromantic way, is my way of saying 'I really like you'. I hope you like it. The smooth, gentle opening note drowned out her squeak of surprise. The gentle caress of a note was followed by a flurry of high, skipping-like notes that was followed by a note of revelation.

After a verse of skitterish notes, Naruto's stance shifted and the notes changed pitch and tempo. It was an introduction and a seduction in one brilliant verse that left Hinata breathless and red-faced. And tingling. The introduction faded but the seduction remained, innocent and fiery all at once. The seduction melted away but the innocence was joined by happiness in the form of joyful, soprano notes. The notes and intensity climbed, the seduction battled its way back in before it was pushed out again by the overwhelming sweetness of the lighter notes.

The crescendo hit in an exultation of notes, intriguing and bewitching. The notes hovered, hanging in the air for everyone to hear and worship. Sakura and Ino were holding each other, leaning on each other for support as their bodies shook with tears. Hinata blinked as her world became fuzzy, but then she realised that it was because she was crying.

She wiped at her tears but they were not to be stopped. The applause was still deafening, but Hinata heard none of it as she looked down at the man on stage. And he was looking at her.

People were standing now. Cameras were flashing and people were cheering. The blonde on stage finally looked away from Hinata and he bowed to the crowd with an exaggerated bow. Then, standing upright, he opened his mouth to speak. I think I've finally written my favourite song. Once Naruto Uzumaki walked off stage and the crowd began to thin, Hinata turned to her two friends, her eyes rimmed with tears and her cheeks flushed. Hinata moved as quickly as the crowd and her dignity would allow.

She pushed through the crowds to get to the backstage entrance. When she made it, she hurriedly showed her pass and was allowed through. Guided to his room by feeling alone, she suddenly found herself outside his door.

All her courage seemed to have left her in her journey, because as she knocked on the door, she could see her hand shaking. The door opened almost instantly and there he stood, glistening with sweat and cheeks flushed from the hours of playing. Wordlessly, he motioned her in and shut the door, stepping close to her straight away.

I told you that it was a work in progress. It wasn't. I finished it within days of meeting you. It is you…how I see you. No one, ever, has had such a big impact on me so quickly.

It's like you walked in on my life and changed it forever. The only way you could have made a bigger impact was if you did something reckless like-".


Perfect Day - Lou Reed - Transformer (CD, Album), Age Class - Weekend (8) - Sports (Vinyl, LP), Du Mal - Maurane - Ami Ou Ennemi (Cassette, Album), Первая Часть - Гаджи Ханмамедов - Концерт № 4 Для Тара С Симфоническим Оркестром / Песни (Vinyl, LP), Power - Chlorine (4) - Demo (Cassette), Various - Los Duros Del Rock (Vinyl, LP), Stupid Girl - Neil Young & Crazy Horse - Zuma (Vinyl, LP, Album), Darren Christian - Uni-Fiktion (Vinyl), Un Prince Charmant - France Gall - Poupée De Cire Poupée De Son (Vinyl)


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  2. The wounded and the filtered truth Dont ignore a life thats real How come you feel so alone Is it the rage inside Wipes away The rage inside You're battered against the world You knew A place to hide from everything And it had to make you fall How come you feel so alone Is it the rage inside Wipes away The rage inside How come you feel so alone.
  3. That depends if you are using something like pro tools or reaper or another software based music editor. There are ways to "sort of" remove certain instruments with the use of plugins that play with the phase relationships between the left and rig.
  4. We are indebted to an anonymous referee for drawing our attention to this distinction within the general affective component of pain. For discussions of valence from the empirical side of things, see N. Schwarz and G. Clore, ‘Mood, Misattribution, and Judgments of Well‐Being: Informative Affective States’, Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 45 (), pp. –23 and N.
  5. No Tears Left made famous by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young Formats included: • Karaoke Video with color background (KFN, WMV, MP4) • Karaoke Video with black background (WMV, MP4, ZIP) Karaoke.
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