Direction Of Fear II - Various - Rave The City 2 (Cassette) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

Download Direction Of Fear II - Various - Rave The City 2 (Cassette)
Label: EVA - 74321 163714 • Series: Rave The City - 2 • Format: Cassette Compilation • Country: Netherlands • Genre: Electronic • Style: Hardcore, Gabber

Humourous and Direction Of Fear II - Various - Rave The City 2 (Cassette), this, the 6th of 9 volumes was simultaneously released on many of the hardcore netlabels. Topics: dtrash, oxygenfad, breakcore, extreme, noise, hardcore, idm, techno, industrial, electronic. Take that! Topics: dtrash, asure, digital hardcore, breakcore, industrial, noise, cut up, samples, amen break, alec They deliver an impecible dose of big-sound hardcore, mixing punkrock-styled singalong anthems with blistering doses of noisecore and breakbeats.

The most essential underground DJ mix released in the past year. Non-stop 74min trash collision! Topics: dtrash, cpuwar, digital hardcore, dhr, breakcore, amen, breaks, dnb, drum n bass, jungle, extreme, All systems alert, prepare for attack! On this debut release, our friend Vlado K.

Asure comes from the "when you've Topics: dtrash, asure, digital hardcore, breakcore, breakbeat, distortion, broken beat, distorted beat, With the aim to rid the world of manufactured music, they combine hyperactivity and noisy psychodelia with all the subtlety of rusty power tools. Disc 3 gives up their official music videos, plus recent live footage. Disc 1: "Before artists release their debut their is usually a stack of demo and Topics: hansel, dtrash, digital hardcore, industrial, industrial rock, remixes, breakcore, noise, You better believe it!!

This band, adequately Topics: dtrash, hyperdriver, digital hardcore, breakcore, noise, industrial, rhythmic noise, ant-zen, Lopex samples, sequences, programming.

Hansel is also a clash of genres and a study of the thermodynamics Subversive 2-piece of outlaws from Salem, USA - Their debut album of digital hardcore is noisy and trashy, as much as it is soul fuelled funky. Topics: dtrash, the secret life of teenage girls, digital hardcore, cutting pink with knives, e-grind, Topics: dtrash, schizoid, digital hardcore, breakcore, industrial, noise, e-grind, e-metal, heavy metal, Topics: dtrash, bastards united, industrial, digital hardcore, the shizit, hansel, hardcore, noise, Topics: dtrash, schizoid, alec empire, dhr, atari teenage riot, ec8or, the berzerker, pan sonic, the Grim and introspective trash style black metal with depressive keyboards and distorto hellish vocals.

Topics: dtrash, sangre, acid enema, gabber. Morose industrial noise metal from French newcomers DK DANCE, who play a bizarre mid tempo blend of metal guitars and creeping layers of electronic paranoia. Formed in the summer ofthey quickly established a name for themselves Topics: dtrash, dk dance, cold wave, digital hardcore, atari teenage riot, ec8or, darkwave, industrial, Topics: dtrash, dhc meinhof, digital hardcore, alec empire, atari teenage riot, ec8or, lolita storm, the What happened if I remember correctly, was that Bastards United released R?

EP instead'. It's labelled 'promo only copy' because Mike and I used to burn copies of our early Topics: dtrash, ensc, dj rabies, bastards united, cpuwar, digital hardcore, dhr, breakcore, amen, breaks, Topics: dtrash, babylon disco, 8biterror, primas annias, gameboy, venetian snares, alec empire, breakcore, A healthy disregard for convention helps achieve a sound that's structured and rhythmic, but chaotic and spontaneous as well.

A kickass version of Public Enemy's "Bring The Noise" is a welcome addition, but the original stuff is best. Following in the Sex Beats Series, this disc is complete with 18 unmixed tracks highlighting our first 15 releases and features exclusive Knifehandchop Irritant Records UK tracks.

The first appearance of the Irritant 'TuttiFruitiBooty' booty house anthem. Topics: dtrash, schizoid, dj rabies, cpuwar, bastards united, hardcore, noise, trash, digital hardcore, DJ Rabies is another alias of Zak R. Topics: dtrash, dj rabies, rabies, cdatakill, cassandra datakill, adnoiseam, digital hardcore, alec empire, Totally cathartic extremity to wig out to.

Topics: dtrash, cutting pink with knives, grindcore, e-grindcore, digital hardcore, punk, abstract punk, Irreverent and unusual Estonian project EVESTUS gives us this first DTRASH release, armed with a beltload of samples and his tongue in his cheek - An awesome digital rock'n'roll soundtrack of sickbeats, samples and twisted stereo - you'll laugh, you'll cry, it'll change your life!

Topics: dtrash, evestus, wastelands, estonia, techno, idm, hardcore, gabber, breakcore, speedcore, aphex A shocking and scarring release from Poland discovered by our associates at R. Topics: dtrash, dhc meinhof, meinhof, dhr, digital hardcore, atari teenage riot, ec8or, breakcore, gabber, A morose collection of twisted robotic industrial metal songs, rounded out by a set of soundboard live tracks.

Topics: dtrash, candiru, relapse, dead world, godflesh, fear factory, industrial metal, industrial Behind the veils of myth and the gears of machine occultism, a secret lies waitinga power so ultimate and devastating that it is impossible to imagine as anything but the manifestation of pure fear; and it is this power which the Phoeron has unleashed for his fourth DTRASH album, the force which separates matter from energy, life from death, something from nothing: The Universal Equation.

Topics: dtrash, the phoeron, transgothic, industrial, breakcore, symphonic, symphonic noise, satanism, Now we have plans to release in falla "Technical Violence" reissue with the original A horrifying depiction of the end times of the 's - Strong and eye-opening terrorist digital hardcore featuring loose-cannon MC rants of extremism!

Smith returns to terrorise the music scene with his one-man Schizoid project. This album flows at a more even keel, with increased structure and a mad-scientist sensibility. There's still a nice helping of mayhem as Smith tips his hat to Painkiller's Topics: dtrash, digital hardcore, grindcore, digital punk, atari teenage riot, ec8or, digital metal, Entrancing dark beats that recall fine moments of early 's underground ambient electronica such as Warp Records' output or the Geist Records catalog.

Topics: dtrash, techno, IDM, soundtrack, abstract, ambient, glitch, cassette, UK, politics, society, pop Topics: dtrash, digital hardcore, fidel villeneuve, brian hiroshima, dhr, atari teenage riot, breakcore, A crumbling inferno of dark noisescapes narrated by negative robotic diatribes of terror. VXXXK ex-Venomvows to take back the over used but misunderstood word 'freak' and use it properly in execution, thought, action and intent. America's self-inflicted 'entertainment coma' has the potential to become a worldwide epidemic.

We all live in a world of shit Topics: dtrash, venom, vlaadokk, vxxkxx, vxxxk, Laibach, industrial, experimentation, cassette, lo-fi, Misfit-crew AOA's classic release of tongueincheek grinding gabber with jungle, speedcore and screaming vocal elements to make a unique hardcore style. Topics: dtrash, all out assault, nocore, zymotic, speedcore, hardcore, gabber, jungle, vocals, rock, An angeldust sprinkling of cut-ups, 60's music piracy, and hazy mic-hijacking threatened listeners.

Topics: dtrash, venom, milosevich, balkan, sound collage, noise, terror, terrorism, psychadelic, lo-fi. Throwing broken breakbeats, apocolyptic hip-hop and an unholy amount of distortion into their electro-fuelled maelstrom on this latest EP, the rapidly rising cult digital hardcore duo of Alanfux and Mxlopex have here come up with nothing less than an Stupid and proud, they tumble into 12 tracks of distorto-rave digital hardcore by yelling and guitaring their fun anthemic musick!

More noise, less violence! You fucker you betrayed me! I won't trust you again, Direction Of Fear II - Various - Rave The City 2 (Cassette) you understand?!!! Topics: dtrash, extasick, lewsor, digital hardcore, atari teenage riot, alec empire, breakcore, noise, A kulture killing mix of analog loops and glitched hiphop samples. Essential DJ mix material for all you hardcore noise mothafukkaz out there. Topics: dtrash, venom, vloda techk, sickmode, lofi, ghetto, extreme, digital hardcore, noise, sound Waves of happy?

Topics: dtrash, invasion wreck, invasion wreckchords, ambassador 21, not half, sublight, ant-zen, fanny, Direction Of Fear II - Various - Rave The City 2 (Cassette), You really Direction Of Fear II - Various - Rave The City 2 (Cassette) to listen to it yourself.

It released on Hymnal Sound San Franciscowhich was run by a guy I used to know called Julian and that was the label that The Rapture Direction Of Fear II - Various - Rave The City 2 (Cassette) out their first releases on. One of my old bands played our first show with them in in Vancouver. At that point they were starting to shift to a more garage rock sound and later morphed into Vue, who released a few records on Sub Pop back in the Direction Of Fear II - Various - Rave The City 2 (Cassette) to mids.

This record I guess foreshadowed some of the post-punk revival that would come into swing a few years later. It still totally freaks me out when I listen to it and sounds totally fucked and alien for when it was released in — sort of like atonal, cyborg-esque no-wave disco but with no synths used at all. The guitar work is insane on that record and both guitars are panned completely left and right for maximum disorientation. It was noted by me at the time when I was a teenager, hearing synths used in that timeline of music i was listening to.

Satisfact put out a few records in the mids then split. Their drummer played in the far more well-known indie group Modest Mouse as well. I own the original pressing on Honey Bear when it came out as well as the CD and vinyl re-releases that were released in the late s and early s on the Hydrahead and Sergeant House labels. Very tense and alien. Unfortunately I never saw them live and missed out on chance to see them in Seattle when I was Oh well.

When I first heard about The Faint I was already well into listening to a lot of the bands that were formative influences for this band. As they were from a more punk background their initial reviews were in magazines like Punk Planet, resulting in major confusion or severe backlash from the purists.

This is probably one the key records that triggered the synth revival of the s: a nice mix of the hedonism of early Duran Duran with some post-hardcore grit. This is a standout track for me. I found that pretty clever and have always wanted to do that myself. A unique blip on the post-punk revival radar. Much deserved. Closing off this playlist is a track of the Adult. It was mainly an LP collection of their early singles and more.

This was probably one of the first current bands at the time I got into that was purely electronic. I think their sound was right at the time; they had a punk approach and incorporating the darker, cold electronic sounds that appealed to people like myself that sort of avoided the whole EBM, rave, industrial scenes of the 90s so they had some wider appeal.

It is one of my usual top 5 LPs and had been a large influence I suppose. Most of the tracks have reverb saturated guitar and bass but I used this track to drone out side A. A perfect storm of new technologies, changing consumption habits and rapaceous profiteering in an era of sharp decline saw a race to the bottom in the quality of recorded music. Different genres require different treatment.

Both require entirely difference approaches and skill sets, neither requires a one size fits all deformation of the master wave form into one uniformly loud sausage. This tape was made for me by Terminal Gods singer and close friend, Robert Cowlin. He put it together a few years ago at the height of his crusade against badly mastered and remastered recordings. I felt at the time that his obsession with the shape of the wave form was distorting his ability to hear the shape of the song.

The idea that, for all our advancement, we seem incapable of making anything that sounds even remotely as good nearly anything from the mid 20th century is almost offensive — a metaphor for late capitalist decline.

Never one to admit defeat on a technicality, he can take some satisfaction in knowing that this wonderfully compiled and indeed, good sounding tape made his point neatly. Miles Davis — So What 2.

Tom Waits — Waltzing Matilida 3. David Bowie — Aladdin Sane 4. Morrissey — November Spawned A Monster 6. The Rolling Stones — Gimme Shelter 9.

Talking Heads — Psycho Killer Live The Beatles — Flying The Beatles — Blue Jay Way Dave Brubeck — Take Five This is a mix I compiled for my other half, Claire, for Christmas. The cover is from a s Jewish Labour Bund poster imploring the members of the Bund to fight the rising tide of fascism.

The apparently anti-sex attitudes of the last generation to be born before the invention of the teenager which occurred shortly after world two were considered synonymous with all manner of other reactionary, outdated beliefs — and rock and roll was here to usher in the new world.

Flash forward to and the position of rock and roll is entirely more suspect. The future is female. I suspect the latter. The internet makes it ever easier to shine a light on the moral failings of our compatriots. However, characteristics like loyalty, discretion, discipline and integrity are harder to prove in a soundbite or viral video.

Just ask Gordon Brown I guess. Badfinger — Baby Blue 2. Clarence Cater — Patches 3. Tina Turner — Nutbush City Limits 5. Amy Stewart — Knock On Wood 6. Lionel Ritchie — Hello 7.

Morrissey — You Have Killed Me 8. Nina Simone — Sinnerman Laibach — Life is Life Queen — Sail Away Sweet Sister Talking Heads — Heaven Don Mclean — American Pie


Love Again (Mr. Furbzz Trap Remix), Closer To Heaven, Εγώ Που Μια Ζωή Θα Σ Αγαπώ, Whatever You Want (Todd Terry Mix), Locomotion - Martial Solal - Locomotion (Vinyl, LP), Der Mond - Keltenherz - Tarot (CD, Album), Poor You - Judy Garland - Poor You / The Last Call For Love (Shellac), Imokidesu - Kaze (4) - Tornado (CD, Album), Change Of Circumstance


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