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Download Drive On Road - Grand Prix (10) - Treasure Hunting (CD, Album)
Label: Body (2) - CA-3776 • Format: CD Album • Country: Japan • Genre: Rock • Style: Hard Rock

Because that happened. According to Vanity Fairthe documentary Amelia Earhart: The Lost Evidence caused some short-lived excitement when it presented a photo of Earhart and her navigator, alive and in the Marshall Islands after her mysterious disappearance. Anyway, the History Channel only had a brief moment of historical triumph before they were thwarted by a blogger with access to a library.

National Geographic reports that Japanese military blogger Kota Yamano decided to do a little fact-checking on Amelia Earhart's fate. He looked up the alleged location of the photo in the Japanese national library's database and found it right away. He said it took him a half hour. Turns out, the photo was published in a Japanese coffee table book in the year Two years before Earhart took her flight.

So even if it were Amelia Earhart in that photo it's notit definitely doesn't prove anything about her disappearance. In response, the History Channel promised that they have a team of experts "exploring the latest developments about Amelia Earhart," and they will surely keep the public informed if she should pop up again.

Everything about The Curse of Oak Island feels totally fake, or at the very least just stupid. Like oh, wow, look, it's Album) piece of wood. That probably has nothing to do with the fact that human beings have been building stuff for thousands of years and the island is covered with wood.

But hey, no one can really say for sure where those bits of wood came from, so go ahead and call that proof of buried treasure. Knock yourself out. But here's a piece of so-called evidence that we know is fake: the Oak Island map that appeared during season 6. This particular map includes a drawing of the island and looks like it got torn out of a Album) someone purchased at the Dollar Tree, but the notes are in French. That means it's authentic, right? According to the show, this map is somehow supposed to be connected to a much more mysterious and valuable "Templar document.

In fact, Ruh believes that the Oak Island Map is actually a fabrication, created by someone in the s which, granted, does predate the Dollar Tree.

If the show's use of those two pieces of evidence is what amounts to "proof," we don't really think much of everything else that's happening on Oak Island. It's one of the world's most ridiculous conspiracy theories: the government is filling the air with chemicals so that they can mind-control everyone on planet Earth, or make everyone sick, or control the weather or something.

Just pick your favorite. Most people intuitively understand the sheer stupidity of this idea, because if it were actually true that the government was filling the air with chemicals in a bid to mind-control everyone, they appear to be really, really bad at it. Have you noticed an unusually large number of people stumbling around in our streets muttering things like, "Must manipulate futures prices? Anyway, the whole idea is so patently stupid that most people don't even think about it, except History, who evidently felt like it was worth devoting part of a show to the weather-specific parts of the theory.

Thankfully they skipped the mind control bits. But according to Contrail Science and now everyone who believes this stuff is shouting, "You can't trust Contrail Science because they are totally in on it!

Thanks, History, for making it someone else's job to remind everyone that you can't trust a conspiracy nut, even one who gets to be on the History Channel.

It was already somewhat debatable whether a TV adaptation of the Bible really belonged on the History Channel in the first place. Nevertheless, the mini-series The Bible was a huge hit for the network in As described in the Guardian, the comparison went viral almost immediately after the hour mini-series first premiered. You couldn't throw a stone emoji without hitting several hundred posts of Obama's face next to Moroccan actor Mohamen Mehdi Ouazanni who, to credit his devilish acting, definitely looks grumpier than the president.

Producer Roma Downey claimed the resemblance was a total coincidence and that the controversy was complete nonsense and exactly what the devil would have wanted, but the damage was already done. Time reported that when The Bible producers cut down their series for the feature-length film version, Son of God, they decided to nix Satan entirely, hoping audiences would focus their attention on Jesus instead.

The reality competition Alone is totally about history, because everything you'll see in any given episode was shot in the historical timeframe of six months ago. This particular reality show tries to one-up Survivor by abandoning its contestants in the middle of nowhere and then following their journey to survive alone in the wilderness.

Happily, none of these people are naked, because another truly awful reality show already did that. No, in many cases the contestants are actually within an hour's walk of the nearest town, and sometimes they're in a place where there is a network of trails, which definitely seems to suggest that they're just not really that isolated.

History's Mountain Men is totally about history, because it features people pretending like they are living in the 17th century One of the stars of Mountain Men is Eustace Conway, and his deal is teaching people how to be self-sufficient and also how to be super pretentious about their self-sufficiency. Yeah, he's that kind of guy. According to The Wall Street Journalthe preserve was recently raided by health, construction, Album) fire officials who deemed many of Conway's buildings "[not] fit for public use.

Modern safety standards are so unfair. When you think of lumberjacks, you usually think of burly dudes in plaid, chopping down trees, putting "wipe your butt on a spotted owl" stickers on their trucks, and maybe pressing wildflowers like in that Monty Python song. You don't typically think of them pulling stuff out of the water, because that's not where Drive On Road - Grand Prix (10) - Treasure Hunting (CD usually are. According to NPRthough, there was a time when lumberjacks used to put felled trees on rafts and float them down the river, and every now and then the trees would fall off the raft and sink to the bottom.

And they don't rot down there, either — if the water is cold, the trees will stay preserved at the bottom for a long time, and can eventually be salvaged.

The problem is, salvaging sunken trees is not legal in the state of Washington. That didn't stop Ax Man star Jimmy Smith from fishing those logs out of the river on national freaking television, which was either ridiculously arrogant or ridiculously stupid. Smith had an entirely altruistic reason for his actions, though: to protect people participating in water sports on the river, in case they're using like an foot-long oar or something and they accidentally get it stuck on a log.

And we're sure that the money he got for those logs didn't factor into it at all. Much like Ice Road Truckers, the show has been widely criticized for having a rather loose definition of reality, and the shop itself has previously gotten into trouble over some of its merchandise. It's unclear what happened with the lawsuit, which usually means it was either dismissed or settled out of court.

He's portrayed as the comic foil at the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop, where he's often the butt of jokes. Occasionally he'll impress his fellow pawn shop workers with his talent at the game of pinball. More frequently, he'll deliver his lines in a way that lets you know the money is only barely keeping him on the show. In non-televised reality, though, Chumlee's life is somewhat less whimsical and comedic. As USA Today reportspolice carried out a search of his house while following up on sexual assault allegations in They did not find the evidence to convict Chumlee of sexual assault, but they did find drugs in his regrettably named "Chum Chum" room, including marijuana and meth, as well as numerous illegal firearms, and quite a few items usually found with people who package and sell narcotics.

According to the New York Daily Newshowever, the reality star was able to avoid jail time with a plea deal despite being charged with quite a few felonies. Counting Cars is totally about history because its star has a core value system from The fact that Danny Koker is living in a hippy-hating, muscle car-loving, masculine stereotype with its roots in a gentler time, when no one cared about things like being able to breathe or actually see the horizon is not too surprising, Album).

He's a car guy, and he likes combustion engines, loud noises, and high speed, and really none of those things are compatible with a world in which people can breathe or see the horizon. We've got more oil than we can shake a stick at. The politicians are playing a game. Let's burn this stuff and have a good time. So okay, we get it Danny. Clean air isn't exactly good for your bottom line.

But most people can't spend 40 bucks a day on a 5-mile round-trip commute, either, so you might want to rethink your opinion about fuel economy just a little. When your livelihood depends on your reputation as a purveyor of high-quality work, and your work is suddenly on display to an enormous television audience, it seems like it would be in your best interests to make sure you keep producing high-quality work. Sure, you might feel like your fame has put you on the top of the world and it will never end, but that's how Spencer Pratt felt, too.

Who is Spencer Pratt, you ask? So our advice to reality stars is this: Do high-quality work. According to the Vegas Tourist, though, at least one reality star has failed to follow that piece of advice. Rick Dale from American Restoration was called out in for restoring a s-style jukebox but failing to actually repair the thing. He kept the jukebox for two months, did a great job making it look good, but when the owner got it back he discovered that it wasn't in working order, even though restoring it to working order was part of the original agreement.

But not only did Dale reportedly fail to acknowledge that the work wasn't complete, he also cashed the check and stopped returning his customer's phone calls. How professional. Reality television is part exploitation, part making fun of people who deserve it, and part totally, utterly, and completely fake. But there are lines that even reality television producers try not to cross, and the producers of American Jungle definitely crossed one or two of them.

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Grand Prix - Reading festival' Grave Danger - "Hellraiser" unsigned demo version. Montand was more comfortable with this setup than with having to drive the car himself. James Garner was actually too tall for Formula One racing. In order to fit in the cars, the seats had to be removed and Garner sat on the frame with just a towel or a mat protecting his posterior.

Additionally, the roll bars needed to be removed and fitted with taller bars, so they would look realistic and not be noticeably shorter than the top of his helmet. Swedish actress Harriet Andersson was cast as the female lead and filmed some scenes. James Garner wanted to replace her and Eva Marie Saint got the part instead. No explanation was given. The cars that were used in the film, supposedly Formula 1 cars, were in fact Formula 3 cars made up to look like Formula 1's.

Footage of real Formula 1 cars, shot during the actual Grand Prix races ofwas used as well. Yves Montand 's character, Sarti, tells how he no longer slows down when he sees an accident. While all the male leads went through race car driving training, this was a special challenge for Brian Bedford and Album) Sabato who had never driven any car before.

Steve McQueen was the early choice for the lead role. A first meeting with producer Edward Lewis went very badly and McQueen showed no further public interest in the role. However, privately he was fuming, and he chose not to speak with his friend, and next-door neighbor, who just happened to be James Garnerfor the next four years. He later starred in another racing movie, Le Mans The helmet design used by Brian Bedford is that of then second-year driver and future triple World Champion Jackie Stewart.

Of the four actors, Bedford is the only one not to do any actual driving, which explains why in all segments where the Scott Stoddard character is shown driving, he has the balaclava up to his goggles. John Frankenheimer 's first film in colour. Early in the movie, Yves Montand 's helmet design is that of John Surtees, who was driving for Ferrari at the beginning of the season. But Surtees left Ferrari for Cooper after two races, and therefore footage of the real Ferrari with Surtees driving was no longer available.

Mike Parkes replaced him at Ferrari, and Montand's helmet design changes to that of Parkes for the remainder of the movie.

No reason is given in the movie for the change. The only difference was a silhouette of a Kiwi bird that was normally on the side of Amon's helmet he was from New Zealand that was left off of Garner's, as his character was an American. More specifically it is a Hertz Edition. Most of these Shelby Mustangs were painted in Hertz corporate color black and gold like the one in the film. James Garner comments he missed the war by a year.

Garner was born inso he did not turn 18 untilthe year after the war ended, while Mifune was born in in China to Japanese parents. Mifune did serve in the Japanese Air Force during the war, but not as a fighter pilot- he worked in the aerial photography unit.


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  3. Jun 08,  · 50+ videos Play all Mix - GRAND PRIX - Drive On Road (PV) YouTube Toto 35th Anniversary Tour (Joseph Williams) - Duration: Bodega de [email protected] Recommended for .
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  5. Label: Zoom Club Records - ZCRCD51 • Format: CD Album, Reissue, Remastered • Country: Europe • Genre: Rock • Style: Hard Rock, Heavy Metal Grand Prix - The First Album (, CD) | Discogs /5(4).
  6. Apr 26,  · Here's some really awesome and pretty obscure Boston-esque Japanese Hard Rock from the 80s with Nobuo Yamada on vocals, you may also recognize him as NoB, mo.
  7. Read Full Review It's Grand Prix 3? Maybe Hasbro should have gone for the more befitting title of Grand Prix -- after all, this game features teams and cars that are 2 years old and is built on top of the architecture of a DOS game that is out of date by double at the end of the day, it's still the most satisfying F1 simulation to come out since its predecessor.
  8. Crowds can be difficult to manage simply because of the effort needed to maintain their concentration. During the filming of Grand Prix () there was a scene where a flaming car is driven into the pits. It was about 4 o'clock in the afternoon and the director, John Frankenheimer, was disgusted by the crowd's lack of reaction to the dramatic action during the rehearsals.
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