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Yugi pointed out that he was in this situation before when Marik possessed Joey and urged Seto to keep fighting to awaken his bond with Mokuba. Mokuba recognized this as the the card he drew for Seto. Having defeated Seto, Noah turned Seto and Mokuba into stone. However Yugi accused Noah of foul play, by causing Seto to give up his chance for winning over his brother's safety. Yugi then challenged Noah to continue the Duel with him. Should Yugi win everyone Noah trapped would be freed.

Yugi combined his Deck with Seto's and continued the Duel from where Seto had left off. They each handed Yugi a card to draw with " Card of Sanctity ". Gozaburo appeared in the sky before Noah and his prisoners, revealing that he had digitized his mind after losing KaibaCorp to Seto.

Gozaburo revealed how he had used Seto to motivate Noah and previously planned to use his body to host Noah's mind. After Gozaburo uploaded his mind into the Virtual World, he planned to take Seto's body for himself. He no longer intended to do that as he has plans to digitize the entire world and rule it. Noah led the prisoners, claiming to be taking them to an exit. Despite not trusting Noah, Deck Of Cards (Part 2) - Various - Country Gospel (8-Track Cartridge) went along.

As he predicted, Noah betrayed them and split the gang up. Gozaburoin his monster form, attacks Seto. Gozaburo imposed a game of Duel Monsters for Seto to play for his freedom.

Seto accepted and found himself struggling against Gozaburo's " Exodia Necross ". Gozaburo was unwilling to give up and transformed into a monster and proceeded to attack Seto. Yugi appeared and managed to save Seto in time. Noah had set the virtual world servers to self-destruct, but having had a change of heart, he helped Seto and Yugi escape. He told them to jump off the KaibaCorp building and opened a gateway to the real world, which they passed through before hitting the ground.

Before leaving Kaiba exclaimed, "I won't be buried with you, Gozaburo". Yugi, Kaiba and Mokuba ran to escape the fortress before the missiles struck. Joey and Tristan helped them get onto the moving blimp, as they left Noah's fortress, before it got destroyed.

Kaiba, his colleagues and guests arrived safely at Alcatraz for the Battle City finals. Each Duelist selected a monster to exclude from their Deck to determine the order of play. Since it had the highest ATK, Kaiba got to go first. Wanting to face Yugi in the semi-finals and too proud to purposely lose, Kaiba made sure he and Yugi were the last two standing in the Battle Royal, matching them up for the second semi-final.

Joey protested that he went up against "Ra" before, but Kaiba reminded him how it knocked him unconscious. Kaiba told Yugi that his computer had managed to translate "Ra's" effects. However, Yugi was unconvinced and believed Kaiba's connection with the past played a part in translating the text.

Kaiba planned to use Joey as a guinea pig, so he can study Marik's strategy. Had it been Yugi that was facing Marik, Marik would win " Slifer the Sky Dragon " making it harder for Kaiba to defeat him in the finals.

Yugi smirked that Kaiba's plan had a flaw; he has to get past him first. Towards the end of the Duel, Marik had Joey hit hard by one of "Ra's" effects. Mokuba protests that Marik has gone too far, but Kaiba refused to stop the Duel as he must see "Ra's" abilities with his own eyes.

Kaiba was stunned to see Joey still standing after taking the blast. Joey prepared to attack Marik directly with his " Gearfried the Iron Knight " to win, but collapsed.

Kaiba gave Joey 30 seconds to rise. Unable to do so, Joey was disqualified. Kaiba was impressed with Joey's performance, thinking to himself "The way you die, at last I'll recognize you as a Duelist". In the dub, Kaiba actually thought to himself that Joey's performance in the Duel was quite impressive, and finally realized that Joey wasn't the third-rate amateur he thought he was. Kaiba faced Yugi in the second semi-final. He created a holographic Colosseum of spectators around the top of the tower for the Duel.

Kaiba tried to Summon " Obelisk the Tormentor " at an early stage, but Yami Yugi manages to counter both his attempts. However Yami took it back with " Exchange ", which he had been planning to use on "Obelisk". Kaiba attempted to win using "Obelisk's" effect, Tributing two monsters to inflict damage to Yami, but Yami discarded " Kuriboh " to protect himself. Eventually the two Gods attacked each other and after a number of alterations each ended up with ATK [82] and destroyed each other.

The battle of Gods caused Yami Yugi and Kaiba's consciousness to be transported to an ancient city. Here they saw "Obelisk" and "Slifer" turned to stone, while elsewhere, the Sorcerer Seto and Nameless Pharaoh battled.

The Sorcerer told the Pharaoh that he's powerless in the face of the darkness and the land will soon meet the fate of its destruction. When questioned as to why he joined the forces of darkness, the sorcerer replied that he and his followers had allegiance to neither the Dark One nor the Pharaoh. The two returned to present time. Kaiba asked if Yami had the same vision as he did. Yami claimed that their Duel is related to the one from years ago years in the duband Kaiba said their Duel is destined.

In the dub, Kaiba calls the vision an illusion. Kaiba and Yami continued the Duel. Yami blocked the attacks from two of the three dragons, destroying one of them and "Lord of Dragons" in the process. Yami told Kaiba that if he stands at the top filled with hatred, he won't find real victory. He'll only have to find new hatred, and his future will be filled with endless hatred.

Kaiba thought Battle City was his tournament, the entire event was designed so that he would be victorious, he wanted to put the memory of his adoptive father behind him and be crowned the world's best Duelist atop his Duel Tower. Despite coming so close, his victory slipped away from him. Yugi compliments Kaiba on the Duel, but Kaiba said he doesn't want his pity. Yugi admitted Kaiba is a strong Duelist, but he was defeated by the monster in his heart called "hatred".

Yugi pointed out how friendship helped him win, but Kaiba said that everyone is alone in this world and he doesn't want any pals to slow him down. Yugi called that sad, to which he just scoffs. Kaiba accepted his defeat and angrily gave Yugi his "Obelisk the Tormentor" card, as per the rules of the tournament. As Kaiba left, Joey, who had awoken from his coma, challenged Kaiba to a third place play-off.

Kaiba wasn't interested at first and considered Dueling Joey to be waste of time. But Joey persisted and Kaiba eventually accepted. At the bottom of the Duel Tower, the two faced off. Kaiba played " Crush Card Virus " at an early stage, eliminating Joey's stronger monsters. Kaiba scolded Joey for thinking the Duel is fun. When Kaiba told Joey he never has any fun even in a Duel, Joey couldn't help but grin in amusement.

This proved Kaiba was a more miserable person than Joey thought he was. In the dub, he mocked Joey for relying on luck to win his Duels. Kaiba used " Interdimensional Matter Transporter " to save his dragon from "Time Wizard" and won on his next turn. Kaiba left thinking the Duel was a waste of time. Initially Kaiba had no intention of watching the final Duel between Yugi and Marik, but was confronted by Ishizuwho told him Yugi is going to need his help to defeat Marik.

Kaiba walked away, not caring if Yugi loses. Ishizu called him back and said "pret kreto", an Ancient Egyptian phrase, which to Kaiba's own surprise, he understood. She said that these words were prayers for the dead, from a friend that were engraved on a stone found in the Pharaoh's temple. In the dub, Ishizu didn't speak Ancient Egyptian and told Kaiba that his own future is at stake.

Ishizu told Kaiba of his connection to the sorcerer, who was the Pharaoh's rival, but ultimately helped the Pharaoh save his people and now history is repeating itself. Kaiba was unconvinced and left to prepare for the detonation of the Duel Tower. However, Mokuba started to cry that Yugi and Joey were right about Kaiba being filled with hate, Dueling for all the wrong reasons and never having fun anymore either.

Kaiba reconsidered and decided to help Yugi, despite hosting the tournament to beat him. Kaiba made no such calculations in the dub. As he made his way to the Duel, Kaiba remembered Yugi saying that the strength of his friends brought him victory and wondered if Yugi can create a miracle if he entrusts him with this card. In the dub, Kaiba thought he'd enjoy watching Yugi fall at the hands of Marik, but it would be interesting to see if Yugi has what it takes to use this card.

Kaiba told Ishizu that he only helped Yugi to prove her wrong when he loses. Kaiba watched the Duel and saw the card he gave Yugi, help out. With the tournament over, Kaiba and Mokuba, initiated the self-destruction of the Duel Tower to destroy their memory of Gozaburo and his loss to Yugi.

In order to find a way to overpower them, he set off to where Pegasus, the creator of the game, resided to get the answers he required. After defeating Pegasus, Kaiba took the cards needed to defeat Yugi's Egyptian God Cards, but found out that there was an extra card and accused Pegasus of lying, unaware that Anubis was actually the one that inserted the extra card.

Throughout his duel against Yami Yugi, Anubis attempted to manipulate Kaiba into changing his strategy but Kaiba thought they were his own thoughts not Anubis'.

Regardless, Kaiba eventually activated the Pyramid of Light to get rid of Yami's God Cards, unaware that this had been part of Anubis' plan all along. However, Anubis refused to allow this to take place and made himself known to both Kaiba and Yami. He grabs Kaiba and tosses him asid to take his place in the duel. After being was defeated, Anubis took on the form of a dark entity that resembled a jackal from within the pyramid.

When real Duel Monsters started appearing, KaibaCorp got plenty of phone calls from people, who believed they were created by Kaiba's Solid Vision. He said that they had shut down their system as a test and found the monsters still appeared, so something other than their system is causing the monsters to be created.

In his office, Kaiba thinks that someone is trying to make a fool out of him and wondered if the monster appearances were the doing of one of his rivals.

He suspected Industrial Illusions and got Roland to contact them. Mokuba rushed into the office and tells Kaiba that someone has bought all of their stocks. Alisterpretending to be Pegasus calls Kaiba, claiming to be the one who bought the stocks, but he's not interested in Kaiba's company.

He tells Kaiba that he must Duel him in Duelist Kingdom, or else, he will sell all of his stocks, ruining the Kaiba Corporation, and therefore, destroy his goal of building Kaiba Land.

They confronted Alister disguised as Pegasus in the castle. Kaiba accused him of being responsible for the monster appearances. Alister claimed that it's all Kaiba's responsibility. Kaiba demanded to know what he meant, and Alister said that he will tell him if Kaiba can beat him in a Duel. Alister used Pegasus' Toon strategy. Kaiba stopped this by destroying " Toon World " and accused Pegasus of using the same old strategy. After noting that Pegasus isn't predictable, he doubted he was facing the real Pegasus, so Alister revealed the disguise.

Alister then played " The Seal of Orichalcos ", so that the loser would lose their soul. Kaiba realized that there wasn't a card in his Deck that could save him, but before drawing his next card, his consciousness was transported to a hall, where he sees two dragons trapped crystal. He removes a sword from one of the dragons, freeing it. To Kaiba's surprise, he somehow knows the dragon's name is Critias.

In the dub, Dark Magician Girl told him that he had been chosen to release Critius and instructed him to remove the sword.

Kaiba returned to reality and drew his next card, " Fang of Critias ", which was not in his Deck before. Since it was a DRAW, neither player lost their soul. Afterwards Kaiba wondered about the card, "The Fang of Critias". After boarding his jet, he received an e-mail from HQ, saying that he needed to come back, but Kaiba opted to visit Industrial Illusions to ask about the card instead. Kaiba suspected that this would happen; whoever Alister is working for has already captures Pegasus and wants him next.

Kaiba wondered how he could know the effect of the card; he doesn't believe in the supernatural, but the power of the card is very real. He asked about Pegasus and learned that Mai Valentine has been there earlier and taken his soul using "The Seal of Orichalcos".

Kaiba briefed the others in on his encounter with the impostor Pegasus, who he believes is trying to take over his company. In search of answers, the group followed by Rex and Weevil go to a private room, which Yugi is able to open using a card Pegasus gave him.

A hologram of Pegasus informed the party about Doma 's involvement in historical events. Kaiba recalled Gozaburo saying something about a dark force behind the world economy, which he now believes could be Doma. In the dub, Kaiba says that this is just a hoax by Pegasus. However Kaiba left them, claiming that he's the one who decides his fate.

After Kaiba returned to KaibaCorp headquarters, he received word of their stock plummeting and nearly half of the company being bought out by an unknown investor. Kaiba believed that it was Doma's doing and had his employees research what they could find about Doma. Mokuba was concerned about Kaiba facing Alister, again as he believed that Alister was simply fighting for his brother.

In the dub, Kaiba believed that Pegasus was behind the problems and Mokuba suggested that it could be Alister. Kaiba received a phone call from Joey, who asked him for a lift to Florida in exchange for information about Doma, but Joey got overexcited and told him that one of them defeated Yugi in a Duel and took his soul.

Kaiba became outraged over Yugi throwing away his championship title to some "nobody" and not him. He called Yami a disgrace to the game and hung up the phone, thinking that this is just another excuse to hunt down those thugs. On board a company plane, as Kaiba and Mokuba notice a bizarre light phenomenon outside the window, the pilot, who is Alister in disguise reports that there will be some turbulence.

They finally found Alister, who demands a rematch and informs them that the other passengers had been evacuated before the flight, as he didn't want them to interfere with their Duel in the dub, he said that the other passengers had been an illusion. Kaiba flipped a switch, which removed the furniture and cleared a space for Dueling. Alister vowed to hang Kaiba's soul on Mikey 's tombstone and the Duel began.

Once Alister played "The Seal of Orichalcos", its green light damaged the plane and switched off the autopilot. The sides of the plane appeared as if they disappeared and the seal rose Kaiba and Alister to the roof of the plane and formed a dome over itself. During the Duel, Kaiba is sent to an illusion of a city that was made a battlefield by KaibaCorp, when Gozaburo was in power.

Kaiba appeared in a hideout, where he met Aaronwho looks like Mokuba. Aaron, along with Tony and Dennis had collected weapons from the battlefield to give to people protecting the city.

The references to the weapons were removed in the dub. Kaiba in the war struck city, playing an improvised game of chess with Aaron. Outside, Aaron offered to play chess with Kaiba by etching the board in the soil and using empty weapon cartridges as pieces. This reminded Kaiba of how he used to play chess with Mokuba in the orphanage before they were adopted. The game of chess was removed in the dub.

Kaiba and Aaron were interrupted when the hideout was bombed. Aaron tried to run over there to save Tony and Dennis, but Kaiba stopped him, insisting that it was too dangerous. When Aaron turns to Kaiba to plead, he turns into Mokuba pleading to Kaiba.

A tank then appeared and shot at Kaiba and Aaron. The tank turned out to be one of Alister's cards and the Duel resumed in the city, while Aaron had disappeared. Alister explained what Kaiba had seen had really happened before; Aaron, Dennis and Tony were his friends growing up, that attack from the tank had killed Aaron and Alister's brother Mikey had been killed in the same way. The mentions of death are removed in the dub. The vision of the city faded shortly afterwards and the Duel continued on the airplane.

Alister accused Kaiba of being like Gozaburo and expressed his wishes for a world free of war, which isn't possible with people like Gozaburo. To achieve such a world, he claimed to need Kaiba's soul.

Kaiba claimed that he needed to defeat Alister for the sake of Kaiba Land. In the dub, he said that he doesn't back down from a challenge. Roland appeared with a team of helicopters to rescue the Kaiba brothers later in the Duel. Kaiba asks Alister if he would destroy the whole world if it meant hurting Mikey. Kaiba then goes to tell Alister that what happened to Mikey was Alister's fault, as it is an older brother's duty to protect the younger brother.

Alister, outraged, used the "Seal of Orichalcos" to damage the plane further and send it plummeting and then refuses to end his turn, telling Kaiba that he can't protect his brother either. Mokuba calls to Alister to think what Mikey would think of Alister if he saw him acting like this, causing Alister to see Mikey in Mokuba. Kaiba tells Alister that no matter what he won't let anything happen to Mokuba and that he can win in one turn if Alister ends his turn.

Alister agrees to give Kaiba one chance, to see if Kaiba can really protect Mokuba and he ends his turn. Mokuba mourns over Alister's soulless body while Kaiba runs to the cockpit. Kaiba asks Alister if he can hear him because he will land the plane and not let Mokuba get hurt. The three Legendary Dragons, TimaeusCritias and Hermos then appeared and carried the plane to a safe landing.

At some point, Kaiba sent men to the museum in Florida to find clues regarding the undersea ruins. Roland landed his helicopter and informed them of KaibaCorp being bought out by Doma. Despite not believing in destiny, Kaiba said they might be useful and gave them a lift in one of the helicopters.

Despite no longer working for Kaiba, Roland and Fuguta vowed to help him. Kaiba receives images of the ruins from the men he sent to the museum, who are attacked by ninjas immediately afterwards. Kaiba sent the data from the ruins to Rebecca's laptop. However the ruins were too worn for her and Arthur to decipher them. Kaiba ordered the pilot to take them to the United States KaibaCorp headquarters.

Despite it being taken over by Doma, it had the necessary technology to clear-up the images. Kaiba and Yami ambushed by Duel Monster Spirits. Kaiba and Yami took an underground passage into the building.

Once they got inside they were attacked, by Duel Monster Spirits. The monsters are eventually destroyed and the two are cornered. However Rebecca, who hacked into the security system manages to open and close doors to Kaiba and Yami's advantage safely guiding them to the central computer mainframe.

Using the computer, Kaiba cleaned-up the images and sent them to Arthur, who translated them as a prophecy about a black serpent returning and Atlantis ruling again. Kaiba recognized an insignia on the ruins as that of Paradius.

Kaiba figured that Dartz is also in charge of Doma. However Dartz disappeared before they could attack him. The Duel Spirits then broke into the room, causing Kaiba and Yami to flee to the roof, where they boarded the Blue-Eyes White Dragon jet and crash landed. Kaiba and Yami met up with the others and got the location of Paradius headquarters from Rebecca.

However they were ambushed by Orichalcos Soldiers[] who Yami and Kaiba managed to fight off by Summoning "Timaeus" and "Critias". Kaiba then left the group to find defeat Dartz himself and reminded Deck Of Cards (Part 2) - Various - Country Gospel (8-Track Cartridge) that they can use his satellite system to track Joey's location. Kaiba and Mokuba stopped at a car shop and hopped into a sportscar.

They were forced to abandon the car as they got onto a fire escape to get away from a swarm of rats with glowing red eyes. The five of them then made their way to the Paradius headquarters, where they found Yami Dueling Rafael. After the Duel, the building started to collapse. Fortunately for the group, Roland arrived in the helicopter to rescue them. They witnessed the outside of the building crumble away, revealing an Atlantian building inside it. Yami handed Kaiba a chip, he received from Raphael, which Kaiba inserted into a device and found it contained a map to Dartz's lair.

They prepared to fly towards it, but military helicopters appeared and gestured them to follow. They were guided through a swarm of locusts and onto the USS Courage. The locusts were removed in the dub. The military asked for their help in defeating Doma. Doma had been controlling the country's politics preventing them from initiating an attack in the dub, Dartz had not been leaving enough evidence to allow them to attack.

The military then flew them to Dartz's temple. Inside the temple, they found the souls of everyone taken by "The Seal of Orichalcos" sealed in slabs lining the walls. Dartz appeared before them and explained that he has spent ten millennia collecting the souls to revive The Great Leviathan. For the souls to be freed, Dartz said that the Nameless Pharaoh must defeat him first. Not wanting to face Dartz alone, Yami enlisted Kaiba for help and the two of them faced Dartz together.

Deck Of Cards (Part 2) - Various - Country Gospel (8-Track Cartridge) loses his soul in the Duel against Dartz. During the Duel, the Orichalcos generated another vision of the past. This time they witnessed Atlantis ten millennia previous, as it became corrupted by the Orichalcos, resulting in the Battle of Atlantiswhich caused the city to sink.

The two managed to work together as a team, but when Dartz's " Mirror Knight Tokens " bore the faces of Yugi, Joey, Mai and Pegasus, all of whom had been taken by "The Seal of Orichalcos", Kaiba was unable to talk Yami into attacking them.

Kaiba learned that Dartz had been disguised as Gozaburo in order to manipulate Alister into hating the Kaiba family. After he lost, Kaiba's soul was inside a bubble being sucked into The Great Leviathan, along with some of the other lost souls. Outside, the group found that Atlantis has risen out of the sea. Kaiba, Yugi and Joey returned into temple to find Dartz. Yugi handed Kaiba and Joey back their Legendary Dragon cards and the trio entered a vortex transporting them to the heart of Atlantis.

They found that Dartz had left his body and combined with The Great Leviathan, to compensate for not getting the souls of the chosen Duelists. Kaiba, Yami and Joey Summoned a barrage of monsters to battle the leviathan [] and are accompanied by an army Dark Magician Girl brought from the Spirit World. However the Leviathan shot tendrils at the three Duelists and pulled them inside it. By absorbing the strength of the other souls within the leviathan, Yami managed to Summon the Egyptian Gods and free himself, Kaiba and Joey.

Kaiba witnessed the Gods attacking the Leviathan, freeing the souls it had taken. They met up with the others and took off in the KaibaCorp helicopter.

Kaiba managed to reclaim the stock he lost to Doma, but KaibaCorp still lost a lot of reputation and the price of its stock went down. Kaiba agreed and decided to call it the KaibaCorp Grand Championship.

He sent invites to some of the greatest Duelists in the world, but, because of his busy schedule, he was not able to take part himself. Unsure who did it, Kaiba tightened security and vowed to punish the hacker. At the beginning of the tournament Kaiba jetpacked into the Kaiba Dome to introduce the tournament as the ultimate test of survival with Kaiba Land as its battlefield. With the tournament running too smoothly, Kaiba suspected the hacker must be already be in Kaiba Land and got Roland to perform a background check on all the competitors in the tournament.

Kaiba grew suspicious of Zigfried, who had entered the tournament under the name "Zigfried Lloyd", when he saw him announce to a surveillance camera that he has a special show in store for Kaiba, before Dueling Rex and Weevilwho snuck in. Kaiba prepared for an attack on the computer system, such that he would be able to completely back-up the system should it get damaged.

During Joey's Duel with Zigfried, Zigfried thought Kaiba was too slow with figuring him out and gave Kaiba a clue by triggering a virus causing electronics around the park to go haywire. Kaiba then remembered his encounter with Zigfried at the party thrown by Gozaburo. They found no personal or family information about Zigfried Lloyd, but plenty of tournament history and that he had entered these tournaments through the recommendation of politicians who were not available to comment.

However Kaiba picked Bayern Governer Fravz from the list of politicians and insisted that they ask him again and mention that Kaiba still remembers "what happened".

In the dub, Kaiba told them to make him an offer he can't refuse. He accused Zigfried of causing the machines to go haywire, and disqualified him for entering under a fake name. Zigfried accused Kaiba of being a coward, afraid that someone from Schroeder Corp might win the tournament and become the world champion.

Kaiba disagreed, commenting that he was kicking Zigfried out because he didn't like him, not because he was scared of him.

Kaiba then broke his promise of not Dueling in the tournament in favor of embarrassing Zigfried on TV and challenged him to a Duel. As they Dueled, Zigfried stated how KaibaCorp had always been one step ahead of Schroeder Corp in the gaming industry, including Kaiba making the contract with Pegasus to develop holographic technology for Duel Monstersjust before he could make a similar contract.

In the Dub, he also accused Kaiba of stealing his invention. However Kaiba went on to win the Duel. One of his employees performed another background check on Leon Wilson and found that he is part of the Schroeder family. Zigfried appeared on Kaiba's balcony and revealed that Leon winning the tournament had been his plan all along.

Kaiba was unable to disqualify Leon as the tournament rules forbade him from interrupting Duels. Leon played the card " Golden Castle of Stromberg ", which should be Illegalbut Zigfried had hacked the system to allow it. Unbeknownst to Leon, Zigfried had also re-written the data on the card, so that it would inflict a deadly virus into KaibaCorp's computer system when played. Kaiba tried to launch an anti-virus, but was too late. Despite Leon losing the Duel, Deck Of Cards (Part 2) - Various - Country Gospel (8-Track Cartridge), Zigfried believed the virus had done enough damage to destroy years worth of programming, but due to his earlier preparations, Kaiba was able to restore everything.

To Kaiba's surprise, purple mist surrounded them as they Dueled, but Bakura told Kaiba not to be so shocked as he used to play this game years ago in the dub, he said that Kaiba's attitude hadn't changed in years.

Bakura left before they could conclude the Duel and chucked Kaiba the Millennium Eyetelling him to bring it to Egypt if he wants to understand the nature of his bond with Blue-Eyes White Dragon. Kaiba disturbed by the Millennium Eye. Roland later informed Kaiba that Yugi and his friends had boarded a flight to Egypt. Wondering why they did that, Kaiba looked at the Millennium Eye and thought Bakura must have gotten to them. At Egypt, Kaiba landed near a museum, where he was greeted by the MarikIshizu and Odion Ishtarwho mistakenly thought he was here to see the pharaoh's tablet and told him that it had been moved to its original resting place.

However Kaiba told them about Bakura and showed them the Millennium Eye. Fearing Bakura was up to no good, they advised Kaiba to go to the tablet to find out the truth. Kaiba arrived at the cavern where the tablet was. The Millennium Eye then lit up and sent a beam at the tablet and showed him visions of Priest Seto and other Ancient Egyptians.

Kaiba woke up in an alley afterwards and found that other people were unable to see him and could pass through him as if he wasn't there. However he met Kisara, who was able to see him and mistook him for Priest Seto. After realizing that he wasn't, she informed that an evil force was threatening their land and they must act quickly or everything would be lost. She bade him farewell and ran off. Kaiba and Atem watch Seto cover Kisara 's body. Kaiba followed Kisara and watched her warn Priest Seto of the danger.

The two of them were then attacked by the Shadow Magus. Afterwards the Pharaoh, who Kaiba recognized as Yami Yugi spoke to him. He told him who Priest Seto is and that they are playing a Dark Game formed by the memories of years ago.

He advised Kaiba to try and get out because Zorc was about to be revived. Kaiba said that for all he knows it could be a bad dream. Atem looked at Seto and asked Kaiba to tell him that. However Kaiba asked if he's supposed to feel bad because some guy who looked like him lost his girlfriend. After Atem and Seto left, Kaiba took another look at Kisara's body.

He remembered what she had said to him before but merely shrugged and left her to perish into dust. Kaiba saw the Deck Of Cards (Part 2) - Various - Country Gospel (8-Track Cartridge) Gods battling Zorc and to his surprise saw the Gods defeated. Kaiba went after Zorc as he attacked a city. He saw two boys running from Zorc and yelled at Zorc to stop.

In response, Zorc blasted fire at him. Kaiba managed to dodge it, but was unable to get the boys to move before they were incinerated. The fire and the boys being killed were removed from the dub. Zorc reminded him that Seto had already tried that. As he did this, the souls of Kisara and Seto were drawn into the dragon.

The ultimate collision of light and dark created a bridge between worlds and the real world became visible in the sky. Elsewhere Atem saw the "Ultimate Dragon" and thought Kaiba is the only person he's known to ever be able to Summon that monster. They attack Zorc, causing a massive burst of energy. The attack was strong, but didn't destroy Zorc. As Yugi and his friends tried to make the Pharaoh's hieroglyphic name appear on the cartoucheZorc launched an attack at them, but Kaiba blocked it using " Ring of Defense ".

Zorc then threw another fireball at the ring, destroying it and throwing Kaiba back. Atem finally learned his name from reading the cartouche. The group woke up back in the cavern with the tablets. Kaiba threw the Millennium Eye to Atem, who was back residing in Yugi's body. Joey began to question Kaiba on how he got it, but stopped at the sight of Bakura appearing. But they quickly found out it was the "good" Bakura. As the others helped Bakura out, Kaiba stayed back with Atem and took a final look at the tablets.

Outside the cavern, the group met the Ishtars, who were ready to take Atem to the Shrine of the Millennium Stone where he can finally be laid to rest. The group drove to a dock, where Kaiba was reunited with Mokuba. Kaiba offers to Duel Atem in the Ceremonial Battle.

On board the ship, Joey asked Kaiba why he was coming. Although he didn't answer, Ishizhu said that since his fate was influenced by the gods, Kaiba should witness this event with his own eyes in the dub, she said that although Kaiba won't admit it, he is here to witness the Pharaoh's final rite of passage. After learning that Atem must lose a Duel as his final test, Joey and Kaiba both wanted to face him.

However Yugi said that he will be the one to face Atem. Angrily Kaiba said that Yugi can't beat Atem in the dub, Kaiba said he didn't come this far to see Yugi lose his title to his imaginary friend. Still unhappy, but accepting it, Kaiba told Yugi to at least build a real Deck if he's going to be Dueling and offered him a briefcase of cards to use to construct a Deck. Yugi declined in favor of using his and Atem's cards.

The next day the group were led to the Shrine of the Millennium Stone. Kaiba watched from the sidelines and witnessed the Pharaoh separate from Yugi's body. He commented that they were about to find out who the true King of Games is. As Kaiba predicted, Atem used the Egyptian God cards, but to Kaiba's surprise he managed to get all three on the field at once.

Thinking it was obvious who would win, Kaiba prepared to leave. Kaiba thought that if the Pharaoh wins, at least he can have a rematch with him. Yugi then called Kaiba to stay, saying that he owes it to the Pharaoh in the dub, he said that he thought Kaiba would like to see him beaten, but Kaiba replied that that was only if he was the one who got to beat him. Yugi insisted that the Pharaoh and Kaiba have a history and Kaiba should be here to say goodbye when he loses.

Kaiba was surprised to hear that Yugi still thought he could win. Since Yugi was so determined, Kaiba said that he would stay until the end in the dub, Kaiba said that once Yugi loses, he will show the pharaoh a real Duel. Kaiba was unable to find any weakness in the God Cards and thought Yugi will have to show him a Duel beyond his imagination to beat them. Having never seen anything like it before, Kaiba said that he now believes Yugi in the dub, he said that Yugi really is the true King of Games.

Joey was surprised to see Kaiba cheering for Yugi. Kaiba was once again surprised when the Pharaoh said that he knew Yugi would defeat the Gods and that was only the first stage of the Duel. When Yugi was forced to battle the " Dark Magician ", Kaiba was glad that he stuck around. After Yugi won, Kaiba watched Atem pass on into the afterlife.

Once he was gone, the cavern started to collapse, and everyone ran outside. This sequence of events is only present in the anime version of the final arc. In the manga, Kaiba is not seen again after Battle City until the closing scenes of the manga, when he arrives in Egypt too late to see Atem leave for the Afterlife. Kaiba organized a card illustration project, where the winning entries would be put in a time capsule and sent into space.

The cards would be produced once they received the wave aura from space. Kaiba bought Duel Academya school that trains people in Duel Monsters. Kaiba was only shown Dueling during Gerard 's flashback. He defeated him with " Blue-Eyes White Dragon ". Kaiba made a bet on his ownership of the school with Slade and Jagger Princeton.

He was bold and had full confidence that the Duelist representing Duel Academy, Chazz Princetonwould win despite the unfair advantage in the Duel.

Kaiba stated at the end that anyone who was a student at his academy should be able to win a Duel no matter what the situations are in the dub, he stated that Slade and Jagger needed to learn a little bit more about world domination. While Lyman Banner was giving a history lesson, he mentions Yugi and Kaiba as the best Duelists of their generation and shows drawings of them to the class.

One of the girls in the class says that they are one of the best looking, and another girl calls them dream boats. Kaiba graciously allowed Sartorius the use of Kaiba Land during a Duel Academy field trip, having no interest how he plans to use it. In the dub, Sartorius said that Kaiba hadn't aged in years. Kaiba then ordered his security men to keep an eye on Sartorius having suspicion on his scheme for using Kaiba Land. When Pegasus met Aster Phoenix at a party he listed Kaiba as one the best five Duelists he has ever met.

He considered Kaiba to be the second greatest after Yugi. Kaiba was shown to be the last citizen of Domino City who survived Trueman 's attack.

When Crow was investigating the disappearance of Robert Pearson in the dub, he went to the security that Bolton owned. One of the security men joked that they were going to have lunch with Seto Kaiba later on that day after they heard Crow say that he needed to see Bolton. After Kaiba lost to Yugi in their first Duel he makes a conviction to vanquish Yugi and becomes his arch-rival throughout the series.

Their differing personalities often causes them to come into conflict with each other such as their initial meeting with Kaiba's belief in cards being meant for power over Yugi's belief that cards have a heart.

Despite their differences, Yugi bears no animosity towards Kaiba, which cannot be said the same for the other way as Kaiba holds a grudge against Yugi throughout the entire series as he seeks to become the world's greatest player in Duel Monsters but is unable to grasp the fact of being overshadowed by Yugi as his second.

Yugi respects Kaiba as a Duelist, a sentiment that Kaiba seems to share. When Kaiba discovers that Yugi Muto and Yami Yugi are two different people, Kaiba focuses his rivalry on the latter for past defeats. However, he still respects Yugi as a Duelist in his own right. At the start of the series, Kaiba expresses his dislike, animosity and contempt of Joey Wheelerone reason for being Yugi's close friend and the other for his consideration of Joey's lack of duelling experience.

In particular, Joey dislikes Seto's arrogant and snobbish behavior and likewise fuels Kaiba's contempt for Joey as he considers him a third-rate and inferior Duelist throughout the course of the series.

The difference in their skill levels is displayed in Duelist Kingdom and Battle City with Kaiba ousting Joey and winning both duels, although with significantly more effort on the second duel. Later, Kaiba considers respecting Joey as a Duelist after Joey withstands The Winged Dragon of Ra's attack initiated by Yami Marik[] although he regards Joey with contempt and disparages his dueling abilities in the tournament, both when fighting for 3rd place and in his match with Yami Yugi, respectively.

In Waking the Dragons arc, Kaiba was considerate enough to prevent Joey's soulless body from falling off of Tristan's back resulting Joey in turn gaining enough respect for Seto to actively root for him in Seto's match against Zigfried.

In the anime, Ishizu first meets Kaiba at the Domino City Museum when she personally invites him for a private exhibition regarding the opening of her highly anticipated Egyptian exhibit through a televised press conference invitation.

With her belief in the nature of fate, she felt that it be destined that the two would cross paths. Ishizu then gives Kaiba a private showcase of never seen before artifacts depicting the origin of Duel Monsters as well as the secret of the Egyptian God Cards.

She then postulates to Kaiba of starting a Duel Monsters competition in order to help draw out the Rare Hunters in the open as well as offering him Obelisk the Tormentor to borrow during the duration of the tournament. During the Battle City tournament, Ishizu attracts Kaiba's attention during her first and only duel against him as she flawlessly predicted Kaiba's every strategic move and causing him to squirm.

During the duel, Yami Marik similarly parallels Kaiba's struggle against Ishizu with his own childhood experience of being stringed and taken down by Ishizu in the past with her Deck. Ishizu gracefully manipulated every move he made and foiled his strategies causing her to toy with Kaiba's mind nearly humiliating him with a loss.

Though Ishizu lost the duel, the loss taught her a valuable lesson of the greater importance regarding the nature of destiny as Deck Of Cards (Part 2) - Various - Country Gospel (8-Track Cartridge) gave her hope for changing her brother's future relying on the wisdom and strength of the people around her, in particular for her concerns toward Kaiba for eventually helping her brother Marik eradicate his other evil half trapped within.

As the Battle City tournament drew to a close, Ishizu's selfless soliciting for the well-being of Kaiba through her desire to rescue her brother requests him to be present for the final duel of the Battle City tournament in order to assist Yami Yugi in fulfilling his dueling destiny by defeating Yami Marik. Anxious to cultivate his aid to help Yugi rescue her brother, the young Ishizu solicitously convinces the reluctant and selfish Kaiba to help Yami Yugi win the final duel, where the eventual outcome of it will depend on the salvation of the world and impact the future of mankind.

She then explains to Kaiba that the destiny of the latter is to contribute to the triumph of light, and that, in antiquity, he was, indeed the Pharaoh's adversary, but also a friend who constantly challenged him to push him to improve.

She warned Kaiba that walking away from the tournament is a huge mistake and forewarned that his entire future is at stake. Concerned about Kaiba's reputation for his obstinacy, Ishizu scolds Kaiba for his selfishness and hesitance in helping Yami Yugi as well as denying his ancient Egyptian heritage by reasoning with him stating that he'll suffer the consequences and the fate of the entire world will suffer as a result of his obstinate stubbornness by turning back on mankind.

She also lectures Kaiba that he was destined to organize the event guided by a force beyond his control and how his modern day rivalry with Yugi has been in existence for thousands of years. In addition, Ishizu also informs Kaiba about how his rivalry with Yugi as his past incarnation as as a skilled sorcerer who constantly challenged the Pharaoh and with the sorcerer's help, the Pharaoh was eventually able to save his own people.

Much to Kaiba's consternation, Ishizu's solicitous coaxing to cultivate Kaiba's assistance eventually convinced him to give one card to help Yami Yugi take down Yami Marik's Winged Dragon of Ra.

Kaiba's signature cards are his three " Blue-Eyes White Dragons " and the Fusion Monster formed from the three dragons, the " Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon ", all of which serve as the key boss monsters to Kaiba's Decks throughout the series. His decks primarily rely on a Beatdown strategy to aggressively overwhelm his opponents with a roster of monsters with high attack. His cards are intended to be pugnacious, bellicose and vicious to reflect Kaiba's serious, stiff, and uptight personality.

Kaiba also uses a combo of " Saggi the Dark Clown " and " Crush Card ", destroying all monsters in his opponent's Deck with more than ATK, further inhibiting their ability to defend against him. Kaiba continues to make use of his " Crush Card Virus " but instead of "Saggi" prefers " Shrink " to weaken high powered monsters and Tribute them. Another combo he is fond of at this time is " Ring of Destruction " and " Ring of Defense " to destroy enemy monsters and damage his opponent's Life Points.

In Yu-Gi-Oh! Against Zigfried, Kaiba focused on removing his cards from play then returning them to the field with " Dimension Fusion " in masses and using cards to regain Life Points such as " Soul Absorption " and " Emergency Provisions " to counter the high costs of these cards. Kaiba also incorporates more dragons most notably the " Chaos Emperor Dragon " and uses its ability to devastate his opponent. He makes his duel finale against Yami Bakura, where he once again relies on his "Blue-Eyes" and uses cards seen in previous seasons to summon it to no avail as the duel is called off resulting in an undecided outcome.

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